Nialls girl

When a girl named felicity moves to louden she doesn't know what's in front of her. She runs Into an Irish hottie named niall and they start dating. She dreams of their life being perfect but then she sees him with another girl! What will she do?


5. back together

felicitys p.o.v

i hope he was telling the truth cause i just said " were back together forever!" he said ok and we hugged eachother and relized the party was over so me and him went in my room to open presents, then after that it was 10:00 and he didnt want to go home case if he did he would have to walk so i let him sleep in my room, cause he likes my bed better than the guest rooms bed. after that thibgs got a little to personal, so im not going to share it. in the morning i made eggs and bacon and there were no extras, thanks to niall! then i drove him to his house on my way to work, but i didnt have to work i went in to quit cause i hated my job and they hated me, so after i quit i went to the lads house knowing niall wasnt there, liam was the only there and i wanted to talk to him about getting a new job. he is the right person to ask cause he is always so nice and sweet, hes like a brother to me. after i went in i told him i needed help getting a new job, and he mentioned thousands of offers but i only liked one, once he heard me singing in the shower when i stayed at there house for a night, long story. but anyways he said i was an amazing singer, better than him! so he told me a record label that was perfect, thow it wasnt his it was a better one.

liams p.o.v

i told her a record label that wasnt ours cause ours sucks! but she was a very, very beautiful singer. i mean the music not her but she is pretty cute, thow i dont have feelings for her. then i took her to the record label, and she perforemed, she was amazing! then they were going to decide who got to be sighned and the lady said " this was a very hard decission, so felicity anderson you are now sighned to star records!" ( the name of the record label.) she was so excited, and so was i! she had a decission to write her own songs or they write them or even both. she chose both. then i drove her back the my place and we all told the lads.

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