I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


2. Everyone Knows Now

Zoe’s POV:

We arrived home and I opened the door and went to walk in when Jordan ran up to me and knocked me to the floor and hugged me. ‘’Whoa. I missed you too but hold on women Jeez’’ I said laughing. ‘’Ooops Sorry Zoe’’ she replied helping me up. I got inside and was greeted by everyone and pulled into a group hug. I looked over at Liam and he was on the phone. ‘’so how was Disneyland?’’ Jordan asked. ‘’it was really fun. Liam was so romantic and he gave me this’’ I said showing them my ruby ring. ‘’WOW! Congratulations’’ they all said. I smiled. Liam came over to us. ‘’who was that baby?’’ I asked. ‘’Um I don’t know how to break this to guys but the boys and I have been nominated for awards at teen choice awards tonight’’ Liam replied. ‘’oh my gosh that is so good babe’’ I replied running to him and he picked me and spun me around and I kissed him. ‘’thanks babe but. I’m only going on one condition!’’ Liam said. ‘’and what might that be?’’ I asked. ‘’that you come as my date because when we are married you have to get use to Paparazzi’’ he replied. ‘’ok but what would I wear?’’ I asked him. ‘’take Jordan and go shopping for a nice dress. Because I’m taking Jordan as my date’’ Harry said. ‘’alright’’ I said. Jordan grabbed her purse and I grabbed mine when Liam stopped me. ‘’Babe because I know that your money is tight so here. Use my card and buy something nice’’. ‘’Li. I do have money saved up. I don’t want to use your money babe’’ I said. ‘’Zoe. You are my fiancé, when we are married it’s going to be different. I know you are independent  but you need to get used to the idea’’ Liam said. ‘’oh alright you have a point Li’’ I said. ‘’good so take it’’ he said handing me the card I kissed him and we went.

Jordan’s POV:

 We got to the mall and we decided to go to go to our first shop and I saw the prefect dress. It was a nice long flowy red silk dress which had one shoulder strap with nice little bead sequence in the middle. Then Zoe saw her nice, strapless, turquoise dress with sequences. We paid for our dresses and then went shoe shopping. Zoe found a pair of silver high heels that crossed over her feet and I found a pair of red heels. We were on our way out to pay when we both saw perfect bags for tonight. Zoe was a sliver bling clutch purse and I brought a black sparkly clutch purse as well. We then went into a jewellery shop and Zoe brought a nice Diamond necklace and matching earnings the same with me but a different type. After we were finished it was 3:30pm so we headed back to the house to get ready. We walked into the door and I was greeted by Liam and the boys. ‘’did you girls have fun?’’ Liam asked. ‘’we had fun’’ I replied. I walked over to Harry and kissed him. Zoe walked to Liam and hugged him and gave him his credit card back. Zoe used his card to by her Jewellery and shoes but used her own money to buy her dress. ‘’what time are we leaving?’’ I asked Harry. ‘’the Limo will get here about 5:30pm so we have an hour’’ he replied. ‘’ok’’ I said. Zoe and I used the showers upstairs and the boys used the ones downstairs to get ready. I had a shower and washed my hair and put my dress on and I knocked on Zoe’s door. ‘’Come in’’ she said. ‘’you look lovely’’ Zoe said to me. ‘’you look really good as well’’ I replied. I closed the door and Zoe did my hair. She curled my hair and I straightened her hair. Zoe is really good doing peoples hair and make up so that is why I went to her. She put natural make up on me and then she did herself. We then sprayed the boy’s ‘our moment’ perfume on and we headed downstairs. We grabbed or purses and waited for the boys.

Liam’s POV:

When the girls came down they looked absolutely drop dead gorgeous. ‘’WOW!’’ Louis said. Niall and Zayn wolf whistled. ‘’You guys look really smashing’’ Harry said and I went over to Zoe and kissed her. ‘’words cannot describe how good you both look. Especially you babe’’ I said to Zoe. ‘’aww. Thanks baby’’ she replied giving me a kiss. We heard a knock at the door and Zoe flinches everytime there is a knock at the door I got it and was the driver. We got into the car one by one and started to drive. 30 minutes later we arrived and there were a lot of people here.

Zoe’s POV:

We arrived and Liam was the first one out. He got out and put his hand out for me to take it and I did. There were a lot of fans and paps there. We waited for the rest of the boys and Jordan to get out of the car and we walked down the red carpet together. One stoped and had a group photo and then we walked together. Liam and I had our photos together as a couple with my hand around his waist and his hands around mine. Then we walked inside and took our seats. The boys went backstage getting ready to perform Best Song Ever because they were opening the choice awards. They performed and they were sensational. They then came back to sit down. ‘’The first award for the best album of 2013 goes to…..One Direction’’ Lucy Hale said. The boys got up and cheered. Liam picked me up and spun me around and they went on stage and made there thank you speeches. ‘’the award for Pop star sensations goes too………. One direction’’ the got up and accepted the award ect. They won a few awards and the it was finished. When it finished we walked outside and had more photos taken and then reporters came up and interviewed us. ‘’so Liam. Who is this lovely lady with you tonight?’’ the reporter asked. ‘’this is my fiancé Zoe’’ Liam said. ‘’when did this happen?’’ they asked. ‘’yesturday’’ I replied showing them the ring. ‘’wow that is a good one’’ they replied. ‘’thank you’’ I replied. ‘’so how do you feel about the boys getting all these awards?’’ they asked. ‘’erm. Really good. They deserve it. The amount of hours they put into their work is remarkable. I’m 100% supportive of them and I just hope that their fans keep nominating them’’ I said. ‘’would it ever bother you if Liam works more on his career than family?’’ they asked. ‘’to be honest I never thought of that but no it would. At the end of the day it is that he loves doing and there is always time for us. When he goes away with the guys he always makes up for it when he gets home’’ I replied. ‘’this is why I love her. She is so understanding, caring and honest’’ Liam said. ‘’you can see the love you guys have for each other and it is really cute. So Harry who is this lovely lady?’’ they asked him. ‘’this is also my fiancé  Jordan. We have been engaged for a month now’’ Harry replied. ‘’that’s 2 out of 5 boys taken. Is it true that you guys are expecting a baby Harry?’’ they asked. ‘’yes it is and we are extremely happy to become parents’’ Harry replied. ‘’that’s good’’ they replied. ‘’enough about us. We want to thank all of our fans out there who have supported us throughout our three years’’ Louis said. We had more photos taken and I met Katy Perry and Pink. I love them. I also have met Lea Michelle from glee. Today was just amazing. We got back in the limo and I was so tired. We got home and I ran straight to the bathroom because I was going to be sick. Niall helped me and held my hair back. ‘’Niall can you run down to the store and get me a pregnancy test please?’’ I asked him. ‘’Sure’’ he replied. ‘’Babe do you think your pregnant?’’ Liam asked. ‘’I’m not sure’’ I replied. I went upstairs and got changed into sweats and my sports Bra. I put my hair in a messy bun and walked back downstairs and Niall came back. He handed me the test and I peed on the stick. 15 minutes later it came back negative. I threw it in the bin and walked into the kitchen. ‘’So are you?’’ Niall asked. ‘’Pregnant? No I’m not and if it lied we will find out tomorrow’’ I replied. ‘’why tomorrow?’’ Liam asked. I gave him the look. ‘’oh you mean that’’ he replied I nodded my head yes. ‘’oh ok’’ Liam said. ‘’did we miss something?’’ Louis asked. ‘’Period’’ I said. ‘’oh. EW’’ they replied. I looked at the time and it was almost midnight we sat on the couch and watched a bit of TV when Liam carried me to bed. I woke up the next morning and I had my Period. ‘’YES’’ I yelled in happiness. ‘’what?’’ Liam said. ‘’I’m not pregnant’’ I replied. He looked at me and kissed me. ‘’wait why are you happy that you’re not pregnant?’’ he asked. ‘’three reasons. 1. I’m not ready. 2. We don’t have our own house and 3. Because I don’t want one yet’’ I replied. ‘’fair enough I’m the same’’ Liam replied.

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