I will Always Love You

Thsi story is a continuation of You again. Zoe and Liam are still together and they get engaged and get married.What will happen to Zoe? will she die or will she leave Liam? READ TO FIND OUT!!


9. Again?

Jordan’s POV:

It has been two days that Zoe and Liam have been out. I have been worried but at least they are in the same room. Liam had just woken up. ‘’What happened? Where is Zoe?’’ he asked. ‘’you have been shot and Zoe is next to you’’ I replied. He looked at Zoe. ‘’is she alright?’’ he asked. ‘’she is stable at the moment. She has been badly bashed, dehydrated, starved, shot and raped. She is pregnant’’ I said. ‘’that bastered raped her and she is pregnant!’’ he said.  I nodded my head in sadness. He went to get up. ‘’what on earth are you doing?’’ I asked him. ‘’Zoe is my baby and I’m going to hold her hand’’ he replied. ‘’no you’re not you are in no condition to walk. nurse help’’ I said and the nurse came rushing in and sat him down. ‘’I just want to hold her hand’’ he said so they moved his bed closer to Zoe’s and he held her hand. Zoe had bags of fluid going into her so she can be hydrated. She also had a bag that had food in it as well to help feed the baby and to get her back on track with her eating when she wakes up.

Liam’s POV:

I cannot believe that Zoe is pregnant with that dick heads baby. It should be my baby but I’m going to treat it as my own no matter what. I held her hand and she looked a bit better. ‘’baby girl I’m right here. Don’t leave me or Jordan. We need you to come out of your coma again. Please’’ I begged her. I sung her same mistakes because I liked singing to her no matter what. I think I than fell asleep because I woke up with Zoe squeezing my hand. ‘’Zoe?’’ I said and I looked at her beautiful green Hazel eyes and he was awake. ‘’how long was I asleep for?’’ I asked. ‘’to days’’ Jordan replied. ‘’I must have been tired’’ I said and she shook her head. ‘’morning babe’’ I said. ‘’morning Li’’ she replied in a husky voice. I kissed her hand. ‘’I heard you sing same mistakes to me babe’’ Zoe said. ‘’did you?’’ I asked her and she nodded. I guess she was still tired. ‘’Jordan does Zoe know about the..’’ I trailed off looking down at her belly and she shook her head yes. ‘’No. it’s not happening again is it?’’ Zoe asked. ‘’what are you talking about?’’ I asked her. ‘’I didn’t tell you one tiny thing. The day we broke up in high school and I was raped I was pregnant but I lost the baby due to the beatings I got from my dad’’ she said crying. ‘’oh babe’’ I said trying to comfort her

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