When Abbey lives to go live on her own after her father tries to KILL her she runs into someone unexpected. NIALL HORAN! Did Niall see love at first site. Do you think it's fate? Read to find out!��


1. Abbeyđź‘‘

Well I'm Abbey. I'm 19 There's not really anything exciting about my life.....anymore. My mum died 1 year ago from cancer. I looked exactly like her. I think my dad went mentally crazy after she died. She was GORGEOUS!! She had nice medium dark brown hair with greenish blue eyes. She always had a perfect smile on her face. She was really tan. You could replace her with a Victoria Secret Model and you would have never known. I miss my mom half of was missing when she wasn't around. I had to get used to it though because she was gone. Just thinking about almost made me cry until somebody bust up in my room and started to drag me by the hair. My horrible Father. I don't even think I could call him my father anymore. I knew what he was about to because he did it to me everyday around 3. He pulled me up to the side of the bed. " Ready for it to happen today....bitch" he whispered in my face then slapped it. His breath smelled like Beer with a side of Whiskey. If I said anything rude he would start to punch me. I've learned from experience. So I didn't say anything. He dragged me on the bed and started to take off my clothes and his. Well you see where this goes.

I'm SOOO sorry I haven't made a new chapter! I have been busy with singing practice to studying!! Sorry again

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