The Eagle Brother

Eagas, a 10-year old boy lives a normal life with his father until his favorite bird, the eagle is close to extinction and it is up to him to save them. Will he finish his mission in time with his newly found eagle powers.


6. Why is She Still Here

       When they finally got home the girl followed my dad to the kitchen while I went to the bathroom to clean up my black eye. Their house wasn't cheap but it wasn't the most expensive, they got it for the view, it had a balcony with beautiful scene of the forest canopy. 

      After he cleaned up he went to his room to change. He went back down stairs and grabbed a snack from the fridge he, he wondered where his dad was with that girl. They soon answered his question by walking through the hallway door, the girl's wings weren't there , he thought that he might have imagined them, until he put his hand on her shoulder and they appeared again. This surprised him and he backed up but she smiled like she had just figured something our.

      She walked up to him and waved her hand behind his back, then touched him on the shoulder. He could seel something soft and wet coming out  between his shoulder blades.  The girl watched as he ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. He saw large, white, wet wings that were almost identical to the girl's. He stormed out and went straight to the girl, he pinned her to the wall behind her and yelled, "Who are you and what have you done to me!"

     She shook her self loose and answered, "My name is Hannah. I didn't do anything to you, your wings just needed a little help opening." 


      "You are an eagan, like me," She replied calmly"


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