I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


6. On The Radio

*The next morning*

Zoe’s POV:

*Beep Beep Beep* I hit the alarm. I rolled on my side to kiss Liam and I had my shower. I got out of the shower and looked at the time ‘’Shit’’ I said. I quickly had something to eat. ‘’what’s wrong?’’ Liam asked ‘’I’m going to be late. I have to be there in 10 minutes and it takes 15 to get there. I have to go bye’’ I said kissing him on the cheek and left. I went to start the car when I realised that I left the keys inside. I ran inside to see Liam standing at the door with a cup of tea and holding the keys in his hand. I grabbed them from his hands when he pulled me in to kiss me. ‘’Li I have to go’’ I said snatching the keys out of his hand and pulled away. ‘’wait till you get home missy’’ Liam said. ‘’I love you too’’ I said poking my Tounge out at him and started the car. The traffic was really bad. I ended up getting to the studio at 11:30 and so I was 30 minutes late. ‘’hi Simon sorry I’m late. Traffic was bad’’ I said. ‘’its ok. I know the traffic was bad so it’s ok’’ he replied and we walked over to the recording studio and I grabbed the guitar and started strumming and singing. 2 hours later. ‘’that’s a wrap. You reordered your first album. How do you feel?’’ he asked. ‘’really good I hope it sells’’ I said. ‘’it will trust me’’ he said. ‘’ok thanks Simon’’ I said. ‘’you can go. Tell Liam I said hello’’ he said. ‘’ok I will’’ I replied and he handed me my first album. The whole way home I was listening to my album. I pulled into the drive way and Liam was waiting for me outside. ‘’how long have you been outside for Li?’’ I asked him getting out of the car. ‘’not long. Simon called me to say that you left’’ he replied. ‘’ok. Why did Simon call you?’’ I asked confused. ‘’because he said that I should be really proud of you and to get your CD from you’’ he replied. ‘’oh ok’’ I replied. I grabbed the CD and he went to grab it from me when I pulled it away from and said ‘’where is my kiss?’’ I asked. He gave me my kiss and he took the CD out of my hand and ran inside like a little boy and put it on. I went into the kitchen to clean because it was just so messy and I cannot stand mess and clutter.

Liam’s POV:

I grabbed her CD out of her hand and put it on. She sounded so good. I went to look for her when I walked into the kitchen and she was cleaning. I put my hands on her hips and she turned around to face me. ‘’you have a beautiful voice’’ I told her. ‘’thanks babe’’ she replied. We kissed and put her on the counter and started to make out. When we heard ‘’Guys we are.. EW’’ Louis said. We stopped and looked at them and the I helped her off the counter. ‘’hey guys’’ she said and finished cleaning the kitchen. I gave Louis and evil look and we went into the lounge room. ‘’dude the reason why we got our own place was for privacy’’ I said. ‘’I’m sorry Liam’’ he replied. ‘’But one of Zoe’s songs are on the radio’’ Niall said. ‘’wait what one?’’ I asked. ‘’you sound good to me’’ he replied. ‘’what channel?’’ I asked. ‘’the kiss radio station’’ he replied. So I turned on our radio and turned to the channel. Zoe heard her song and came out. ‘’OMG they are playing my song. My song. I made it to the radio in a short amount of time WOW’’ she said jumping up and down. ‘’yes it is and thanks to Simon for making it happen’’ I replied. She kissed me and then hugged the others. ‘’let’s all go out to celebrate. Dinner and drinks on me’’ she said and we all agreed. ‘’great so we will at the restaurant in and hour’’ I said. ‘’deal’’ they all said and went home. We had a shower and got changed. I was just wearing jeans my sneakers and a nice shirt and Zoe was wearing a nice tight black short sleeve dress that came just above her knees and black heels. We went over to Jordan and Harry’s so we could get there with them. We met up with them. Harry was just wearing his jeans, his famous boots, his bandanna and a nice shirt.  Jordan was wearing a nice lose dress with ballet flats because that is all that would fit her at the moment and we got into the car and left for the restaurant.

Zoe’s POV:

We got to the restaurant and waited for the other. I was surprised to see that Zayn brang Perrie and Louis brang Eleanor. ‘’hey guys. Zoe congratulations on getting your song on the radio’’ Perrie said hugging me. ‘’thanks Perrie’’ I replied. ‘’yea Zoe congratulations on your first album actually’’ Eleanor said. ‘’thanks El’’ I replied and gave her a hug. ‘’ready to go in girls?’’ Liam asked and we walked in. we ordered our food and drinks and we just started talking. When we finished we went to the club besides Jordan because she wanted to and she was pregnant and told harry to come with us so she I dropped her home and told the boys that I would meet them at the club. When I got to the club I met them inside. They already ordered me a beer. About 30 minutes later Perrie, Eleanor, Niall and I were drunk. But we kept drinking.

Liam’s POV:

30 minutes late Perrie, Eleanor, Niall and Zoe have had a little too much to drink. ‘’I think we should get you home guys home’’ I said. ‘’please Li just a bit longer please!’’ Zoe begged. ‘’ok’’ I replied and she pulled me onto the dance floor and we danced. She was a funny dancer when she was drunk. Then out of nowhere Niall came up to us  and pushed me out of the way and kissed Zoe.      

Zoe’s POV:

I cannot believe Niall just kissed me. I couldn’t stop so I kissed him back and then realised what I did and I pushed him off me and headed back to the bar and got myself more drink. I was hoping that I could just forget about it. So I kept drinking and drinking and drinking.

Niall’s POV:

I cannot believe that I just kissed my best friends girl but I was drunk and I have always had feelings for her and she kissed back and then pushed me off her and she went to the bar. ‘’Niall you asshole’’ Liam said and punched me when Zayn and Harry came to break us up. ‘’she kissed me back as well Liam’’ I replied to him slurring my words. ‘’You’re drunk Niall now get out of here and don’t touch her or even look at her again’’ he yelled at me. Zayn, Louis took me home and they also had to take the girls home as well because they were all drunk.

Liam’s POV:

I cannot believe what just happened. I looked at Harry and he nodded and we dragged Zoe home. ‘’Liam let me go right now’’ Zoe demanded. ‘’no you are drunk and we are getting you home right now’’ I said back. I’m mad at her for kissing him back but she was drunk. ‘’I don’t want to get home’’ she said. ‘’well you are now get in the car’’ I demanded. ‘’no I will not. I don’t want to go home’’ she aid and kicked me. ‘’it is 11pm and your drunk’’ I said. ‘’I hate you’’ she said and I got her in the car. Harry drove and I sat in the back with Zoe. I went to hold her hand and she hit me saying ‘’leave me alone’’ and just looked out of the window. We got home and she hopped out straight away. Harry and I ran to help her push she pushed us away. ‘’I can walk into my house by myself with no help so leave me ALONE’’ she yelled. ‘’fine but if you fall it’s not our fault’’ I said back. She opened the door and went inside. ‘’thanks for everything Harry’’ I said. ‘’it’s all good bro. do you want me to help?’’ he asked. ‘’nah. It’s all good bro’’ I replied and he went home. Walked inside after her and I heard a bang. ‘’ZOE’’ I yelled and I got no reply. I ran inside and found her. She tripped over and hurt her ankle. ‘’here let me help’’ I said to her and she passed out. I took her up to bed and layed her down and went to bed myself.

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