Nialls girl

When a girl named felicity moves to louden she doesn't know what's in front of her. She runs Into an Irish hottie named niall and they start dating. She dreams of their life being perfect but then she sees him with another girl! What will she do?


3. time to go

A year later they had to go on there up all night tour. Felicity was the only one sad cause the girls saw them all the time but for they just got together and barely see each other. So a week later it was the night before the boys go on tour the girls all got to see them and help them pack then they hugged them goodbye but for felicity, she hugged him for 5 whole minutes then said bye. She missed him so much just on that first day so all the other girls decided to have a girl day and a sleepover at night. That cheered her up a lot! But she was still upset. so it was a while for the tour but right as they got back felicity was right next to him as he got of the plane. she was so excited to see him, but right as she did she saw him.. making out with another girl! she was so upset! what should she do well heres what she did

felicitys p.o.v

i was so mad when i saw him so i started to say " hi niall, i hope you had fun." then he said " oh uhhh... hi felicity how umm are you doing today." "oh just great, great enough to say WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???" " its not what it looks like!!!!!" " oh really then who is she and why we you making out with her?" then there was complete silance till she said, " umm i dont know whats going on so im going to explane, my name is stacy and im nialls girl friend, we met when he got to floridia then it was love all over again!" then i explained that i was his girl friend, so she broke up with him and moved back to her home in floridia!! thank god! but i still have to deal with niall, should we break up or not i just walked away and went home.

nialls p.o.v

i have so many questions! was she going to break up with me? why did she walk away? what should i do? so then i just rode a cab home in shame.

when i got home the lads were already there cause elonor took them home. i ate dinner with everyone an skipped dessert, and thats not usaul for me! then i went to bed early and started thinking... what she what she thinking? what should i do, buy her flowers and chocolate, fill in for her at work, give her money??? there were so many reasons! but only one filled my mind. her birthday was in a week so i decided to write a quick song and perform it with the lads at her surprise birthday party im throwing! she'll love it, and me! so the plan is to set up when she leaves for work and when she comes back she will be partying for life!!!

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