You and I {Complete}

Niall and Cyrah are back! Their lives are starting to take off, where in the first book they only boarded the plane. Cyrah and Niall decide to make a big leap with their uprising family. With new babies, a proposal, and friends to help along the way, find out what happens in the sequel of 'Midnight Memories'!


14. 14

* Epilogue *


It's been fifteen years since the tragedy.

It's been fifteen years of life moving and shaking up a storm. Rosalie and Alice are seventeen now, both beautiful young women with big dreams that they intend to succeed in. Niall and I are still happily married. We feel blessed every day as we watch our daughters grow up in a world of terror and terrible outcomes.

Brigid is now married to Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon. Their wedding was just simply amazing, full of excitement, but not too religious either. They have a son named Matthew, and he is just adorable! Well, hot as the girls say, he is 15 after all.

Louis married a girl name Eleanor and they are more than happy together, they have two sons, Bradley and Nathan, and a daughter named Angel. The name never bothered El, because Louis just said it was the name of his best friend growing up that died and he dearly missed her, so that's how she got her name.

It's been fifteen years since the tragedy. Since the truck hit the little cab that held Angel in the back seat. A miracle never pulled through in the hospital, she just couldn't kick the coma and the pain would probably be unbearable. They took her off of life support and let her slip away. She never got to meet Matthew, or Bradley and Nathan, or Angel. She only knew Rose and Alice for a brief time, and that wasn't long enough. She never got to attend Brigid's wedding, which she would have gotten all emotional at. But than that reminds me, she always said, "I would die before I let you see me cry." I only seen her cry a few times, mostly because of our friendship and some heartbreak here or there, but never did she just break down and cry.

We were each others safety mats. If she needed an anchor, I'd be there and she'd be there for me. If we needed wings, glue, or an open door to set each other free, we'd be their opening the door for each other.

But now I have to pick myself up over and over and I've been doing fairly well.

Angels been dead for fifteen years.

I touch the top of her headstone and walk out of the cemetery with my notebook in my hand, writing down new inspiration for the story of our love, friendship, and adventure.

I'll call the book; You and I.



Well, there you have it.
The ending of You and I.
I hope it wasn't too depressing, but if it was, all good thing must come to an end, right? Well, Cyrah, I don't know where you are because you haven't been on in forever but, I absolutely love you bestie! Sorry the story had to end like this but, shit's got to happen at some point.

This is XxMikioakaxX (AKA Miki) signing off until the next movella.

We are the kids from yesterday, so, over and out.


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