The Scientist

Sherlock and Molly fan fic. My first so be gentle with me! Set between Series 2 and 3.


2. Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions

Tell me your secrets and ask me your questions

Oh lets go back to the start

Running in circles, coming in tails

Heads on a science apart


Breaking away from the kiss was hard. I lay down a pile of lab coats on the floor and finally, took my own coat off and lay it on top. I had never wanted to cloud my thinking by experiencing the height of human emotions before, but at that moment all I wanted was to lose myself in Molly Hooper. She stood there watching me, as if stunned.

I walked behind her and lifted her bag over her head, then took her coat and cardigan off. As my breathing became quicker and my pulse began racing, I slid my hands down her arms and lifted her top off, discarding it in the growing pile of clothes. I then reached up and freed her hair from its usual pony tail so it fell around her shoulders. A fruity scent came at me and I was momentarily overwhelmed. I walked back around to face her, to take in her beauty.

She was still stood, stunned. I took her hands and moved them to my shirt. As she undid the buttons she did not move her eyes from mine. She looked as I felt; overwhelmed and afraid. I knew I had to take charge, so she no longer felt afraid, and she knew I wanted this as much as she did. Maybe more.

Afterwards, as we lay on the floor wrapped in my coat, facing each other, we spoke. She told me about herself in so much detail and I did not have the heart to stop her and tell her I had already uncovered this information about her. I enjoyed listening, and lay there watching her lips move as she spoke, twisting her hair in my fingers. I knew this was likely to be the last time we ever did this, so I took as much in as I could, saving it in my mind palace. She noticed I was not talking after a while and knew why. She asked me what I needed again, and so I told her. And almost as if it had never happened, we fell back into the old ways. We dressed as we talked through the plan, delaying the inevitable.



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