I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


24. Kidnapped

*6 months later*

Zoe’s POV:

It has been 6 months since I have heard or seen Andrew and Angel is 6 months old. Everyone says she looks like me. I rolled over out of bed and headed downstairs to see Liam in the kitchen. ‘’hey babe’’  I said walking over to him and saw that Zayn and Perrie were here. ‘’hey guys’’ I said to them. ‘’good morning sleepy head’’ they replied. I looked at the clock and it was 11am. ‘’Liam why didn’t you wake me up?’’ I asked him. ‘’well 1) you looked peaceful. 2) I didn’t want to disturb you. 3) You haven’t had a decent sleep in a while’’ he replied. ‘’are you still having nightmares Zoe?’’ Perrie asked. ‘’I was but I haven’t had one since well actually I didn’t have one last night which was really good’’ I replied. Perrie came over to hug me and I hugged her. ‘’so what are your plans for today?’’ I asked Zayn and Perrie while I got angel. ‘’well actually we are looking after angel for you two today while you and Liam go out today’’ Zayn said. ‘’ why are we going out today? Don’t get me wrong I’m glad but why?’’ I asked Liam. ‘’it is our 6 month anniversary today since we got married’’ Liam replied. I forgot. ‘’oops. I forgot. I’m sorry babe’’ I said. ‘’its ok you haven’t been sleeping and you have been stressed with writing your new album’’ he replied. ‘’I love you. You know right?’’ I said. ‘’yes I do’’ he replied and we kissed. ‘’aww. You guys are so cute’’ Perrie said. We broke apart ‘’thanks’’ I replied and I went upstairs to get change. Just in case we went to the beach I put on my bikini and got dressed into a nice blouse with shorts and my black converse shoes on. I grabbed one of Liam’s hoddie and put my head in a messy bun and went downstairs. Liam was waiting for me. When I got downstairs I said bye to Angel, Perrie and Zayn and we left. It was 1pm and the first stop we went to was the ice skating rink and we skated. We left when it was 4pm and went to have an early dinner so we could walk on the beach at sunset. We were half way through dinner when I got a phone call from Perrie. ‘’hey Perrie what’s up?’’ I asked her. ‘’um. I’m sorry for interrupting but. But’’ she tried to say crying. ‘’it’s ok what’s up is Angel ok? Are you and Zayn ok?’’ I asked. ‘’Zayn and I are fine but Angel isn’t’’ she started to say before I cut her off ‘’what happened to Angel?’’ I asked. ‘’I went to the bathroom and found Zayn knocked out on the floor and when I ran over to him I didn’t see her. I looked and I looked but she was no where’’ Perrie said. Liam could tell I was upset. ‘’stay there were coming’’ I said harsly. ‘’what’s wrong babe?’’ he asked me. ‘’Angel has been kidnapped and Zayn was knocked out. Perrie is a mess and I just yelled at her. Liam we have to go’’ I said to him. We left money on the table and ran outside. We got into the car and drove home. I walked into the door not saying anything. I looked at Perrie and she was crying. I felt bad so I hugged her. It was 5pm when the cops knocked on the door. ‘’ma’am. I’m constable Harrison and this is my partner Sargent Kelly. We need to ask you a few questions’’ they said. ‘’O-of course come in’’ I said still shaken up. They took a seat on the lounge. I sat next to Liam who had one of his arms around me and the other one holding my hand to comfort me and Perrie and Zayn were next to us holding each other’s hand. ‘’so can you tell us what happened?’’ they said asking me. ‘’well we were out and Zayn I mean Mr Malik and Ms Edwards were babysitting for us and I got a phone call from one panicked Perrie’’ I said. ‘’I went to use the restroom and I came out and found Zayn on the floor unconious and I didn’t see the baby. I helped Zayn up and called Zoe straight away and then you guys’’ Perrie said. ‘’alright. We’ll keep in touch’’ the officers said as they walked out. It was 8pm and Zayn, Perrie and Liam were asleep. I snuck out of Liam’s grip and went outside and started crying. I than felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and it was Liam. He sat down next to me and tried calming me down. ‘’Babe it is alright. We will find her’’ he said. I buried my head into his chest and cried. ‘’you don’t understand. Our little girl is out there somewhere. OUR LITTLE ANGEL Liam. If someone has it bad for me then they should come after me not my family especially my little girl. She could be cold and crying out there and who ever took her wouldn’t even care. I’m not going to rest until I get my girl back’’ I said. ‘’babe it’s alright. Whoever took her should lover her’’ he tried to say calming me down.

Liam’s POV:

We had a wonderful day until we received that phone call. We feel asleep and when I woke up Zoe wasn’t there. I looked for her and then I heard crying from outside. I saw Zoe and went over to her and tried to comfort her. ‘’ Babe it is alright. We will find her’’ I said. She buried my head into his chest and cried. ‘’you don’t understand. Our little girl is out there somewhere. OUR LITTLE ANGEL Liam. If someone has it bad for me then they should come after me not my family especially my little girl. She could be cold and crying out there and who ever took her wouldn’t even care. I’m not going to rest until I get my girl back’’ she said. ‘’babe it’s alright. Whoever took her should lover her’’ I replied. ‘’HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM ABOUT THIS’’ she said yelling. She aggravated me ‘’I’M NOT CALM. I MISS HER LIKE CRAZY TOO ALRIGHT. I’M TRYING SO HARD TO BE STRONG FOR YOU AND OUR LITTLE GIRL. YOU MAY THINK THAT I DON’T CARE BUT I DO OK SO GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE’’ I yelled back. ‘’I NEVER SAID YOU DIDN’T CARE ABOUT HER. I KNOW YOU DO. I JUST DON’T GET HOW YOU CAN BE SO CALM WHEN I’M PANICKING LIKE CRAZY. I MISS MY GIRL TOO ALRIGHT’’ she yelled back and I hit her. I just realised what I just did ‘’oh shit I’m sorry babe I didn’t mean to’’ I said. ‘’LIAM DON’T. LEAVE ME ALONE’’ she yelled and stormed off. ‘’ZOE WAIT’’ I said I saw Zayn and Perrie watching. Perrie went after her and said talked to me. ‘’mate let her calm down she misses Angel. Even though you guys were fighting you shouldn’t have hit her’’ he said. I sighed ‘’I know man but I was just so mad. She thinks that I don’t care about what happened’’ I said. ‘’she will come around’ when we heard the doorbell ring. I walked and opened it and it was Louis, El, Niall, Jackie, Harry and Jordan. ‘’we heard what happened about Angel’’ Harry said and they came in. ‘’where is Zoe?’’ Jordan asked. ‘’I don’t know. We had a fight which she made me mad and I hit her by accident. Perrie ran to talk to her I think they are upstairs ’’ I replied. The girls gasped and Harry, Niall and Louis looked at me disappointed. The girls went upstairs to see Zoe and the boys and I were down hear.

Zoe’s POV:

Liam hit me and I ran inside. He called my name but I just ignored him and went into my room and locked the door and cried. Great first my little girl gets kidnapped and now Liam hates me this is really good. ‘’why am I always the bad one and have bad things happen to me?’’ I yelled kicking over things. I heard a knock at the door. ‘’GO AWAY’’ I yelled. ‘’it’s Perrie’’ Perrie said. ‘’I want to be alone’’ I said. ‘’missy open this door right now’’ she said. I hate it when she uses that tone so I opened the door and let her in. ‘’we heard and saw what happened’’ she said. ‘’yea well I have mucked everything up. I have lost my little girl and Liam completely hates me now’’ I said crying. ‘’hey. Shhh. It’s alright he is just stressed and he didn’t mean to hit you. Babe he still loves you he just misses his little girl’’ Perrie said trying to comfort me while hugging me. Then I saw Jordan and I ran to her and cried even harder. ‘’hey. I’m sorry about Angel’’ Jordan said. ‘’thanks I’m just glad that you’re here. Where are the boys?’’ I asked still crying. ‘’my mum is minding them and Harry is downstairs with the rest of the boys’’ she replied. After 30 minutes the girls went downstairs to get drinks for them and me. I wen tto look the door looking at the razor when Niall walked in. ‘’NO ZOE NO’’ he said. He was too l already cut myself and he ran to me. ‘’JORDAN WE NEED YOU IN HERE NOW AND BRING THE FIRST AID KIT’’ Niall yelled to Jordan and took his shirt off to cover my wound. ‘’LEAVE ME ALONE! EVERYONE HATES ME. I’VE LOST MY LITTLE GIRL AND NOW LIAM HATES ME AS WELL. I MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD’’ I yelled. ‘’no we don’t and Liam doesn’t hate you’’ he said hugging me. Jordan rushed in with the first aid kit and fixed my hand and Liam was at the door. ‘’Zoe I’m sorry I didn’t mean for you to do this’’ he said but I just ignored him. Everyone went downstairs and left me alone with him. ‘’Zoe I heard you and I don’t hate you I was just ma. That is why I hit you. I didn’t mean it I swear. Please forgive me’’ he begged and begged and begged. I kept quiet for some time and he was about to walk out when I said ‘’Li, wait. Just because you were mad doesn’t mean that you hit people. I forgive you’’ I said. He hugged me and kissed me. ‘’promise me you will not do this again please’’ he said. ‘’I promise’’ I replied. We walked downstairs and everyone was talking and they saw us. I kept quiet and looked on my twitter page. I posted a picture and asked ‘’if anyone see’s my little girl can you let me know please. Her name is Angel. She was kidnapped earlier today. So please if you have any information about her wear about please let Liam or I know please. Or even the 1D boys’’. I posted the same thing on Facebook.

*The next morning*

Liam’s POV:

We still have heard nothing and I’m extremely worried about Zoe. She hasn’t slept or eaten or drank anything. She just keeps looking out the window. Zayn and Perrie took one of the guest bedrooms, Louis and El have taken one, Niall and Jackie took the last one, Harry and Jordan had the lounge room. It was 11am when we heard the phone ring. ‘’Hello’’ I answered. ‘’hey Liam it is mum. Any news?’’ she asked. ‘’no not yet’’ I replied. ‘’how is Zoe?’’ she asked. ‘’she will not eat, drink or sleep at all’’ I replied. ‘’she is just missing her baby that’s all’’ she said. ‘’thanks mum’’ I said. ‘’let me know on any news ok love you and Zoe lots’’ she said. ‘’love you too’’ I replied and hanged up. ‘’babe you should eat something!’’ I said to Zoe ‘’I’m not hungry’’ she replied. ‘’well if you’re not going eat or sleep at least drink something please’’ I said/begged. She rolled her eyes and went to the kitchen. I watched her and she took a sip of water. ‘’happy?’’ she asked. ‘’no have another mouth full’’ I replied. She drank the whole glass and stormed out of the kitchen. I put my head in my hands and sighed. ‘’it will be ok mate’’ Zayn said. We heard a knock at the door Zoe opened it.

Zoe’s POV:

I haven’t slept or eating in a while. I opened the door and it was constable Harrison and his partner Sargent Kelly. ‘’come in’’ I said and they came in and sat on the lounge ‘’ma’am I’m here to in front you that your daughter has been spotted with this man’’ they said showing me a picture of Andrew. I gasped. ‘’you know this man?’’ he asked. ‘’yes he is my ex – boss who tried killing me. We made a deal. He would leave my family alone if I sent him money’’ I said. ‘’he was spotted not far from here. We are continuing looking for your daughter and we will let you know any other information we have’’ They said and walked out. ‘’care to explain’’ Liam said. I didn’t tell him. ‘’Not now LIAM’’ I said. ‘’well when will you start telling me things?’’ he said. ‘’I thought I got rid of him. We made a deal and I kept my end of the deal’’ I said. ‘’so she got taken because of you. It is your fault that she is gone and that Zayn got hit over the head’’ Liam said. I started to cry. ‘’no it isn’t my fault Liam. It’s no one’s fault but since your so sure it’s my fault then I’ll take it’’ I said running out side and ran to the park. I was followed by Niall. ‘’Zoe slow down. I do have bad knees you know’’ he said. I turned around and said ‘’Niall not now. I need to be alone. It is all my fault that Zayn got hit and that my little girl is missing. Liam was right. I’m just so hopeless’’ I said crying. He pulled me into a hug and I barred my head into his chest and cried. ‘’it’s ok Zoe. We will find her and you will be happy again’’ Niall said trying to comfort me when we kissed. ‘’oh shit Niall I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry you’re with Jackie and I’m married to Liam’’ I said. ‘’ no it’s my fault. I’m sorry’’ he said. ‘’this stays between us’’ I said. ‘’of course’’ he replied and I still cried. He convinced me to go back to the house. When we arrived Liam was on the lounge. I’m not talking to him. I went upstairs and pulled out my phone and called Andrew. ‘’hello Zoe’’ he said. ‘’YOU SON OF A BITCH. YOU TOOK MY DAUGHTER AFTER OUR AGREEMENT’’ I yelled into the phone. ‘’well I didn’t want to keep my end of the deal but if you want to see you little girl again you have to met me where I took you before’’ he said. ‘’the cabin?’’ I asked. ‘’yes and if you tell anyone or bring anyone with you are both dead’’ he replied and hanged up. I wrote a note and left it on my bed and snuck out of the window getting the pepper spray and putting it in my pocket. I left my phone at the house and sprinted for the car. I arrived at the cabin and it was cold. I walked inside and saw angel sleeping in a bed. I ran up to her to see if he hurt her but he hasn’t thank god. ‘’Zoe’’ I heard him say. I turned around and he hit me over the head. I woke up  tied to the wall again. ‘’I knew you would come alone. I guess you love your baby’’ he said. ‘’I’m a loving mother who would even die protecting my baby’’ I replied. ‘’now you have smartened up’’ he replied. I am just going to do whatever he says. ‘’now kiss me or I will hurt angel’’ he said so I kissed him. He untied me and wrapped his hand around my waist. I grabbed the pepper spray out of my pocket and sprayed him the eyes and her fell to the ground. I grabbed Angel and ran out the door with her. I put her somewhere safe and warm place where Liam can find her if she cries ‘’Angel you will be too young to remember this but I want you to grow up happy and safe in case I don’t make it. I just want you to know that I love you and I always will’’ giving her a kiss. I know I won’t survive this. I started to run back to the cottage when he grabbed me. ‘’you stupid bitch’’ he said and I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and he stabbed me and I fell to the floor. He took me back to the cottage he bent down to touch me I spat at his face. He hit me across the face. ‘’where is your daughter?’’ he asked me. ‘’somewhere were you will never find her because you are dumb’’ I replied and spat at him a again. He kicked me in the stomach and my pain was really bad. He left the cottage. I tried to get free and I did I ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and then ran back and made it look like I haven’t moved. There was a mirror just above me and I saw how bad my face was. He came back with a gag and put it over my mouth, but before he did I said ‘’I’m sorry Andrew but I need to pee. I’ve had a kid and my bladder isn’t like it was before’’ I said and he led me outside. ‘’turn around’’ I said and he did. I didn’t need to pee. While he was turned around I grabbed rope that I found and choked him with it. He grabbed my hand and decided to bash me. But I fought him. I kicked him off me and grabbed the knife and threw it at his chest and he slowly went down but not before he shot me. I looked down and saw where he got me and I fell down. He shot me near my heart. I always said that ‘’I will be happy if I die protecting my family’’.

Liam’s POV:

I’ve made her upset. She came back with Niall all calmed and went to the bedroom. 30 minutes later and Niall went to check on her when he said ‘’LIAM. GET UP HERE NOW’’ and I ran up there. Zoe wasn’t there and I saw a letter on the table. ‘’Hey guys. I snuck out and went to save Angel. The cottage where it all began. I’m going to get Angel and put her under a tree where we engraved our initials.

Liam - I’m sorry for everything. I will always love you. I know that I’m not going to make it so take care of angel for me. Don’t let her forget who I am/was. Tell her our stories and make the most of life

Jordan – take care of my family and your’s. thanks for being there for me. I will miss you.

Perrie – thank you for everything. I had fun. Take care of Zayn and enjoy life while you can. I will miss you very much.

El – you are a nice person. Just take care of my brother Louis for me please.

Jackie – Niall is lucky to have you so just cherish him.

Harry – take care of Liam and Angel for me along with Jordan and the twins.

Zayn – thanks for everything. Take care of everyone especially Perrie.

Louis – take care of el and look out for my family. I love you brother.

Niall – thank you for everything. I will miss you as well. You have been the only one that calmed me down and I appreciate it that much. Look after everyone for me. Keep this letter so Angel doesn’t forget me.

Angel – hey bubba. I’m sorry that I’m not here for you but I died saving you. I love you very much. Take care of you dad for me along with everyone else. Don’t forget what I told you in the woods. ’Angel you will be too young to remember this but I want you to grow up happy and safe in case I don’t make it. I just want you to know that I love you and I always will’. I mean every word I say. I love you very, very much. Love Mum.

Ok guys that’s all. Take care of each other please. Love you all. Love Zoe xx’’

I go the keys and ran for the car. Everyone came with me and I even called Constable Harris and Sargent Kelly. When I arrived I saw Zoe’s car and ran straight into the woods and found Angel. ‘’hey baby. I have missed you so much. I heard a gunshot and Zoe yell. I gave Angel to Zayn to hold and ran to find her. I found her laying on the ground in blood. I saw Andrew and he was dead. I turned Zoe around so I could see her face. She opened her eyes for a bit and said ‘’I love you Liam remember that. I’m sorr’’ she began to say before she closed her eyes. ‘’ZOE. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME. PLEASE. I LOVE YOU I’M SORRY’’ I cried and everyone came over. Jordan raced over here and hugged her. Then the ambulance came and took her straight away. I went in the ambulance with her and held her hand until I couldn’t anymore. I was told to wait in the waiting room when everyone got ere including my mum. She came over to me and I cried even more. I looked over and saw Angel. I couldn’t look at her she looks so much like her mum.

*4 hours later*

Liam’s POV:

Zoe came out of surgery still in critical condition. ‘’Mr Payne. Zoe is stable but we don’t know for how long. She had major damage done to her organs and her heart from the gunshot. She may not make it’’ he said I nodded and walked in there and sat next to her. ‘’babe I’m sorry for everything. I love you please stay strong for Angel and me please’’ I said crying.

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