The Hour Glass

Marlo Hyden was orphaned at the age of fifteen. Forced to move to the town in which ghost stories originated. Her grandmother; although nice and sweet held a secret in which could mean the end of our Marlo.
Jefferson Grant was the kid everyone avoided, everyone knew his dark and twisted secret, except for Marlo. Marlo and Jefferson become fast friends; bonded over the fact they are both orphans, and are both outcasts in the town called, Outcast Falls.
When they find an old hour glass in Marlo's attic; their lives change forever because with it, they can exterminate their enemies and tormentors.

As you flip the hour glass, the seconds of precious life start to tick away.


2. Present Day

Outcast Falls, Present Day



Marlo looked out her window as the car came to a stop. She looked sideways at the Social Worker who had taken on her case. 


"I've heard great things about your grandmother Marlo."


"I haven't met her. My parents hated this place."


"Its charming, you'll like living on a farm."


"You don't know me." Marlo snapped before getting out of the vehicle. She grabbed her things and went to the door. She hesitated on knocking of course, she was the granddaughter of the woman who lived here, but she didn't feel comfortable just walking in. Darla, her Social Worker came up behind her and knocked on the door. The door opened revealing an old woman in her sixties, her hair wasn't quite white yet. 


"Oh, you must be Marlo! Oh you look like your mother."


"Thank you. I get that a lot."


"Oh but you have my boy's eyes." Marlo smiled a little. Her father had had sea foam green eyes.  "Come in, come in." Marlo followed her grandmother Celeste into the home, that had been in the family since the 1800's. 


"Celeste, are you sure you don't need help? With setting up her schooling and such?"


"Oh I put three kids through that school. I'm sure I know what I'm doing Darla."


"Thanks for everything Darla. I'll be fine honest, I text you if I need anything."


"Alright." Darla turned and left the home. 


"So, grandma what do you want to do?"


"Let's show you to your room." Marlo followed her grandmother up the stairs and was shown a lavender colored room, with a window facing the ancient barn. In the corner she saw an antique looking hourglass with burn marks on the glass. The sand inside was black and claws decorated the frame. It was creepy, but it was cool. She went to touch it, and it shocked her finger, confused and slightly scared she left it alone. She kissed her grandmother on the cheek and started to unpack her bags. She couldn't shake the feeling that the hourglass was alive somehow. Finally Marlo had enough and put the hourglass in a box and put it in the attic. Satisfied she got ready for bed. Tomorrow she would start her new school and she was nervous. 




Marlo woke up to the sun shining on her face. She groaned and got ready for school. She dressed in jeans and a light green sweater that matched her eyes. She pinned her dark auburn hair behind her ears and grabbed her back pack. Her grandmother was waiting for her in the kitchen. 


"Oh, don't you look wonderful." Marlo sat done and immediately eggs and bacon were placed in front of her. 


"Oh this looks amazing grandma!" Marlo said smiling as she dug into her breakfast. 




Marlo walked into the school and was immediately taken to the office. Not by choice, it was a survival thing, she didn't want to get mulled by the on coming high school students. She looked up and found the receptionist. She looked to the name tag and saw to her amusement, 'Ms. Puff.'


"Hello, Ms. Puff? I'm Marlo Hyden, I just transferred here."


"Oh, hello Marlo, yes here's your schedule and here's your locker key. Have a nice day dear, if you have any questions or concerns you know where to find me." the receptionist smiled and Marlo went in search of her locker, number 398. She found it with ease, and noticed it was already stocked with everything she would need. She turned to the locker next to her's because it was making noise. She hit the locker and the lock fell off and she opened door. A boy her age came tumbling out. He was cute she had to admit, his hair was brown, and highlighted naturally with sunshine. 


"Oh, hello." He said looking up. "I'm sorry we had to meet under such circumstances."


"Its alright, are you okay?"


"Yes, I'm used to it. I'm Jefferson,"


"I'm Marlo Hyden, I'm new here."


"I gathered as much. No one has ever released me from prison before."


"What you do to get in there?"


"Nothing." Jefferson smiled and took the schedule from her hands. "You share all your classes with me and my sister Katherine."


"Really? You have a twin?"


"Yes I do." 


"Cool, never met someone with a fraternal twin before."


"Yea I'm special." Jefferson helped Marlo with her things and showed her to their first class which happened to be Psychology. "Dr. Smith is amazing. She really explains the subject to you if you don't get it the first time."


"Cool. My old teacher spoke much too fast and was a total ass hat." Jefferson laughed at that as they entered the classroom. Jefferson sat in the far back, so Marlo followed him and sat down. The class filled up soon after the final bell rang. Dr. Smith emerged from a hidden door beside the chalk board and smiled out to the class.


"I believe class, we have a new student. Do you mind introducing yourself?" Marlo looked up from the sketch she was drawing. She stood, and walked to the front of the room to stand beside the teacher. 


"My name is Marlo Hyden. I moved here from Orange Grove, Massachusetts, my parents were killed in an automotive accident two months ago. I now live with my grandmother. Any questions?"


"Yes. Were you driving the car?" A girl with blonde hair, artificially curled said, smiling.


"No. I was at work."


"Carmendy, that wasn't very nice. If you insist on being rude to a newcomer, and one that has lost both her parents then I must request that you leave my classroom." Dr. Smith said. The girl named Carmendy stood and left the room, she left with a slight push of Marlo's shoulder.  Marlo returned to her seat, without a second thought about Carmendy. 


"Carmendy is a bitch just so you know." Jefferson whispered.


"I gathered as much." Marlo whispered back. 


"Now class, let's continue our discussion on Dr. Sigmund Feud." And so the next forty minutes were spent discussing Doctor Sigmund Feud. The bell rang and Marlo followed Jefferson the rest of the day; when the final bell rang Marlo did the unexpected,


"Jefferson, will you escort me to my home? I don't know my way around just yet." 


"Yea sure, the old Hyden Farm right?"


"Yes that's the place."


"Do you know the story behind the Hyden's?"


"No, you can tell me on the way then." Marlo went out the doors and was met by Carmendy.


"Hello, I believe we got off on the wrong foot." the blonde girl said.


"How have you come to this conclusion? The fact that you accused me of being a murderer?"


"I'm sorry for that, it was totally uncalled for."


"I'd say. I must be going."


"Stay away from Jefferson Grant, he has secrets."


"What kind of secrets?"


"Its not my place to say. Goodbye Marlo Hyden." Carmendy disappeared into a white convertible. Marlo refused to believe anything horrible about Jefferson, after all he was the only person in the town besides her grandmother that had shown her an once of kindness. Marlo shouldered her bag higher onto her shoulder. 


"So Jefferson, tell me the story of the Hyden's." Jefferson smiled before he began his tale.


"Alright so the legend says that Elisabeth Hyden, was a witch and she controlled one of the most powerful Demons the world has ever seen. One day Elisabeth found out her husband had been sleeping with her son's soon to be wife, Melody Campbell. So she called forth her Demon henchmen, Sanduhr and sent him on a murderous rampage after poor Melody. Then the next morning she called forth Sanduhr to kill her husband, Thomas Hyden. Her son, Jacob he overheard her talking to the demon. He got the Father and together with a few farm hands, they captured both Sanduhr and Elisabeth. They threw her Book of Incantations and the box that held the demon Sanduhr onto the pyre that would ultimately take Elisabeth's life. Somehow Sanduhr's cage survived."

"His cage? What was his cage?"


"A hourglass, it had claws on its base and its top. The sand is black and its marked with pentagrams."


"Would it have burn marks on the glass?"


"I don't know. Probably if it was thrown onto a fire."


"Who saved it? Who would want to?"


"No one did. The box was locked and sealed with Holy Water. The hourglass just showed up on Shannon Hyden's dressing table the morning after the Great Burning."


"Shannon Hyden?"




"Shannon was my mother's name."


"Funny isn't it? Two Shannon Hyden's, and both died in an automotive accident."


"Really? Strange. Are the Hyden's cursed?"


"Yes actually; Elisabeth before she died had this to say,

'Every child born to Jacob Hyden and their descendents shall live no more than the age of thirty five. Hyden women will not bear a single child without the mark of the Devil, and Sanduhr will find his new master on the eve of the 2014 Winter Solstice.'

Creepy right?" 


"Extremely. You don't believe the curse do you?"


"Of course not. Its just a Town Legend."


"Good." Marlo didn't tell Jefferson that she had the legendary hourglass. Perhaps the antique was harmless, or maybe it held the demon Sanduhr. What if she was the demon's new Mistress? They reached the fence that led to her new house. "Do you want to come in? I've got something to show you."


"What is it?"


"The hourglass, I think I have it."




"I put it in the attic." Jefferson followed Marlo into the house and up to the attic where the box that held the hourglass sat opened, and the hourglass on the table, beside an old looking book. "Jefferson, I thought you said the book burned up."


"The story said it did."


"Want to see if it works?" Marlo whispered.


"Sure." Jefferson knelt in front of the hourglass, it was covered in old blood. "Creepy." Marlo paid no attention and opened the book. 


"To Raise the Demon Sanduhr from his Slumber." Marlo whispered.


"Go on read it,"


"Alright, Heben Dämon der Zerstörung und Blight, heben Diener der Hexe. Heben und tun unser geboten. Übernehmen Sie die Verbrechen des Mordes, lassen den Blutfluss in den Hals. Ich auf Sanduhr, Dämon des Todes und Gier nennen. Raise Demon of Blight and Destruction, raise servant of the witch. Raise and do our bidding. Commit the crime of murder, let the blood flow down your throat. I call upon Sanduhr, Demon of Death and Greed.  Now we have to flip the hourglass and pour fresh blood over the top of it." 


Jefferson stood and sliced his hand, he didn't even wince, as the bright red blood dropped in puddles onto the hourglass, the sand inside started to swirl. 


"State the one you wish to exterminate." A deep growl of a voice erupted from the hourglass, the sides of it cracking the Demon Sanduhr stood before them, his presence took up the whole half of the attic. His eyes shone red, and his teeth were coated in old blood and green slime. "I am Sanduhr. I am in your eternal service for all eternity."


"Carmendy Mitchell." Jefferson said. He did not wince, he did not blink.


"Are you sure young master Jefferson?"


"I am certain."


"And you Mistress Marlo?"


"Yes. I am positive Sanduhr. GO and wreck murderous carnage on the bitch named Carmendy Mitchell." 


"As you wish." The demon dissolved into black smoke and disappeared through the crack in the window. When the demon had gone, Marlo turned to the hourglass. What had she done? What had her and Jefferson just done?


"What did we just do?"


"Payback. For all the horrible things she's done." Jefferson answered. "If we didn't choose someone he would've killed us."


"I didn't think this was possible. I thought it was just an antique."


"Eh, so did I. But some legends turn out to be the truth." Jefferson said quietly.


"I hope he kills her quickly. Before we started our journey here, Carmendy mentioned a secret you had."


"Oh, Katherine and I were orphaned a few months ago. I was defending myself my father came at me with an ax. I did what I had to, I shot him."


"What happened to your mother?"


"He killed her first."


"You were protecting what was left of your family. I don't think that's such a horrible secret."


"Some people think I'm dark and twisted because I killed my father. They even said I was an illegitimate Hyden boy."


"That's ridiculous."


"Even so, people don't believe I killed my father out of defense, they think I killed the both of them in cold blood. Even with Katherine's testimony."


"Hey, I'm so sorry."


"Its alright. I believe you. Is that why someone shoved you into a locker?"


"Yes. I don't think it would be possible for me to have friends again."

"I'll be your best friend Jefferson. I promise I'll never leave your side."


"I promise to never leave yours either." Jefferson whispered, leaning in closer. Marlo could feel the hot breath of Jefferson exhaling, and the sweet scent of boy. His blue eyes shone with curiosity, and Marlo parted her lips slightly; inviting him to kiss her. He came even closer, the space between them not even the width of a magazine. She could taste his toothpaste. She was close to begging for the kiss that would not come. She heard the attic steps squeak and she quickly broke away from Jefferson. It was only the cat; a black one with one eye. Jefferson came a bit closer to her, a smile teasing the corner of his lips. His face was inches from her's and she wanted his lips to touch her's. Jefferson smiled, and he finally let his lips touch her's. His lips moved slowly over her's and she started to kiss him back. She laced her fingers through his hair as the kiss deepened. 


"Marlo? Do you have a friend over?" Marlo heard her grandmother call. Marlo stepped away from Jefferson, catching her breath she called down to her grandmother,


"Yes grandma. A friend from school."


"Are they staying for dinner?"


"I don't know grandma."


"Yes, I'll stay."


"Yes they'll stay." she heard her grandmother leave and she saw the window turn black from the outside and the room was filled by the presence of Sanduhr. 


"The one called Carmendy Mitchell is dead. She now rests in my bowels."


"You may rest now Sanduhr. We will call upon you again soon." Sanduhr dissolved into the black smoke and seeped into the hourglass once more.


"Antiques are dangerous." Jefferson whispered. "They survive anything."


"I know. I wish my iPhone was this durable."


"I know." 



"Marlo, dinner!" Marlo turned to Jefferson, 


"Ready for dinner?"


"Yep, I am starving!" Marlo couldn't help but think, how could you be hungry when we just committed murder?  She followed Jefferson down the attic steps and to the kitchen where her grandmother had prepared a stew. On the wall next to the table was a framed picture, with the date 1892 

inscribed at the bottom. 


"Grandma, who is this."


"Oh that's your great-great grandmother Elisabeth Hyden. Sad story."


"What happened to her?"


"She was accused of being a witch and was burned at the stake. 


"How sad."


"Your great grandfather, Jacob Hyden was the one to turn her in."


"I know. Do you think he was noble for doing that? Turning in his mother for being a witch, the servant of the Devil?"


"Yes I suppose. He had to sacrifice his mother, and on the other hand he killed his mother intentionally."


"Well the story goes that she killed Melody and Thomas. And cursed the whole Hyden family tree."


"Yes well, innocent until proven guilty."


"Yes, that's the law." Jefferson whispered. "Can we eat now?"


"Of course, dig in." Celeste said happily.


The antique hourglass was tied into so many murders. So many horrible carnage that the police could not solve. 

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