I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


11. With You On Tour?

*Two months later*

Zoe’s POV:

Things in life are really good at the moment. I mean I have two twin nephew’s living next door to Liam and I and things between us are great again. I woke up and it was 8:30am and Liam was still asleep so I snuck out of the room and went to make some pancakes when I heard the door knock ‘’LIAM CAN YOU GET IT PLEASE?’’ I asked from the kitchen. But he wasn’t wake. I quickly ran over to the door and opened it. ‘’Hey Perrie. Come in’’ I said and I ran towards the kitchen because I had things cooking. She came into the kitchen and took a seat. ‘’would you like some pancakes?’’ I asked her. ‘’Yes please’’ she replied. So I pulled out three plates and three glasses. I put pancakes on the plates and orange juice in the cups. Liam came down in his boxers. ‘’Morning love’’ he said. ‘’hey honey’’ I replied. He looked over and saw Perrie. ‘’hey Perrie’’ he said. ‘’hey Liam’’ she said and gave him a hug. ‘’I have just come to tell you guys something’’ Perrie said. ‘’go ahead what’s up?’’ I asked her. ‘’well the girls and I are going on tour next week and well. We want you to be our support person for three months’’ she said. ‘’are you kidding me of course. Assuming it is alright with Liam’’ I replied and we both looked at Liam who had a mouth full of Pancakes. He finished what was in his mouth and then said ‘’it’s no problem with me’’ he said. ‘’thanks babe’’ I replied. Perrie finished her food and hugged us and then went. ‘’Liam I’m going to be singing in front of a lot of people for three months. Pinch me. It is like a dream’’ I said. ‘’it isn’t a dream you are actually awake and yes you will be performing in front of loads of people for three months. I will miss you for those three months’’ Liam replied. ‘’I will miss you two babe’’ I said and we kissed. I then went to go over to Jordan’s and Harry’s place to tell them.

Jordan’s POV:

I never thought having twins would be exhausting. I heard a knock at the door and I went to get it. ‘’Hey Zoe’’ I said. ‘’Hey Jordan. How are you?’’ she asked. ‘’how do I look’’ I replied and we both laughed. ‘’you look beautiful as always’’ she replied. I hugged her and her and Liam came in. Harry brang down Tyler and I had Brandon. ‘’Can we hold them?’’ Zoe asked. ‘’of course after all you are their Aunty and Uncle’’ I replied and handed Brandon to Zoe and Harry handed Tyler to Liam. She looked into their eyes and I could tell she had some news to tell me. We sat on the lounge. ‘’would you guys like water, tea or anything?’’ I asked. ‘’water please’’ they replied. I got them water and sat down. ‘’ok guys. I have some news to tell the both of you guys’’ Zoe said. ‘’you’re pregnant?’’ I asked. ‘’What no’’ she replied. ‘’than what is it?’’ Harry asked. ‘’ok well, we just got a visit from Perrie. Zayn’s girlfriend and she is in little mix. She came to me and asked if I would go on tour with them next week and I said yes’’ Zoe replied. ‘’oh my god hun that is great news’’ I said giving her a hug. ‘’Congratz Zoe’’ Harry said. ‘’thanks guys. I’m looking forward to it but I’m going to miss you guys and the twins as well as the boys for three months’’ Zoe said. ‘’don’t worry you will be great’’ I said to her. ‘’we have to throw her a small going away party and invite Perrie and her group and the boys’’ Harry said. ‘’good idea Harold’’ Liam said. ‘’Haha’’ Harry replied at his name. ‘’no it is but where?’’ Liam asked. ‘’at ours Li, so Jordan can come back here for some rest and not be bothered by anyone’’ Zoe said. ‘’that’s a good idea. I like that’’ I said. ‘’good well it is all soughted next week the day before you leave’’ Liam said and we all agreed. Zoe and I put the twins to bed. ‘’so how are things again?’’ I asked her. ‘’really good until something bad happens to us’’ she replied. ‘’don’t think like that’’ I replied. And she and Liam left.

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