Nialls girl

When a girl named felicity moves to louden she doesn't know what's in front of her. She runs Into an Irish hottie named niall and they start dating. She dreams of their life being perfect but then she sees him with another girl! What will she do?


1. moving in

One day a girl named felicity moved to London, and she didn't know what to do after she found an apartment to live in, so once she found it and moved in she went to the super market and got some groceries on her way back to her car, she bumped into a guy an his name was Niall. She started hanging out with him as just friends, then when it was there 3 day hanging out he asked her out on there very first date! She didn't know what to say, she liked him as a very close friend but didn't love him to much, but she said yes any way cause he is her first boy friend!

On there first date they went to Niall's favorite restraunt, nandos! She didn't know what to order so she ordered some chicken and fries. After they ate Niall and felicity didn't know how to say bye, kiss, hug or to just say bye and walk away. So niall took his chance and leaned in to kiss her on the cheek, then he said bye and she just blushed as he walked away. That night she was just smiling the whole time and when she fell asleep she dreamed about him and her in the future. First they got married and bought a house together, then they had 2 kids, then there kids grew up and then sadly Niall died after that felicity had no choice but to die with him and so she did. After that she woke up at 3:00 am just thinking of what's going to happen in a lots of years cause she is only 17. Finally she went to sleep and woke up to Niall in her kitchen.

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