When Abbey lives to go live on her own after her father tries to KILL her she runs into someone unexpected. NIALL HORAN! Did Niall see love at first site. Do you think it's fate? Read to find out!��


2. Meeting him

After my father did that terrible thing to me. He went out to go get some beer and other things. I decided that was the last time he will ever touch me. I knew this would be risky but I need to. I need to leave. I need to pack quickly not much things I need though. I just pack my tooth and hairbrush and a extra pair of clothes. I didn't have a phone cause my father thought I would call the police or something. I didn't want to go out the front door so I will go out the fire escape. It wasn't that far up but still hurt if you feel. I started to climb out the window when I hear the door open. I need to go NOW!! I hop out the window but unfortunately I fell. I think I heard something crack but I kept on walking. I was wobbling from side to side trying not to run into anything but I did.

Nialls pov:

I was walking home from the recording studio when I saw this girl. She was in the middle of the road almost falling every step she took. I didn't know if she was drunk or hurt. I would go help her but I didn't want to get mobbed. Well I'm just gonna do it since I don't want her to get ran over or anything. I jog over there to see if she is ok. " hey, are you-" I got cut off " omg your niall horan" she whisper yell. " please don't scream. Are you ok?" I ask. She seemed to think for a bit. " please help me my father raped me can you take me to the hospital" she just suddenly started to panic. Well she seemed hurt. What if he father really was coming after her. " sure it's only about 10 minutes away. Can you walk?" " yeah a little " she started to go right but the hospital was to the left. I chuckled. " what's so funny" she sounded serious. " oh nothing but the hospital is to the right" I said.

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