I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


18. Big Night

*5 months later*

Zoe’s POV:

I become Mrs Liam Payne next week and I cannot wait until that day and we are having a baby. Liam insists that it is a boy and I keep saying that it is a girl. If it is a girl we are naming her Angle and if it is a boy we are going to name him Ashton. I’m so big and non of my clothes fit me anymore. I woke up to someone singing Beautiful soul. I opened up my eyes and it was Andrew. ‘’WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE’’ I yelled at him. ‘’I wanted to see your beautiful face and take you away from here’’ he replied and dragged me out of my house. ‘’LET GO OF ME YOU MORON. I’M PREGNANT’’ I yelled at him to let me go and he wouldn’t. ‘’WHAT IS RONG WITH YOU’’ I yelled I looked over and saw Liam sitting there watching him kiss me and drag me. ‘’LIAM HELP ME’’ I said but he just watched I screamed and screamed and screamed. ‘’ZOE WAKE UP’’ I heard someone yell. I closed my eyes and opened them up and Liam was shaking me. ‘’Zoe it is ok. It was just a dream’’ Liam said. ‘’Liam’’ I said gasping for air. I was panting and just clenched onto Liam and started to cry. ‘’Babe it is alright. Just a bad dream’’ he said reassuring me. ‘’thanks Li’’ I said nice and calm. ‘’what was that about?’’ he asked. ‘’Andrew came back and dragged me out of the house. I saw you and you just watched him forcing himself on me’’ I replied. ‘’babe . I will never let that happen trust me’’ he said. I looked at the clock and it was 8am. I went downstairs to make Liam and I breakfast. We ate and then we both got changed. I got a text from Jordan saying ‘’hey tonight we are having your hens night and the boys are having Liam’s bucks night at Zayn’s. We will be at yours about 4pm so be ready’’.

Liam’s POV:

I woke up this morning with Zoe kicking and screaming. I tried to wake her up but she hit and kicked me. I finally got her to wake up and calmed her. When she told me what her dream was about I just hugged her. ‘’Liam, tonight the boys are meeting at Zayn’s for the Bucks night and the girls are over at yours at 4pm so meet us at Zayn’s at 4pm’’ Louis texted me. We got dressed and I gave Zoe a big kiss and a hug and left for Zayn’s at 3:30pm. I arrived at Zayn’s and Louis was outside greeting me. I walked in and it was full on kaos. ‘’sit down mate and have a beer’’ Zayn said so we I did. We ordered Pizza and when that came we ate. ‘’Truth or Dare anyone?’’ Zayn asked. We all nodded in agreement. ‘’ok, Liam truth or dare?’’ Zayn asked me. ‘’Truth’’ I replied. ‘’Pussy’’ Harry said. ‘’ok how do you really feel about having a baby?’’ Zayn asked. ‘’I actually want to have one so I’m happy’’ I replied and spun the bottle it landed on Harry. ‘’Truth or dare?’’ I asked him. ‘’Dare’’ he said. ‘’ok I dare you to go into the kitchen and eat a table spoon of cinnamon in front of us’’ I said. ‘’ ooh’’ everyone said. So he did that and he coffed it up and we just laughed. When he had two litters of water he spun the bottle and it landed on Louis ‘’Lou. Truth or dare?’’ Harry asked him. ‘’I’m not a pussy like Liam so dare’’ Louis replied ‘’ok, I dare you to Go outside and run around, while screaming "I have lost my voice, please help me find it’’ but naked’’ Harry SAID. ‘’it’s on like donkey Kong’’ so Louis stripped but we convinced harry to let him wear boxers. It was so funny I’m glad we caught it on tape. We sat back inside and finished off the round. Louis spun the bottle and landed on Zayn. ‘’truth or dare?’’. ‘’truth’’ he replied. ‘’you suck! Anyway what is the thing you fear the most?’’ he asked Zayn. ‘’the water duh’’ he replied. We all had a beer and I think we were all pissed because we all went skinny dipping and took really weird photo’s when we woke up the next morning.

Zoe’s POV:

Liam gave me a kiss and a hug bye and I would see him tomorrow. The girls came over and brought food and drinks and things. We were having like this sleepover party type thing with games. ‘’hey I was thinking that for your baby shower we make a cast of your big pregnant bump for tomorrow’’ Perrie said. ‘’yea that would seem like fun’’ I replied so we went into the kitchen and I sat on the stool and they made the cast. After we made the cast we played around pin the hair on Liam. Which was basically like pin the tail on the donkey. Then Perrie made us some food and we watched movies and also played Maltesers (which is Get all of your party people to sit around a table. Then get a large bag of Maltesers and empty the entire bag into a bowl and put the bowl of goodness into the middle of the table, and watch as the entire hen party start to drool at the site of such a luscious delight! Each player has 30 seconds to use a straw to get as many Maltesers in to the empty bowl). We played a few other games and then we went to sleep and ready for the baby shower tomorrow.

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