I should of known...


2. chapter 2

The bell rang signaling that 9th period started. I ran to my class that was across the hall. "Late again Ms. Smith" my teacher Mr. Beller said in a annoyed voice. "Sorry" I said softly walking to my desk to take a seat. I had the worst seat. On my right I sat next to the most popular girl in our school Kayla Richer. Her last name explains everything about her. Rich and mean. Behind me was her boyfriend Harry. The only good part about my seat is that on my left I had Hailey.

As class started and Mr. Beller started teaching I watch him closely. I wouldn't call him young. He had wrinkles covering his whole face. He was wearing a light blue button down shirt and light brown pants, with dark brown shoes. He was talking about our exams next week with his glasses almost falling off his face.

I felt Hailey nudged me. I looked over at her and she had a note in her hand. I grabbed it and read it. " Harry is totally checking you out!" I look at her curiously and wrote back. "Do I care?" I put it on her desk. She opened the wrinkled paper up and look at me shocked. She pass the paper back to me. "We'll you should. He's the angle of the school remember?" I wrote back "you mean the bully of the school?" She laugh silently of how I was reacting. I smiled slightly and begun to pay attention. The bell rang and last period was over. I grabbed my bag and books and walked out of the room. I dropped one of my books. I was about to pick it up when suddenly I turned around and saw Harry Styles picking it up for me. "Here you go, um Taylor right?" "Yeah and thanks." "Anytime. So um I'll see you later" Harry said winking at me and walked away. All I was thinking to myself was what the hell just happened?

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