The Eagle Brother

Eagas, a 10-year old boy lives a normal life with his father until his favorite bird, the eagle is close to extinction and it is up to him to save them. Will he finish his mission in time with his newly found eagle powers.


3. The Climb

     Eagas started home but halfway through the forest decided to go back and eavesdrop. He turned around and made his way back through the forest till he got as close as he dared to get to the conversation, then he looked for a sturdy tree with low enough branches so he could climb up, its branches looked thick and strong enough to hold him, but if he were any heavier he would have dropped instantly. Once he found a good grip he started to climb. 

      It wasn't long before his arms started to strain and his face started to sweat. The tree was tall so the climb got hard with every new branch. Soon he stopped and looked down to see if this was high enough, it was the perfect height because of two reasons, one was that if he went any higher he wouldn't hear the conversation and two, the branches above him started to get thinner and weaker, so they wouldn't be able to hold him.

     Eagas listened to the conversation for at least half am hour until eventually they started whispering, too quiet for him to hear anything else, the only thing  that he'd heard in that conversation that interested him was that the lady was not his mother, she was his aunt and his mother's sister.

     Eagas figured he'd better go if he didn't want to fall out of the tree soon or get caught so he started to climb down. The tree apparently did want him to fall out of the tree and get caught, because as soon as he took a step onto the first branch down, he heard a loud crack, and down he went flailing through the air. 

     The last thing he remembered seeing was his father's and aunt's faces looking at him with surprise and concern, well concern doesn't even begin to cover it

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