The Eagle Brother

Eagas, a 10-year old boy lives a normal life with his father until his favorite bird, the eagle is close to extinction and it is up to him to save them. Will he finish his mission in time with his newly found eagle powers.


2. Trouble Is Brewing, I can Feel It

      A young boy by the name of Eagas Tharthern lived a normal life with his father Steven Tharthern, in a small town near Austin, Texas that was surrounded by a lovely forest. Eagas was relatively tall for a boy at his age of just ten years old and he was much more mature than most of the students in his class. 

    Everyday after school he would race to the forest and try to beat his dad, he usually would, because his house ( where his dad was running from) was farther away than his school, but this time his dad was standing there, in the forest next to what appeared to be his mom, but he wasn't completely sure because the only thing he had to reference from was a picture of his mom and dad together before they got divorced. 

     His dad was talking to her quietly about Eagas's safety and future. They both looked up at him with an awkward surprised smile and  abruptly stopped talking. He was desperate to know what they were talking about but he didn't want to give it away.

    Eagas didn't know what to do,so he walked up  to his dad and gave him a wimpy hug, that usually initiates the start of a play wrestle between him and his dad, but he figured that because they were in the presence of his mom, his father wasnt in the mood for it. His dad swiftly and gently knelt down in of him and calmly but sternly said , "Go home!"


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