Same Mistakes

Christine meets One Direction and finds herself falling for all of them. They find themselves stopping dead in their tracks when they meet the beautiful, Christine.


3. Another One Bites the Dust

After the funeral the boys invited me to their flat again.

No one talked since they were all sad.

"Christine do you want to go bowling with me to get our minds off things?" Louis asked sadly.

I nodded, looking like I was about to cry.

We got some pizza after we went bowling.

We were walking down the street and I need some place to do the deed.

I thought of something. I started kissing Louis. I dragged him into an alley then kissed him again.

"I love you Louis," I said before pulling out a knife and stabbing him.

"I l-loved y-you," he said before his breath ran out and his harry bested its last beat.

I called Niall and started on the fake sobs.

"N-Niall the same guy that k-killed Harry s-stabbed Louis and now he's d-dead," I wailed into the phone.

"Oh my gosh," was all he said before hanging up.

We buried Louis right next to Harry. The other boys suspect nothing. 😏

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