The Unexpected Bet (Coming Soon)

Jacob Fielders and his friends are the womanizers of Providence High. When Jacob and his friends go to a club and gets drunk, he stupidly makes a bet that he can get Brianna Caldwell to fall in love with him in two months, and then break her heart like the rest of girls. What happens when Jacob falls for her, but she finds out about the bet and moves to Manhattan, New York? Will he go after her? Or will he fall back to his womanizing ways?

Copyright © 2014

Warning: contains foul language and sexual references


1. Introduction

~ This is a little preview of the story, which is just the starter poem. The first chapter should be out and published in the next two days, so stay updated. I hope you enjoy the poem because the original sucked and I want this one to be perfect. Happy Reading!! ~



I feel so happy, frustrated, sad, and content sometimes

When I think of you each night and day

And when I see you, I see fireworks

I love you more than words can say

You're so amazing; this love is infinite

You're personality is irresistible; yes it's true

The roses and lilacs fade into the shadows…

I am absolutely crazy for you

Your soul is vibrant; your heart is kind

And my heart is truly in your hands

Do not break it; I can't bear the pain

But you never truly loved me

After all I was just a bet

This excruciating sadness is killing my soul

I hope you're satisfied now that I am no longer whole.

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