You and I {Complete}

Niall and Cyrah are back! Their lives are starting to take off, where in the first book they only boarded the plane. Cyrah and Niall decide to make a big leap with their uprising family. With new babies, a proposal, and friends to help along the way, find out what happens in the sequel of 'Midnight Memories'!


9. 9


Cyrah P.O.V

When I wake up, Niall's side of the bed is cold and bare. My outstretched fingers run up and down the silky sheets and I remember what day it is. My wedding day. I hear a knock at the door and someone else answers it. As I tuck my head underneath the pillow a set of cold fingers wrap around my neck and I freeze.

"Guess who's getting married?" The voice asks huskily. "You!"

I look up to see an overjoyed Angel, accompanied by Brigid. My dress is in the closet for later, but first we have to go to the salons.

                                                                    *  *  *

After getting the makeup and hair done we go back to my place to slip into our dresses. Brigid wasn't exactly up with being put into a dress, but she agreed after a while just because it's my wedding day and she said she wanted me to be at my happiest.

My hair was put up into a beautiful bun that crowned my head and the stylist sprinkled silver and gold glittery dust in my hair, because the white daffodils she placed weren't enough to make me dazzling. My hair stylist was also in charge of my makeup and when she was done with me, I couldn't really recognize myself. I was stunning, but most of the time I was clawing at my face to see if it was all real and I was just as beautiful as the girl in the mirror. A light pink lipstick, neutral blush, silver eyeliner, and mascara. She never bothered with eye shadow, but I never questioned her.

I had some help getting into my dress, and after I was snug inside of it, Brigid and Angel stared at me, admiring the dress. I realize the sweetheart neckline is lower than I remember, showing more of my breasts than I am comfortable with. I can't back out of this now though, nor can I complain about my dress. My look is finished when Angel places a spider-web of diamonds around my neck.

"Where did you get this?" I ask, astonished.

"Niall said that it is a pre-wedding gift," she smiles.


"But nothing."

After Angel and Brigid get dressed, we float down the stairs out the door and into the backseat of the limo that will take us to the church.

                                                                    *  *  *

I wait in the back room, watching and shivering, as the bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer, and other important people flow out through the doors down the isle and to their designated seats. It soon comes to be my turn, and I'm being led down by Liam. My father hasn't called since I left, and I don't think he plans to. He never calls, neither does my mother, let alone have him walk me down the isle.

The wedding march is played my the pianist and Liam takes my arm, I smile at him and I feel nervous. As we exit the back room, the rows of guests stand and stare back at the sight of me, smiling, glowing, feeling happy for me and Niall. Once we get halfway to the alter I see Rosalie and Alice tucked into the safety of Louis and Harry's arms. They stand with Zayn at the side of the alter, and Liam is Niall's best man. We finally reach Niall, and when we do, a weight is lifted off my shoulders. His bright eyed smile envelopes me and I blush.

"Please be seated," announces the priest.

We recite or vows, agree to stay by each other forever, and finally a little boy from Niall's side of the family presents us the rings. The cold, gold band slides onto my finger with ease, and I slide Niall's ring onto his hand.

"You may kiss the bride!"

Niall takes hold of my waist and we kiss for what seems like forever, I love it, every moment of it. I don't think I would be able to live without him now, ever. When we break we look out into the sea of people and they cheer and clap. Zack sits in the second row with his friend Jake and he's crying. Aww, always had my back Zack. I look to my right side and Brigid, Angel, and Perrie, stand silently with huge smiles on their faces. Angel looks proud, proud to be my friend.

Niall takes my hand and leads me down the isle to the back door, and we get into the limo that leads to the reception.

This is going to be a hell of a party!

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