I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


5. Record Deal

*the next morning*

Liam’s POV:

It feels really weird waking up this morning only because I’m used to having the boys around being noisy but it is really quiet. I rolled over to my side and kissed Zoe on the cheek ‘’morning hun’’ she said. ‘’morning babe. Are you ready for today?’’ I asked. ‘’kinda. I guess so!’’ she replied. She got out of bed and put her robe around her and walked out the door. I put my boxers on and followed her. She was making pancakes for breakfast. I loved looking at her in the morning when she just woken up. She looks drop dead gorgeous. I snuck up behind her and put my hands on her hips and we swayed. ‘’it is really quiet’’ Zoe said. ‘’yea it is but not for long?’’ I said. ‘’why?’’ she asked ‘’because the boys and Jordan will be here shortly’’ I replied. ‘’ok. Liam can you finish making these so I can run up and get changed please?’’ she asked so I did and she ran up the stairs and came down before they got here. We heard a knock on the door. I answered it and it was the boys. ‘’come in guys. Breakfast is almost ready’’ I told them and they all ran in and sat at the table.

Zoe’s POV:

It was nice to see the boys this morning. I walked into the dining room with two plates of pancakes for them to eat. I made Jordan and I a banana smoothie and waffles while the boys had pancakes and orange juice. ‘’Hey Jordan’’ I said giving her a hug. I then turned to her stomach and said ‘’I hope you two are behaving for mummy’’. ‘’Hey Zoe. How are you this morning?’’ she asked. ‘’I’m tired actually’’ I replied. We sat down with the boys and they all shoved food in their mouths. ‘’so what are you guys doing today?’’ Niall asked Liam and I. ‘’I’m going to send a video of Zoe singing on tape to Simon to see what he thinks of her’’ Liam replied. ‘’oh wow’’ Louis said. ‘’what about you lot?’’ I asked. ‘’I’m spending the day with El’’ Louis said. ‘’I’m spending the day with Perrie before she goes to the studio’’ Zayn replied. ‘’I’m helping Harry and Jordan set up the nursery for the twins’’ Niall replied. ‘’wow you lot sound busy’’ I said laughing. They ate and then they left. ‘’I’ll be over today to help you guys’’ I said to Jordan and she nodded. They left and Liam goes ‘’are you ready?’’. ‘’yep’’ I replied. I grabbed the guitar and introduced myself to the camera and I started to sing out of the blue by Delta Goodrem. When we finished Liam stopped the camera and sent the video to Simon. ‘’you were great babe’’ Liam said. ‘’thanks honey’’ I replied kissing him. ‘’what do you want to do today?’’ Liam asked. ‘’I need to go print out some photos and by some scrapbooking things so I can scrapbook. You know how I like to be creative’’ I replied to him. ‘’we will do that and we will then go roller skating’’ he said. ‘’sounds great’’ I replied. So we left the flat and went to the shops and did what we had to do before the fans spotted Liam. We ran back to the car and went roller skating then we came home. Liam’s phone rang and he answered it. ‘’hey Simon did you get the video?’’ he asked. Then handed the phone to me. ‘’hey Zoe I just watched the video and think we need to talk. You can bring Liam as well’’ he said. ‘’ok we will be right there’’ I said and hanged up.

Liam’s POV:

After Zoe got off the phone she was jumping up and down. ‘’we have to go to the office because Simon wants to meet me and you’re coming for support’’ she said. ‘’sweat’’ I replied to her and we left the house again and went to the studio. Zoe wouldn’t stop shaking. We got there and went up to Simon’s floor. ‘’Uncle Simon’’ I said. ‘’hey Liam hi Zoe take a seat’’ he said. So we did. ‘’ok Zoe I love your voice and I think you have a real talent and I want to sign you to the label’’ Simon said. ‘’See I told you, you were great’’ I told Zoe and Simon just laughed.  ‘’tomorrow we are getting to work on an album and then you can go on tour with Little Mix’’ Simon said. Zoe was so happy ‘’Thanks Simon so much’’ Zoe said and we left. We got to the car and I spun her around. ‘’you did it babe!’’ I said. ‘’thanks to my wonderful Partner’’ she replied. ‘’wait who?’’ I said being a smart ass. ‘’You silly’’ she replied being an even bigger smart ass. We got in the car and went home. She then started on songs when we got home. ‘’include the one you sung to me when you lost your memory’’ I said. ‘’good idea’’ she replied. 4 hours later she finished writing songs with my help when she was stuck.



Hey guys i'm sorry but i will not be updating constanly because i'm back at school and i'm in year 12 so i'll be concentrating. sorry guys i will update when i have free time!

Zoe xx

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