The Eagle Brother

Eagas, a 10-year old boy lives a normal life with his father until his favorite bird, the eagle is close to extinction and it is up to him to save them. Will he finish his mission in time with his newly found eagle powers.


4. Am I Dead

     Eagas woke up a few days later dressed in white robes, like everything else in the room. A small lady stood over him and probably scared him half to death. He thought he was dead but then he saw a pin on the lady's shirt that said nurse, he was in a hospital.

     " What happened?" He asked her quietly.

     " You fell out of a tree and on the way down it scraped you pretty badly from your lower back all the way up to your neck, good thing it didn't go any higher, your head would've been spit right open." She stopped for a moment then continued to say, "You also suffered a bad concussion, but that is much less than I expected to see from a boy who fell at least thirty feet."

      She left after the conversation was over and he decided to go back to sleep.

      She was in the room when he woke up again, she told him that he would be ready to leave tonight, he was grateful for that he didn't want to be there any longer than he had to be. An hour later the nurse helped him get dressed in the clothes his father brought for him, and that night his dad can to bring him home.



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