One Last Scream

Would you take that One Last Scream ?


2. Chapter One


Harry's P.O.V (Five years ago) 


No , No , No , No , NO !!!! This can't be happening !! It can't be !!! She can't leave me !! I know it's out of my power what happens now , it's to late for me or anyone to do anything . I wish I could do some thing , I hate seeing her in pain .  


She wanted to die at home in comfort with her family around her , with her friends around her . With her favourite songs on replay , she got her wish . She was lying in our bed with her teddy next to her that the kids had got her when she was first diagnosed with cancer with 'I'm already there' the Westlife version playing in the background ,'Another memory to add to the song !' I thought . 


"Harry ?" Emily whispered .

"Yes , kitten ?" I asked .

"I'm already there ,Goodbye my love , say goodbye to everyone from me !" She croaked out . She peacefully closed her eyes as her breathing slowly stopped . 


I let my tears fall freely down my face ,"Goodbye my lovely wife !" I whispered as I kissed her forehead . 



Harry's P.O.V (Present day) 


We were walking up to the graveyard , by we I mean , Darcy my eldest , Edward my second eldest and Adam my youngest and myself . Darcy was holding my hand and giving it small squeezes every couple of minutes which I returned . Edward was on my left side again , holding my hand but not squeezing it he was holding his bunch of flowers in his other hand , he had pink and white roses with a few bluebells through the bunch , they were Emily's favourite . And Adam was walking next to Edward , he was just keeping quite I think he was listening to his music . 

"Dad ?" Darcy asked , she looks so much like her mother its unreal . 

"Yeah sweetpea ? What's up ?" I asked her back . 

"I know it sounds stupid but can I sing to mums head stone please ?" She said looking to the ground while she spoke . 

"Of course hun ! You didn't have to ask !" I beamed "What song ?" 

"I'm already there . " She mumbled 

"You do that ." I smiled . 


We soon reached the graveyard and we all walked down to Emily's head stone and we all placed our flowers down by it Adam and Edward started to cry so I pulled them into a massive hug .  


Darcy's P.O.V 


Adam And Edward began to cry so Dad pulled them into a massive hug , I knew I was gonna be in that hug at the end of the song . 


"Hey mum so I know this is your favourite song ever so here it goes !" I spoke to the marble block in front of me , " He called her on the road
From a lonely cold hotel room
Just to hear her say I love you one more time.... " I sang . 


Half way through the song I broke down on my knee's crying , I was soon pulled up from the grass and into a massive hug ,"Let's go back to the house its starting to snow !" Edward said , cause he knew that me and dad would try and stay here fro the rest of the day ! 


We soon arrived home , Edward and Adam went upstairs into there shared room . Dad had dissapeard somewhere into the study and soon came back with a silver chain like his but this on had a silver heart with a red ruby in the middle , He didn't say anything he just put it on me . After he had fastened it into place . 


"Your mother would have wanted you to have it , I gave it to here on our wedding day !" He whispered , then he pulled me into another big hug . 


"I never want to lose you dad !" I mumbled into his chest . 





So what do yah think ?? 

should I keep it going on or ditch it ??? 

love yah guys !!! xxxxxxxxx



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