I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


3. They are a team?

Liam’s POV:

I woke up the next morning and went to kiss Zoe but she was not in our room so I went looking for her and I found her in the kitchen making pancakes from scratch so I snuck into the kitchen and picked up some flower and snuck behind her and poured it onto her head. ‘’What the’’ she started to say when she turned around. ‘’morning babe’’ I said to her. ‘’Morning. Wait Liam why did you do that?’’ she asked. ‘’for leaving me’’ I replied to her. By this time she was finished making pancakes. And threw flour on me. ‘’Oi. That’s it’’ I said ‘’come and get me if you can’’ she said and started to run. She ran upstairs and I thought I cornered her but she slipped through my legs waking up the boys and ran down the stairs. ‘’what the?’’ they asked. ‘’morning boys’’ I said running after her. She ran so fast and the next minute she was on the floor outside crying in pain. ‘’Babe what happened?’’ I asked looking down at her knee. ‘’ooh. How did you do that?’’ I asked. She couldn’t answer me because she was in pain. ‘’Louis get me an ice pack, Niall get the first aid kit, Zayn get some pillows and Harry help me get her inside’’ I said and they did what I said. ‘’Jordan we need you’’ I said and she came down and saw Zoe’s knee. ‘’Zoe this is going to hurt ok’’ she told Zoe and rubbed some aesthetic wipes on it to clean it. And grabbed the ice pack off Louis who wrapped it in paper towel and handed it to her. Zoe screamed in pain. ‘’leave it on there for 10 minutes’’ Jordan said. They all went into the kitchen to have some breakfast and I got up and gave her some panadol. It has been 10 minutes and it was swollen. She calmed down. ‘’how did you do it babe?’’ I asked. ‘’I ran into the door frame’’ she said. It has been 20 minutes when she said ‘’Li. I need to go to the hospital because I have pins and needles in my leg’’ she said so I took her to the hospital. 30 minutes later Zoe came out in crutches and a bandage. ‘’the cut on her knee isn’t bad but it will be bruising. She will be on crutches for a few days and then she has to walk on her leg’’ the doctor said so I took her home and she made her bed on the lounge and I put pillows under her leg to keep it elevated and we watched a movie. Zoe fell asleep half way through the movie when her phone rang and she woke up and answered it. I helped her sit up. ‘’I told you not to call me ever again’’. She said angrily. ‘’I don’t care. Just leave me alone. Wait what? I don’t want to see you. Now stop!!  BYE!’’ she yelled into her phone. ‘’are you ok babe?’’ I asked when everyone was staring at her. She turned on the Telly and saw the news. ‘’Andrew Buxton has escaped prison last night and the police have no idea where he is’’. Zoe looked shocked and I just hugged her. ‘’I know this is a bad time but who is james’’ Harry asked. ‘’my..my father’’ she replied and was crying. ‘’it will be ok babe. Andrew will not be able to hurt you again’’ I replied trying to comfort her. ‘’Liam. I have to tell you something!’’ she said. Oh no she is going to dump me or she is going to tell me she was having an affair. Liam stop jumping to conclusions. ‘’ok. Guys can you give us a few minutes’’ I asked them and they left. ‘’what is it babe?’’ I asked. ‘’you know how my mum died? Yea well after she died my dad hasn’t been the same. When I broke up with you it wasn’t just you. I was getting abused by him’’ she was in tears. ‘’and when I found out that you cheated on me I was that upset I went hoem early from school. My dad was in the lounge room and I pushed passed him. He knew I was upset and he saw an opportunity to abuse me some more. He hit me and then I blacked out. I woke up and he was choking me. I tried to find something to get him with and then I saw my clothes on the floor and I looked down and I was naked. I don’t know if he. But I blacked out with Billy (Zoe’s Brother) ‘’leave her alone she is your daughter. You shouldn’t have done this’’ he said pulling him off me. I ran and got changed when I walked into the room I saw billy laying in a pool of blood I rushed over to him and I was too late. I didn’t turn around quick enough and my dad had shot me. I woke in a hospital room with my neighbour there. He told me that my dad was in prison and Billy died. H herd the gun shot and called the cops’’ she finished saying. ‘’I’m so, so, sorry I wasn’t there. Even if we did break up I should have seen if you were ok’’ I replied with Zoe still crying. ‘’Liam it is my entire fault. My brother died because of me. If I didn’t run and get changed he could still be alive’’ she cried into my chest. ‘’Shhh. It’s ok’’ I replied and the boys came back in.

Zoe’s POV:

I did fell a bit better about telling Liam but I was so scared. Then Simon called the boys in and I told them to go. Jordan was at an appointment and I was home by myself. I got up which was a struggle and I hopped to the kitchen to get a drink when I heard the doorbell ring, oh god ‘’I’M COMING’’ I yelled out hopping to the door. I didn’t look through the eye whole at the door I just opened it. ‘’oh Sophia right?’’ I asked in shock. ‘’yes’’ she replied what are you doing here?’’ I aksed her. ‘’I was looking for Liam is he home?’’ she asked. ‘’no why?’’ I asked. ‘’because after last night he hasn’t called me at all’’ she replied. ‘’what do you mean?’’ I asked her. ‘’last night Liam came to mine after you fell asleep and he said he missed me and we had sex’’ she said. ‘’that is bullshit’’ I replied. ‘’ask him yourself’’ she said. When Liam got home. ‘’Sophia what are you doing here?’’ he asked her. ‘’you were not returning my calls after last night’’ she replied to him. He looked shocked and she left.

Liam’s POV:

Sophia left and Zoe’s face was shocked. ‘’what did she tell you?’’ he asked me. ‘’what were you doing over there last night?’’ she asked me. ‘’she kept sending me text messages saying she wanted to talk so I went over there’’ I replied to her. ‘’she told me you two had sex because you missed her and that I wasn’t good enough for you’’ she replied to my question. ‘’no we didn’t do anything I swear’’ I told her. ‘’show me your phone’’ she said so I showed her my phone. I didn’t want to she gave it back to me and cried. ‘’so you do miss her? I’m not good enough for you after all’’ she said. ‘’No Zoe let me explain’’ I said but she hopped out of the door. Great now I have really lost her.

Zoe’s POV:

Sophia was half right after all. I cannot believe that he would. I hopped for minutes before I just fell to the ground. My phone was ringing and I looked at it and it was Liam. I just ignored it and layed down. Why does everything in my life go to shift just after it get sorted out? ‘’Zoe’’ I heard someone call and it was Zayn. ‘’Zoe what are you doing?’’ he asked. ‘’I’m waiting to die’’ I said ‘’why?’’ He asked me. I told him what Sophia said and what Liam said. ‘’Zoe, nothing happened between them. She jumped on him last night and he pushed her off him. I was there because he asked me for back up. Those text messages were sent ages ago before when you guys had that fight’’ Zayn said. ‘’Really?’’ I looked up at him and asked. ‘’yes. Now let’s get you home’’ he said lifting me up and taking me home. I got down when we got home and I had to talk to Liam. I walked into the door and saw that Liam, Harry and Niall were tied up. I dropped the crutches and hobbled over to them. ‘’see that is why you should never leave anyone alone’’ I heard a familiar voice from behind me I turn around it was Andrew. ‘’what are you doing here?’’ I asked him. ‘’as I said your mine till I die’’ he replied. I tried to run into the kitchen. I managed that and grabbed a knife. ‘’Stay away from me or I will kill you’’ I threatened him. ‘’hahaha. Your crippled’’ he replied. ‘’yea but doesn’t mean I cannot do this’’ I said and I kicked him in the balls and called 911. ‘’911! Whats you emergancey?’’ ‘’hello Andrew Buxton is in my house and is trying to kill me’’ ‘’ok ma’am what is the adress’’ I was about to reply but Andrew dragged me away from the phone. I kicked him in the face and crawled away when I backed up into someone. I look up and it is Sophia. ‘’you set me up’’ I said and he laughed and shook her head yes. Andrew slammed my head into the ground causing me to fall asleep. I woke up to Liam saying ‘’leave her alone’’. I looked up and he had a knife pointed at me. I slipped my hand out from the chain and got up. I grabbed a lamp and hit him over the back head with it. Because it is made out of glass, glass broke on the floor. He went down. I made my way over to the boys and tried to set them free but I forgot about Sophia. ‘’Zoe behind you’’ Liam said I quickly turned around and got up Sophia was there with a knife. ‘’even though I have brace on I can still do this’’ I said bashing he and she fell on the glass. Andrew then got up and dragged me by the hair and pushed me against the wall where I hit him with the lamp and a photo frame was knocked down and I got glass in my hip. He then kicked me so hard I had blood coming out of my mouth. Then Sophia stabbed me multiple times when the police shot her down and hand cuffed Andrew again. I than blacked out.

Liam’s POV:

Zoe was rushed to the hospital because of her blood loss. I felt so bad becuase of me Sophia hurt her, and we had a fight earlier. We got there and I asked for Zoe Pepper. ‘’she is still in surgery’’ the lady said so we waited in the waiting room.

*Three Hours passed*

Zoe finally came out of surgery. ‘’Mr Payne?’’ he asked and I stood up. I followed him and we talked in private ‘’Zoe has had a lot of blood loss. She barely made it in there. She will be in a coma for a few days. She has had major hemuraging in her stomach and has a few cracked ribs. I’m also sorry because she has lost the baby’’ he said. ‘’wait what she was pregnant? The test came up negative and she still got her period’’ I said. ‘’she was pregnant. Sometimes you can have normal signs ’’ he replied. ‘’ok thanks doc’’ I said and walked into her. It hurt seeing her like this. ‘’I’m sorry baby. I shouldn’t have let you walk out. I love you so much’’ I said crying. Jordan rubbed circles on my back. I held her hand and wouldn’t let go. When everyone left to go get something to eat it was just me and her. I started to sing just the way you are by Bruno mars.

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