Fix My Heart

Veronica Evans has lost everything she loved. Though she seems completely happy to her friends and boyfriend, she's not. She's hurting inside, she feels nothing but guilt for not being able to save her sister and the scars on her wrist only remind her more of the things she lost; the things that she will never get back.

But just when she thinks that there's no way she can go back to being the cheery girl she used to be, will she be saved by her roommate Travis O'Connor whom she hates?

Or at least think she does.

Read on to find out...

© Copyright 2014 All Right Reserved


9. 9. Pssstt....Did You Hear?

After Veronica started dating Jake, she was the center of attention for a good two weeks before she either got used to it, or people started talking about other things. So naturally she had gotten used to having eyes on her, but that did not in any way mean that she enjoyed the watchful gazes from her peers. But you'd think that after two months of it, she wouldn't be feeling so antsy as while walking down the hallway and everyone nearby was turned to her. Veronica reasoned that it was only because rather than shocked or confused looks, the people at her school were sending her glares, sneer, and displeased expressions and the hatred wafting off of them was suffocating.

Earlier that morning Amelia ran up to her in a panicked state and began telling Veronica that Jake was going around telling people that she, Veronica, had cheated on him, and that everyone was mad and was flat out talking shit about her. Veronica had an internal war, trying to decide whether she should hop back on her bike and just go home for the day, away from the judgy eyes, and to the comfort of her nice comfy bed with some tea in her hands. Or just go in and face the music. She obviously chose the latter and almost immediately regretted it.

No one bothered to hide the fact that they were looking at her or that they were talking about her. Some even purposely spoke loudly so that she could hear them. "What a slut." "She had the greatest guy and just let him go? Dumb bitch." "Skank". The comments went on and on, and by the time she got to second period came, she stood still at the closed door, wondering if she was at all ready to see his face again.

No, I'm really not, but what more can I do? She said to herself, and with a sigh opened the door. Jake was already sitting in his usual spot and for a second turned away from his friends to look at her, the glare boring into her. She rolled her eyes. This is ridiculous. It wasn't until she had reached her desk and was pulling out her chair did she even realize that the room had completely gone silent.

Her eyes scanned the room, and all eyes were on her.

"What!" She snapped. Quickly most people turned away from her and awkward mumbling filled the room, while others continued to stare at her, unaffected by her outburst.

Veronica held back a groan as she sat in her seat and opened up her notebook to get ready for class.

Only two more classes Veronica, She said, hoping that fact would help encourage her to push through this horrid day.

It was lunch now and when she had reached her locker there was something different about it from the last time she had seen it. The word "slut" had been spray painted horizontally on it, the crimson colour still dripping from it. She looked around and saw people looking at her with expectation expressions. They wanted her to blow up. They wanted her to scream at the top of her lungs, pull out her hair, and go insane because her day was shit. People were giving her dirty looks, called her skank, making rude comments, and were now even going as far as writing all over her lockers.

But Veronica did none of those things. She was completely calm as she reached for her lock, avoiding the paint and put in her combination before opening it and putting her books in and locking it again. Turning on her heels she began walking down the hall, no real destination, but she need to look like she had some place to be so the watchful eyes around her wouldn't see past her facade. She suddenly stopped at a closed door which she hadn't a clue where it led to. Curiosity got the best of her and she opened it. There were two flights of stairs. One going down and the other going up, and out of fear of what might've been even lower in her school, Veronica chose to go up the stairs. At the top was another door, and slowly she opened it. The sun was the first this she saw, blinding her momentarily before her hand shot up to shield her eyes. It bore down on her and her skin tingled in warmth. Putting the pieces together she realized she was on the roof, somewhere she had never been before. Lowering her hand, she continued up the last step and walked further onto the new scenery, taking in the little sunshade over a backless wooden bench. She didn't know why there was there if no one knew or was even allowed up here. Maybe there was a time when people came here. She inquired, looking around and seeing two other benches and sunshade on either side of the original one she had seen first.

Veronica walked to it and sat down. This would be the perfect place for her to be away from the near chaos she had caused in her school. It didn't make sense to her though. Why did it matter so much to everyone what happened between her and Jake. Even if they had known the actual truth, she feels like they'd still find a way to make Jake the victim, all because he was their beloved quarterback that was oh so perfect. What bullshit.

Laying down on the bench she closed her eyes and began trying to wipe all the bad things from her mind. Ignoring this whole problem would be the best thing she could do because she knew that in a week or two, it would be old news. The people at her school got bored easily and they would find some other piece of gossip to occupy themselves with. Well at least I hope they'll forget about it. She sighed.

While Veronica was up in her new sanctuary, Amelia was doing a little investigation on her own. She had known her best friend for 3 years now and the rumors she was hearing didn't at all sound like the Veronica she became friend with. It all sounded so sketchy. Veronica hadn't even touched a drop of alcohol and that's the only way Amelia thought that Veronica would even consider cheating on Jake. She loved the kid too much.

Amelia's eyes zeroed in on her target, and she approached him with confident strides.

"Jake, can I talk to you for a second?" She asked when she reached the heart of the chaos. He was surrounded by his football buddies and almost immediately she wished she had caught him at another time.

He glanced down at her and just as she thought, he brushed her off. "Not now Amelia."

"Yes now." She insisted.

"Amelia," He said. "I'm a little busy right now, talk to me later."

Amelia clenched her teeth and as he tried to turn away from her, she grab his arm, digging her nails into him. One of Jake's friends took a threatening step towards her, noticing how tight her grip was on him. Jake held his free arm up. "It's okay, I've got this." Her nails dug deeper, not appreciating the cocky tone he was using. "Woah, easy Amelia!"

She rolled her eyes. "Let's go."

He finally obeyed and followed her into an empty hallway, and she then stopped walking and turned to face him.

"What do you want?" He asked, glaring down at her.

Amelia shook her head in disbelief. "How could you do that to her?"

Jake hesitated to answer her questions, crossing his arms and looking down at the ground with a nervous expression. He then looked back up at her and spoke. "She cheated on me."

"No she didn't." Amelia countered. "I know she didn't because she loved you more than anything, and you obviously did something wrong."

"I did nothing wrong!"

"Yes you did," She said. "Now tell me the real story."

He was silent for a moment. "Instead of asking me the real story, how about you ask Avery."

Amelia's eyebrows drew in together in confusion. "What does Avery have to do with this?"

"He's the one she cheated on me with."

Amelia's heart dropped and she felt her stomach churn unpleasantly. "That's impossible. He was with me all night."

"No he wasn't." He argued, "Maybe you were a little drunker than you thought because I caught them around one-thirty in the coat closet all over each other."

"You're lying." She was pale. It obviously wasn't true. It couldn't be! Veronica knew just how much Amelia liked Avery and that night was the best night of her life. She genuinely thought that Avery liked her. He seemed to be really into her when they were dancing and talking to each other, but as she thought back to that night, he actually wasn't with her around that time. He had said he needed to go to the bathroom, and disappeared for a while before coming back.

Suddenly she was furious. She would ask Veronica about this later, but right now she had to deal with Jake. He was looking at her with a smirk and it only made her even madder. "You're a sick human being you know that right? Why would you do that to someone you love? Even if she cheated on you, you had no right to go and tell everyone in the school. It's none of their business what goes on in yours and her relationship and now you've pretty much ruined her life."

"She ruined her own life." He seethed. "She's the dirty whore that was using me to get to Ave-"

He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence because in mere second Amelia's arm swung and struck him in the face, the same side that Veronica had his him and he cried out in pain.

"Burn in hell." Amelia shoved past him and began walking out of the abandoned hallway towards her locker. She was pissed, confused and dying for answers. A huge part of her knew he had to be lying, but how could she be sure. He seemed so serious, and she cursed herself because that's probably how he had gotten everyone else believing in his story, but could you blame her for having a little doubt in herself. It was all too much for her to process and she hopped that talking to Veronica would help make sense of everything.

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