Fix My Heart

Veronica Evans has lost everything she loved. Though she seems completely happy to her friends and boyfriend, she's not. She's hurting inside, she feels nothing but guilt for not being able to save her sister and the scars on her wrist only remind her more of the things she lost; the things that she will never get back.

But just when she thinks that there's no way she can go back to being the cheery girl she used to be, will she be saved by her roommate Travis O'Connor whom she hates?

Or at least think she does.

Read on to find out...

© Copyright 2014 All Right Reserved


7. 7.Ya I bet

It was incredible how many things could go wrong in a span of 20 minutes. How easily things could crumble in your hands and to top it off, you didn’t have any control over it, the most you could do was stand there and just let everything happen. How is someone supposed to react to such things, to finding out that the last 2 and a half of your life, have been a lie, that every touch, kiss, smile, feeling, was all an act. That was what Veronica was trying to figure out. How to react.


An hour earlier…


Veronica jumped in shocked as a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her waist, the tight grip pulling her close to a firm body behind her. Her head turned and he body relaxed at the sight of Jake. He was grinning down at her before his lips covered hers in a feverish kiss, forcing her to savour the bitter alcoholic taste coming from his mouth.

    Veronica pulled back from the kiss, and instantly he moved to her neck, placing soft light kisses. She giggled a little, finding how clingy he get sometimes really adorable. He loved kissing her neck because it was one of her most ticklish spots and they way she squirmed stirred something deep within him, something animalistic, and without thinking, he bit her. Not hard, but it was enough to make her yelp. She took his face in her head and brought it close to hers. “How much have you had to drink?”

    “Enough to want to rip that dress off you.” He smirked, his eyes once again roaming over her body, this time his gaze held an familiar expression that Veronica had seen before. Not on him of course, but one someone else. Some who was now far away and couldn’t hurt her anymore, but right now she couldn’t say the same for her boyfriend. She had to get him out of here. Taking his hand, she led him through the crowd, now looking for Avery. She needed him to drive Jake home. “The bedrooms are upstairs Veronica.” He said when they passed the stairs. Yeah she needed to find Avery quick.

    She couldn’t find him, and not even Amelia was anywhere to be found and before she could realize her mistake, she was pinned up against a wall. They were in a dark hallway away from the crowed and witnesses, the music was now a muffled noise in the background, but the thumping of her heart was loud as ever in her ears. Her wrist pinned in one of his above her head, she could honestly say she had never felt this terrified in a while. Well, in 24 hours, but right now she had no idea of how to stop him.

    He exhaled heavily in her face, making her cringe at the stench. “Jake, let go, we need to get you home.”

    “But you won’t be there with me,” He whined, his hand running down her neck, down her side, and stopping her her exposed legs.

    Veronica gasped. He had drank a lot more than she anticipated. His sea blue eyes now much darker than before from lust made her shrink back in fear. “Jake, you’re drunk. We have to find Avery, let’s got.” She was now struggling against his hold, desperately wanted to run.

    “If we find Avery, does that mean we’re having a threesome?”

    “Oh my god no!” She yelled. “There will be no sex tonight, or ever if you don’t let me go Jake!”

    His brows turned inward, his lips pulling back in a sneer. “No sex? How long are you going to make me wait Veronica, I’ve been so good to you, and you won’t even give me a little head. I mean if you haven’t noticed, two months of no sex can take a toll on a guy.” He took one of her hand and brought them down to cup the bulge in his pant. Her eyes widened.

    “Why is this so important to you?” She cried, successfully pulling her hand away from his pants. Her other hand was still pinned, but she used her free on to push against his chest. “You told me you could wait.”

    “Well it took a little alcohol and that damn dress to make me see otherwise.” He said darkly. “Look either you take the dress, or I will.”

    “No,” Her voice was stern. He was starting to scare her, but she wasn’t about to give in to his pressure, he didn’t own her body, and he certainly couldn’t let him boss her around. “You either let me go or I’ll make you.”

    He smirked, “And how do you plan on doing that?”

    He had just barely gotten the sentence out when her lifted her leg, hitting him where the sun don’t shine and in mere seconds he was down on the ground clutching his manparts.

    “Stupid bitch,”   He groaned out then took a deep breath. “you weren’t worth the fifty dollars.”

    She was almost down the hall when she turned around and walked back to him with fierce strides. “Excuse me?”

    Jake took another deep breath, doing his best to lessen the pain while struggling onto his feet, his tall stature towering over her 5’5” frame. He smirked at her. “I said, that you weren’t worth the fifty dollars. The fifty dollars that Kyle offered me to sleep with you, which I had to do in less that three months.”

    It then dawned on her that their three month anniversary was less than a week away. “So everything was a lie…”

    “Yes.” He said, not a trace of regret or hesitation in his voice, and all Veronica could feel was a knife slice right through her. Every sweet thing he had ever said to her was an act, every action was only for the hopes that she’d give herself to him, every ounce of affection he had directed her way was as fake as him. Everything was a lie.

    “You’re kidding right?” Tears stung her vision and her voice came out more as a croak. “Why the hell would you do that?”

    He didn’t say anything for a moment, but then a sly smirk spread across his face and he shrugged. “You looked easy enough.”

    Before Veronica could even process her anger her left arm swung back and her fist connected with his jaw, a sickening crunch following the contact. It filled her with overwhelming satisfaction when he stumbled back and nearly fell, and this time when she turned and walked away, she didn’t stop or look back.

    Emerging from the hallway, she set out to find her Amelia, she needed to leave right now. When she found her, she was with Avery and they were dancing, both smiling and looking like they were having the time of their lives, and that was enough to stop Veronica from walking any closer to them. She didn’t want their night ruined just because hers was, so instead, she turned around and began looking for Travis.

    If you had told her a month ago that at some point she would need to rely on him for just about anything, she likely would’ve thought you were insane, but here she was, looking for her last hope. Travis.

    When she found him he was laughing with a few of his buddies, and though she didn’t want to ruin his night either, she cared more about Amelia than him, and she was certain that he would have another night like this, where is with Amelia, it was guaranteed that she’d dance with Avery a second time. So she walked up to him, and tugged on his sleeve, feeling like a helpless child lost in a store, and as he turned and looked down at her, she felt even smaller.

    “Can you take me home,” She asked, her voice cracking at the end. “Please?”

    He frowned. “What’s wrong, what happened?”

    She shook her head. “Nothing, I just really need to be home right now.”

    “Where’s Amelia, didn’t you come with her?”

    She looked down and played with the fabric of her dress. “Yeah, I did, but I’m asking you.” Her gaze moved from her dress up to his face. “So please?”

    For a moment he didn’t say anything, and just stood and looked at her. His analyzing expression made her squirm. He was looking to see if she had been harmed in anyway but after not seeing any scratches or bruises, he nodded. “Alright, my car is out front, and I haven’t drank anything tonight so I’m okay to drive.”

Veronica resisted looking at him shocked since he had just openly said that he hadn’t drank anything tonight. This was a pretty big deal to her, and she decided to remind herself later to give him props for that.

Travis led her to out of the house, a hand on the small of her back as he guided her through the crowd, until finally they were outside. His car wasn’t too far away and soon they were in and driving home. Though he wanted to ask her what had happened, the empty yet confused look on her face told him otherwise, and he instead settled for the eery silence that filled the car. He decided that he would be better off asking her when they reached home.

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