I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


22. The Baby Is Here

zoe's pov:
i'm 35 weeks pregnant and my watr cn break at anytime. it is 2am and i staretd to feel uncomfortable and couldn't sleep. Liam slept fine. my back was killing me so i got myself a hot water bottle and place it under my back. it helped an i went to sleep. i then woke up at 3am still uncomfortable and the pain painful. it hurt that much i started to cry. i cannot stand pain. ''Liam wake up'' i said crying. he woke up. ''whats wrong babe are you ok?'' he asked. ''Li, i have really bad back pain. i think i'm in labour. drive to the hospital'' i said ''ok lets go'' he said. we were just about to leave when i said ''i think my water broke'' i said i got my bag and got in the car. 30 minutes later we got to the hospital and checked in. the gave me a room and the doctor checked me out. ''your in labour but you are only 2cm dialated'' he said. ''ok i sthere anychance i can get an epidural please for this pain?'' i asked. ''of course'' he replied and got out of the room when Liam called Zayn and Perrie and Harry and Jordan. the god parents of our child. 30 minutes later the doctor gave me the epidural and Zayn and Perrie and Harry and Jordan got here. ''hey honey'' Perrie said. ''hey guys'' i replied and it is 4am in the morning.
*two hours later*
i have been in labour for 4 hours and i'm 4cm dilated. the pain is really bad. Liam kept getting me some ice for me to eat and kept wetting a cold towel and kept it on my forhead.
*four hours later*
8 hours later and i'm 8cm dialated. two more cm and i'll be ready to push. i really wish my mum was here to help me out but she isn't.
*three hours later*
11 hours in labour and i'm finally 10 cm and ready to push. i didn't want anyone but Liam, the doctor and nurse in the room. i felt a contraction coming on and i pushed. ''that was a good one babe only a few more to go'' Liam said. four pushes later at 3pm Angle Maureen Payne was born. Angle becuase she was a mircle and Maureen because it was my mum's name. i held her for the first time and Liam kissed my forhead. ''good job babe'' he said.
Liam's POV:
after 11 hours of Zoe being in pain we finally have a healthy baby girl named Angel Maureen Payne. she looks so cute. she has her mum's nose, eye's and cuteness but my smile. *knock knock* we looked at the door and Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry, Jackie, Perrie, El and Jordan came in with a bunch of flowers, a balloon saying congraulations it's a girl and a pink beenie. they all took turns of holding her. i still haven't told her about Andrew. when everyone left it was 8pm. ''babe i have to tell you something. i have known this for months but'' i said trailing off. ''but what? just tell me'' she said. ''Andrew has escaped prision and i didn't want to tell you becuase i didn't want you to worry about him'' i said. ''Liam it is alright. you were tring to protect me it's fine'' she said. ''i'm so sorry...wait what your not mad at me?'' i asked her. She looked down at angle and said ''no because you were trying to protect me and Angel. there is no point aruging especially when we have Angle. i have to tell you something but promise you won't get mad at me?'' she asked. ''of course'' i replied to her. ''ok. well the day of the baby shower i went to the bathroom and when i came out Andrew was there. he pushed me up against the wall and said ''if i tell anyone about him he would kill you and the baby born or not while holding a knife to my stomach. we had some more words and then i told him i would keep his secret so i as precting you and Angle. i kneed him in the balls and he went'' she replied. i was speechless. about 5 minutes passed and i had said nothing to her. ''it's fine babe. i wish you told me sooner but. it's nice to see that you can defend yourself'' i said.

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