The Eagle Brother

Eagas, a 10-year old boy lives a normal life with his father until his favorite bird, the eagle is close to extinction and it is up to him to save them. Will he finish his mission in time with his newly found eagle powers.


5. The Way Home

       Eagas was in the car with his father heading home, but as they were driving, a tree fell into the road and blocked their path, luckily they stopped just in time and his father turned the car around and went the longer way. The dirt path through the forest was the only way to their house. 

     The car ride was quiet, Eagas thought it was because his father was upset about him eavesdropping. The silence was broken by a loud, crack, then a large figure fell from the sky. Eagas stared in amazement at the object and when it landed he realized that it was a girl the oddest thing about her was that there was a pair of wings underneath her, like she had squashed an eagle.

      Eagas jumped out of the car and ran to her. She was unconscious so he shook her to wake her up. She jumped up and shouted at him, she was prepared for a fight. Eagas noticed that the wings followed behind her wherever she went. He tried to talk to her peacefully but all that got him was a punch in the face and a black eye.

      His father decided to helphim, he raced out of the car pinned her to the ground and whispered something to her that seemed to calm her down. He led her to the car and told Eagas to get in too. She seemed to be really shy and only talked to Eagas's dad.  He realized a circular hole in one of her wings and realized that is what they had heard before she fell, a gunshot.

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