You and I {Complete}

Niall and Cyrah are back! Their lives are starting to take off, where in the first book they only boarded the plane. Cyrah and Niall decide to make a big leap with their uprising family. With new babies, a proposal, and friends to help along the way, find out what happens in the sequel of 'Midnight Memories'!


5. 5

Cyrah P.O.V

The plane lands in Newfoundland and I quickly go through to get my the maze, we didn't need to bring luggage only a carry on. I'm extremely happy that Angel joined along with me, and that Niall let me go. He's not one of those overprotective husbands, he's just a little strange since the kids were born. We jaunt down the stairs and immediately spot Brigid wearing her dark sunglasses in the little crowd of people. A smile which is half of a smirk creeps upon her face and we greet her.

"Hey brigibear!" I say while I hug her.

"Cyrah I need your help, really terribly. I'm going to need both of you really, your kind heart is going to have to be a little solid and I'll need Angel's kick-ass attitude," Brigid tells me.

"I get to kick some ass?" Angel freaks in agreement.

"I'll tell you in the car what's going on, alright?" We nod and follow Brigid out to her car. We walk to a solid black ford escape with a set of strawberry scented things wrapped around the mirror. When we're in and settled Brigid starts chatting uncontrollably.

"Ok, well, you know my boyfriend, Xavier? The super hot one that moved here from New York?" I nod. "He's not so great after all. After about a month of us being together he's been hurting me and every moment I'm with him I die. He never actually loved me, Cyrah. He wont let me get away. I'm surprised he let me go get you guys today. Angel I need you to kick his fucking ass so I can leave. I feel like I'm being buried alive."

Now, how does it feel?

Knowing you're barely alive?

"Not very good," Brigid mutters and Angel answers her phone.

"Hey, Zack. Yeah, everything's um, fine. Brigid's been better. Anyway, I have to go, see you," Angel hangs up. "So where is his fake ass?"

"At my apartment, why?"

"Just wondering." I catch a glimpse of the smirk on Angel's face, obviously she has a plan.

Angel P.O.V

When we arrive at Brigid's apartment, I get out of the car and take in a big whiff of fresh Newfoundland air. I have to say, I miss it here at home. Brigid's keys jingle in the lock of the door and we gain access to the interior. It reminds me so much of Brigid inside; scent of warm vanilla and cinnamon, everything a mix of black and purple and a bit of white around the edges. 

"Babe, you're home!" Welcomes Xavier. I roll my eyes as I bow my head to my side and cough the word bastard into my shoulder. "These are you're friends?"

"The name's Angel, this is Cyrah," I say and extend my hand. My plan is to play it cool until we're comfortable and when we're having a conversation, throw crumbs of our being at his face.

"Do you want some tea, coffee maybe?" He asks. I shake my head and Cyrah requests a glass of water. X disappears into the kitchen and comes back moments later.

We all take a seat on the suede sofas and I murmur song lyrics to myself, and wish that Brigid knew the band. I examine X carefully, thinking of ways to ruin him. I'm thinking break his leg and than just do some really bad fucking damage. I smile as I continue versing the lyrics.

                                                                      *  *  *

"And that is the reason I actually moved here," X finishes. Perfect, time for the crumbs.

"Cool," I break. "Xavier, have you ever beat a dog? Like, kicked a puppy?"

"Nope, why?" Fucking liar.

"I like to ask that question to people. I'm an animal lover and don't agree with domestic animal abuse." It really sucks that I'm referring to Brigid as the dog, but this is the best way I can go about this without spilling the beans. "Have you ever kept a dog under lock and key? Kept her in a cage all the time? Not allowing them outside or around anybody?"

"No." I can see in his eyes he is slightly catching on, he's pissed that Brigid told us.

"Alright," Here comes the full loaf of bread. "How about, have you ever beat, kept under lock and key, and hidden your true self away from the puppy until a few months after when you revealed and started to kick the puppy in the face?"

You can literally see the steam coming from X's face. He flips the coffee table over and grabs Brigid by her ponytail. "Why the fuck did you tell them?" Tears stream her face and her eyes tell me to get into action. ASS-WHOOPING TIME!

I make my way to him and carefully get him to release Brigid.

Cyrah P.O.V

Angel gets to work on Xavier and I run with Brigid out of the house, to the car. Angel told me she wouldn't leave the house until X wasn't able to walk so that shouldn't take long. I drive and Brigid gets in the back seat. Angel comes out minutes later with her hand covered with splattered blood and sweat beading off her face.

"Never got the chance to break his arms, legs, or neck. I kicked him in the balls a few times though and clocked him, he wont be up for a while," Angel informs, rolling her window down and spitting some blood from her lip. "Let's get out of here, back to the airport. We'll take Brigid with us, back to England."

I look at Brigid and she nods quickly. Let's go than, back to England. Angel calls Louis, Zack and Niall to inform them about what went on.

When we arrive at the airport we show them our tickets that can be used at anytime. We all board the plane and it takes off, heading to England.

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