The Scientist

Sherlock and Molly fan fic. My first so be gentle with me! Set between Series 2 and 3.


4. Questions of science, of science and progress could not speak as loud as my heart

“I was just guessing at numbers and figures

Pulling your puzzles apart

Questions of science, of science and progress

Could not speak as loud as my heart”


Once I was back, I knew I had to see John first, to explain myself. That did not go down too well. Seeing Molly however was different. She knew I was alive; how I felt for her. But as soon as I saw her walk in to her locker room that day, I knew things had changed. I noticed the sparkle come from the third finger on her left hand and my heart sank. I did not expect her to have waited for me….but a small piece of me had hoped for it.


It was still obvious she had feelings for me but the ring meant I would not act on them. I could not help but want to spend more time with her though and so invited her along with me on a case. It was difficult spending the day with her; almost like a glimpse in to what could have been. She looked exactly the same, with pink cheeks and large eyes. She even still used the same shampoo. I carried on as normal, dealing with clients and solving their cases without much effort. Science had brought us together as before. Even as the case came to a close I was keen not to end our time together and in my own way, asked her for dinner.


‘Sherlock, what was today about?’


She knew that this was not just about work. Even now she could see still underneath everything else.


‘Saying thank you.’


‘For what?’


‘For everything you did for me.’


For loving me, for giving me the strength to defeat Moriarty, for letting me go.


‘Its ok, it was my pleasure.’


I blushed. I don’t know if she meant our time together but instantly, at the thought of pleasure, images of her, of us, came unbidden to my mind.


‘No. I mean it.’


‘I don’t mean pleasure I mean, I didn’t mind. I wanted to.’


She was blushing too. She knew what I was thinking because she was thinking it too. All the old feeling between us was bubbling right under the surface, she had to know. But this time there was one thing between us.


‘Moriarty slipped up. He made a mistake. Because the one person he thought didn’t matter at all to me was the one person who mattered the most. You made it all possible. But you can’t do this again can you?’


I knew what her answer would be but I needed to hear her say it.


‘I had a lovely day. I’d love to…I just…um’


‘Congratulations by the way.’


She looked away, embarrassed.


‘He’s not from work. We met through friends, the old fashioned way. He’s nice, he’s got a dog, we go to the pub on weekends, and I met his mum and dad and his friends and all his family….I have no idea why I’m telling you all this.’


‘I hope you’ll be very happy, Molly Hooper. You deserve it. After all not all the men you fall for will turn out to be sociopaths…’


I stepped closer, flashbacks popping in to my mind of the last time we were this close. I looked into her large brown eyes and for once, I was unsure of what emotion I saw there. I leaned closer and kissed her, taking in her scent and savouring the feeling of her soft skin under my lips again. I turned and walked away, as a sadness enveloped my heart.


As I walked out the door, I heard her behind me.


‘Maybe that’s just my type.’


And with that sentence, sadness turned to hope. Hope that she still loved me. Hope that one day the time would be right for us and that one day I will believe that I am right for Molly Hooper.


“Tell me you love me, come back and haunt me

Oh and I rush to the start

Running in circles, chasing our tails

Coming back as we are”



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