You and I {Complete}

Niall and Cyrah are back! Their lives are starting to take off, where in the first book they only boarded the plane. Cyrah and Niall decide to make a big leap with their uprising family. With new babies, a proposal, and friends to help along the way, find out what happens in the sequel of 'Midnight Memories'!


1. 1

Cyrah P.O.V

Sudden smells of fresh made pancakes and lilies fill the air as I first open my eyes in the morning. My ears are filled with the delightful sounds of toddlers, young men, and my fiancé. My hand runs over the silky pajama pants and I laugh at the sound of Niall screaming downstairs. Life is so easy now.

The door open as two girls, Rosalie and Alice, mischievously crawl into the bedroom. I reach down for them one by one and haul them onto the bed, tickling them and making them laugh their adorable toddler laughs. One year today they were born, and it feels like it just happened yesterday.

I am legally an adult now, and so is my best friend, Angel. Oh you know her! She's the violent redhead that doesn't like hugs, unless they're from me or Sean, or Pet. Niall strolls into the room, carrying a tray. I capture the sweet image of pancakes, red juice, and a little vase with a lone daffodil inside.

"Thank you baby," I kiss him.

"You're welcome miss-to-be-Horan," He says breaking a smile into our lips embrace. "The mates and I have a meeting today so what will you be doing with Al and Rose?"

"Probably heading to Angel's for a while," I answer as light fluffy pancakes are stuffed in my mouth. "Alice, Rose, babies, follow mommy downstairs please!"

I handle the tray carefully and walk out of the room with the girls to get them ready for their day at their godmothers. Yeah, that's right, Angel's the godmother. Not Tiffany, she took it alright though.


I dress Alice in pair of little jeans and an adorable pink t-shirt that says 'daddy's little troublemaker' in big bold lettering. Rosalie is dressed in a white sweater and jeans as well. I kiss both of their foreheads and bring them to the car, strapping them into there car seats and driving off.

The used-to-be vacant home next door to Angels has now been bought out by my friend from school, Bryce. Zack lives at Angel's while he tries to find an opening for a home close by. He says that the first opening, belongs to him. It's a good thing that Angel had an extra room in her house, or else Zack would be sleeping on the floor or couch for a long, long time. He's been waiting a year now and still no openings. Pretty soon he's going to be married to Angel's house.

I get the girls out of the car and tell them to run over to the front door and knock to wake up Angel. They do as I say and I laugh as I watch their chubby toddler legs.

"Hello little girls!" Screeches Zack, pretending to be the tyrannosaurus. He entertains the girls surprisingly well by doing this. I guess they get it from me, since he used to do the same thing in sixth grade, calling himself the Zackosaurus Rex. Zack picks up each girl and carries them into the house under each arm.

When I walk in, Angel is talking to someone as she is seated at the table. She's eating a plate of eggs and a slice of toast and when I turn round the corner, Bryce sits looking at me quietly, eating his breakfast.

"Morning doll!" Angel greets me.

"Hey, what's he doing here?" I ask, eyeing Bryce.

"I invited him for breakfast, is that so wrong?"

"No, not at all," I grind my teeth at him and glare as he sips from his mug.

"I best be going now," Bryce says. "Thank you for inviting me in, Angel. Cyrah." Brcye addresses me and pushes past me.

"BIG MEAN MAN!" Alice and Rosalie scream in unison as Bryce walks past. I take the seat Bryce just left with a cold glare.

"I don't know why you are hating him so much, Cyrah. What the hell happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it, okay? I never want to talk about it. He doesn't understand me anymore, we aren't close. Just stop. I don't even want to fucking think about him," I say.

"Fine, I'll leave you with that," Angel backs off, sipping her hot chocolate. I know it's hot chocolate because she never did like coffee much, and she only drinks coffee rarely.

We don't do much at Angel's, only chat that's usually broken, Zack played with the girls and gave them cookies, and we went home. Niall was seated on the couch with the rest of the boys when we arrived. All of the boys except for Louis, who was heading out the door to Angel's house. Oh, yeah, him and Angel are kind of a 'thing' now. He bends down to Rosalie and Alice and pecks their foreheads, calling himself Uncle Lou. I smile, but it disappears from my face like the sun in Newfoundland; quickly.

Niall swings the girls under his arms and runs around with them, plopping them onto the sofa next to Harry. Alice is more fond of Harry than anybody and she cuddles into his chest and he rubs his hand over her small back. Rosalie doesn't sit still and crawls over to Zayn, her second favorite. She loves Louis most of all.

"Love, come with me and tell me about your day," Niall coos, stroking his thumb around my wrist. I follow him into the kitchen and sit, he pours me a glass of water. "Now, tell me what is wrong."

"It's Bryce."

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