Nialls girl

When a girl named felicity moves to louden she doesn't know what's in front of her. She runs Into an Irish hottie named niall and they start dating. She dreams of their life being perfect but then she sees him with another girl! What will she do?


6. record label

felicitys p.o.v

they were all happy for me, niall was to but he was more hungry, i outta say i am to! so we all ate and i decieded to go home and write my frist song it was called " together forever." it was perfect! i cant tell the lads thow and not just cause its 2:46 in the morning its cause i want to save it for a perfect time so then its all perfect! i went to sleep and dreamed how it all would happen. in the morning i woke up and thought of what to do, the boys were on break and so was i for 2 weeks so me and the other girls decided to take a plane to ireland, then we told the lads and around lunch time we were all packed to go. we had a chart that said who went in which seat, in the first there was me and Niall then Eleanor and louis then Zayn and Perrie then Daniele and Liam and harry and taylor. i knew harry would break up with her anytime now, i can see it coming. we finally arived there after a long time of riding in the. then we booked a hotel and there was 5 rooms, niall and me were roomies, finally! and taylor and perrie were in a room, harry and louis were in another room zayn and liam were in a room and last elenor and dainelle were in the last room. there were 2 beds in each room, cause no one wanted to share a bed. we got there at about 11:45 so after we all unpacked we went to bed. we all lived in the same hotel room cause there were 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room in one of them, and in the other there was the same but 2 bedrooms. they both connected so we dont have to use keys or knock on the door. me and niall decided to sleep in our own beds tonight, but tomarrow night we will push our beds together, so were not so lonely;)! the next day i went and ponded on everyones doors saying, " wake up buttheads!!!" and then they all just moaned and so me and niall started barging in a jumping on their beds then we lied and said " we have a whole feast of food on the table, get it before its gone!" so then they all ran to the kitchen and yelled at us for lying but it was worth it! then harry went to taylors room with her so she could show him something, but me knowing harry im sure he's going to do something that will make her mad, so we all went downstairs in the hotel cause they have breakfeast there. we could take it up to our place if we wanted so we did and it took 10 minutes then we were in the kitchen eating.

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