One Last Scream

Would you take that One Last Scream ?


4. Chapter Three



Hello !!!! Here's another update :)              

^This song here (Why isn't that enough - meatloaf I think perfectly describes Harry and Edwards relationship. 

Oh one last thing this chapter does contain some strong language , just a little btw  

byeeeeeeeeeeee xxxxxx



Edwards P.O.V 


"You can't come tho." 


"What do you mean Edward ?" He asked narrowing his eyes on mine. 


"Don't you remember last time you where there , oh wait you won't because you were dunk of your face !" I replied sarcastically with a smirk. 


"Edward , that was four years ago . It won't happen again , son." He replied calmly.


"Still . Your not coming end of discussion." I looked at my watch it red 7:23 , "I need to go now" 


I left the table and went upstairs to get my jacket , bass guitar and leads to connect to the amp which Johnny was brining  . After I had everything collected , I left the house via the back door which was basically directly oppest the dining room where everyone was still eating . Except dad who was sitting at the head of the table shaking his head in my direction , I gave him a smirk in return . 


Once I officially left the house I called Papa Robin to pick me up . I totally forgot how heavy that this guitar is with all the leads and everything for it. He picked up almost straight away. 


"Hello ?" - Robin. 

"Hey pops , mind giving me a ride to the town hall please ?" - Edward.

"Of course , son . I'll be there in about five minutes." - Robin.

"Ok bye." - Edward.


True to his word he pulled up exactly five minutes later . While helping me put everything in the back seat he asked, "How'd your dad take it ?" 


"Well as best as he could." I shrugged. 




Harry's P.O.V 


After dinner Darcy and Adam went upstairs . So it was just me and Gem left in the dining room clearing it up. I was still in shock with what Adam said , yes I am an arse hole for doing all the stuff in the past and I am truly sorry about it. 


"You ok hunni ?" Gemma asked with a slight smile.


"I'm a fuck up Gem. I fucked my children's life's up because of what I did to try and make me feel better. I went to rehab , I'm clean have been for three years , why isn't that enough. I'm sorry for everything I have done to hurt them mostly Edward , I made him and Darcy grow up to quick they had to raise Adam pretty much because I was out getting shit faced in some random drug den or at a bar or even right in front of their faces on the sofa with whatever I had bought from the corner shop or in the house. Why isn't sorry enough ?" I replied , sobbing slightly.


"Harry , you know why sorry isn't enough because you hurt them not physically but in here," She pointed to where my heart is,"And here." again she pointed to my head. "You hurt them emotionally and mentally. This type of hurt cannot be fixed as easily as a simply 'sorry' , you know that better then anyone else. Yes saying sorry is a start to fixing your relationships with them but you also need to prove to them that you are sorry, I'm not on about buying your relationship back with them I mean something as simple as helping Darcy with her scrip and acting work or helping Edward with his bass or helping Adam with his homework. Something simple as that can be a massive building block for them." Gemma explained , rubbing my back soothingly. 




Edward's P.O.V 


We where about a good five songs into our show and everything was going really well , my fingers were a bit sore but other than that it was going really well.


"Well this next song that we're gonna do is an old classic called 'I'd do anything for love' by the one and only meatloaf. We hope you'll like this one." Johnny spoke into the mic. This was one of the few song of the night that I didn't have to play bass for. I got to do lead vocals. 


"And I would do anything for love , I'd run right into hell and back....." I began to sing. I really show off at this song according to the rest of the band. Once my main solo was finished and the female bit was about to be sung Liz came forth to centre stage near to where I was standing , as she sang her solo , a few tears started to appear in my eyes I repeatedly blinked to make them go away just in time for me re join the song . 




Once the show was finished and we had done our oncore , we sadly had to pack up. We all hate this bit cause it takes forever. Finally we'd all packed up and left the hall, we had all said our goodbyes before we left the building so everyone went there own ways. 


"Great show love !" Nana Anne smiled while pulling me into a hug.

"Thanks Nana !" I smiled back in return once she let go of me. Robin had already put my guitar in the car. Once we got into the car Nana and Papa started to talk about something , I zoned out. When we pulled up outside my house and I had collected everything that was mine from the car. We said our goodbyes and I waved them off as they left. 


"I'm home !" I yelled as I shut the door behind me. 


"In the den ." Aunt Gem shouted back. 



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