The Psychopath

“Its a Filthy Place We live In, Filthy Horrifying Place. But Ill Live. Your All I want. Your All I have, And in the Meantime Ill Just wait for you…Listen to you when you Speak, Cry or Scream. Even if you Want Me to Go Away. Ill be here. Watching you. Until The Last day I see the Light.”

He was Obsessed Maniac. he craved her Love, Lust, Deepest Desire more than Life. All he wanted was her in his arms every night. To Kiss her Sweet Lips. To Have his Love All to Himself. He would do anything to get that. Even if He had to Kill.

The Pain He Caused Taissa was Unreal. It was Horrible. Not only Mentally, but Physically. She didnt know what He was Physically capable of. Or What He was Mentally Capable of. All she Knew is that He was Psychotic, and there was No way out. Not if This Psychopath is Watching her Every Move Making sure She Loves Him Back, And Making Sure She wont leave. Ever.

She didnt know She was Stuck All By herself. With Nobody But a Psychopath.


1. Chapter 1

January 28, 2014 was the Date of Today. Or Known as the Day I finally hated Life more. We Were on our Way to Los Angeles, or My New Home Town. We had Just Drove From London to Los Angeles. Nothing in My life was Perfect lets just put it that way. The Car ride there was complete and utter silence. Like Hell, But with No Devil. Only My Father and Mother. And that was pretty Devil enough.
"So, Taissa. Are you Excited for the new house?" My Mother turned at the waist, Her Milky Blonde Hair Caressing her soft Cheek. "Oh Yeah. Im Super Excited. Cant you See it in My Face?" I said Very Dull, I turned my head from the window and gave my mother a Very Bleak Look. She tilted her head and sighed. "Okay. Look Taissa I know This Move is Hard But you Have to get over it. Okay?"
  I contemplated on whether or Not if I should answer, The Sustaining Silence was Like Bliss. Nothing But Complete quiet. I was Attracted to Darkness, Like A Blade to The Skin. My parent knew I wasnt going to be the perfect Eighteen Year Old Princess they Wanted, And that Was Never gonna Happen. Although my Image didnt show that much of My Personality. I had on a Black Pair of My Skinny Jeans, a Yellow Sweater, and a Pair of my Black New Combat Boots. Simple Shit. Considering half of my wardrobe was thrown out of my Closet By My Mother, And into the Dumpster, She gave me a Makeover that would 'Help me With Overcoming my Darkness' Was How She put it, Most moms just Dont Do that Shit with there daughter. They Just let them do what what they want, Tight ass Short-Shorts and There Tiny Shirts. 
   Makes Me wonder, If there still a Virgin or not. I would always get Picked on for being the odd one, Cheerleaders would mostly pick on me. Or those Chicks who looked like Clowns with there Makeup. 
  Smoking and Cutting is My Thing. It Saves Me time, and Gives Me Pain and Pleasure. A thing I was Obsessed with. I just imagine my Veins, UnZipping from my Cold Pale Skin, The Warm and Comforting Blood that was Allowed with it. I always liked Being A Little Bit Weird. Normal People Scare me Somehow. Nobody Knows How i feel, and Thats Such a shame.

  Its Been Hours Since We have Said Anything. I Sat in the Back Quietly, Staring out of the window. The Grey Sky Covered What Was Once a beautiful Blue Sea of Happiness. Ruined by the Dark and Depressing Wonders of the Cloudy Blanket, Just Like my Soul. Rain Pouring over the car, Falling Swiftly to the floor. I wonder what its like to, Feel Love. Have someone there for you, By your side through thick and thin. People have been to afraid of me that I never experienced that Kind of thing. Love is Overrated anyway, Falling for someone you think will fall in love back. Wondering how your gonna plan your wedding, Or How many kids you'll have. But you'll realize youve wasted your life just to have your heart ripped out of your chest and Never to be found. The thing about that is, Its all true. Love is Not worth waiting for, No matter who the douchebag is. Loving a Simple Characteristic, Is DIfferent. It Cant Ruin your Life. No Matter what.

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