One Last Scream

Would you take that One Last Scream ?


3. Chapter Two

Authors Note  

Sorry about the late update I've been back and forth from the hosptiol for the past six months and its just took everything out of me .... Here it is anyway hope you like it !!! :) 




Edwards P.O.V


I was sitting in mine's and Adam's room , I was reading a book while Adam was playing on his mobile . Oh , and when I say 'Book' I mean comic books , yes a 15 year old boy reading comics . Don't judge me !! 


"Edward , Adam get your buts down her now Aunt Gem's here !!" Dad yelled from down stairs .  Me and Adam basically raced each other down the stairs because we think Aunt Gemma is like freaking amazing !!!  


"Hey Aunty Gemma !!!" Adam screeched , That 13 year old has a lot of energy !!!! 

"Heyy nutcase hows you ?" She asked Adam . 

"Yeah am good thanks ?" He shrugged 

"Good good ."She smiled then turned to me "Christ !! When are you going to stop growing ??" 

"Oi , don't you mean when are you going to stop shrinking ?" I asked with a slight smirk. 

"Your so much like your dad when he was your age." She mumbled. 


Good thing she never just said "Your so much like your dad" , after what he did after mum died I'm amazed that I still call him my Father . He done class A drugs and got drunk every day went on benders ever week  , he basically split the three of us up Darcy went and lived with Granpa Des in Manchester , Adam and myself stayed with Granny Anne and Papa Robin in Holmes Chapel. And we rarely saw each other for 4 and a half years. 


"Where's Darc ?" Adam asked. 

"In the kitchen making dinner and you Father is setting the table , which you should go help with cause I need to speak with your Brother , kay?" Aunt Gem explained to Adam , he had no obligation and went happily into the dining room.    


"How you holding up love?" Gem asked once Adam left . 

I just shrugged my shoulders and mumbled a quite 'Yeah' . 

"No B.S Edward how are you holding up ?" She asked once again. 

"Getting better  , yeah thanks . Got a gig tonight down at the town hall at eight." I weakly smiled. 

Aunt Gem was about to reply when dad shouted 'Dinners ready'. 


Once we were all seated and the spagbol and garlic bread was all served up and everyone was eating. 


"No lucazade or smelly cheese tonight , you feeling alright ?" Dad asked laughing slightly . I haven't told him about the gig this is gonna be fun. NOT.


"He's got a gig tonight at eight that's why." Adam said straight away dad dropped his fork and it hit his plate with a thud. 

"That's grate son , I wish you told me earlier." He said with a pained smile. 

"Yeah sorry about that ." I mumbled ,"You can't come tho." 

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