Fix My Heart

Veronica Evans has lost everything she loved. Though she seems completely happy to her friends and boyfriend, she's not. She's hurting inside, she feels nothing but guilt for not being able to save her sister and the scars on her wrist only remind her more of the things she lost; the things that she will never get back.

But just when she thinks that there's no way she can go back to being the cheery girl she used to be, will she be saved by her roommate Travis O'Connor whom she hates?

Or at least think she does.

Read on to find out...

© Copyright 2014 All Right Reserved


6. 6. A Not so Bad Day

"How many more dresses do I have to try on?" Veronica called out from the inside the change room, cursing as she struggled into yet another dress that Travis had picked out. This one was different from the many other ones he had picked one -tight, revealing, and just very not her. This one was tight at the top, not showing off a lot though, and began flowing down beautifully at the waist, not going much farther than her knees. It was truly the only one she liked, it's emerald green shade making her tan skin glow just a bit. She zipped it all the way up and walked out, ready to twirl and pose for the boy on the other side of the door.

"Can this be the last one I try on?" She asked hopefully, part because she was tired and the other being that she really loved this dress. She looked down smoothing out a few wrinkles, twisting a bit to get a better look at the back, just inspecting to see if it fit right. Eventually deciding that it did, she smiled and looked up at Travis, realizing that he still hadn't answered her. Instead he was looking at her -eyes glazed, mouth slightly ajar- he looked hypnotized.

His lack of words made Veronica groan. "Hand me another one."

She turned around, ready to walk into the change room once more, when he stopped her. "No no, it's perfect, this will be the last one we buy."

With a smile, she turned and walked back into the change room, slipped off the dress, and changed back into her own clothes, glad that she was finally done shopping. It was about six now and she was starving, even after they had a quick lunch break two hours back. When she came out, she handed Travis the dress, who went to the check out line to pay for it, leaving her to pick up the three other bags she had, all filled with the many clothes she had refused, but Travis insisted on buying.

When he was done paying, walked over to her, taking one of the three bags from her hands, leaving her with only two. They began walking out of the store in silence, but it wasn't awkward, it was just that neither of them had anything to say, and that didn't bother them at all. Even as they packed the bags into the car, it was silent but it didn't last long when Veronica let out a quiet giggle. Travis didn't look at all happy to be sitting in the passenger seat, his arms crossed looking straight forward with an irritated pout, his once seventeen year old features suddenly morphing into those of a seven year old.


"See that wasn't so bad." Veronica said parking outside the diner. The entire way there Travis hadn't for a second stopped whining about how much he didn't like her driving, despite her clearly being the safe driver. He complained that she drove to slow, she was taking the long way, that she was being too rough with his baby, etc. For every comment, Veronica either replied with a chuckle or a distinct roll of the eyes.

"Yeah whatever, lets just go in." He mumbled, jumping out of the car.

Veronica shook her head. "Whiney little baby." She got out of the car as well and hit the lock button on the remote and walked into the diner right behind Travis.

The dinner was build similar to a 50's diner, red and white leather booths lined up against the windows and walls, and stools placed under the counter. The black and white checkered floor showed signs that it hadn't been cleaned in possibly weeks, and even as Veronica sat down, the leather creaked and shifted, stuffing peaking out here and there. This place was old and in need of some maintenance. Veronica wondered why Travis liked this place so much.

"So are you going to Liam's party?" Veronica asked.

The corner of Travis's lip jerked upwards ever so slightly at her question. "Hell ya, I've never missed any one of his parties."

"You've never missed any parties. Period." Veronica's voice was teasing, sending Travis back a smirk of her own.

"Got that right doll-face."

She let out a laugh. When he wasn't being a complete jackass, he was actually pretty funny. His care free nature was truly something she admired about the young man -thought she'd never admit it- and right now it brightening up her mood. Thinking about it, Veronica realized he was nothing like her. While she was calm and cool headed, he was impulsive and hardly thought before saying or doing thing, she was quiet, he was outgoing, she was independent, he was always with the crowd, hardly ever seen by himself. The list went one, but she wouldn't say that say that all his trait were bad. Truthfully she wished she had a small chunk of his impulsive behavior so that she could have the courage to live her life without much thought, then maybe her life could become more interesting.

But your life is interesting, you have Jake and Amelia, what more could you want? The thought passed through her head before she could properly process it, but soon she realized it was right. Despite her and Jake only dating for a couple month, he had made her life a lot more interesting. From the moment he had walked up to her that day in the cafeteria, and having never been asked out on a date, it took her by surprise that he had been at all interested in her. Hell even to this day there wasn't a time that she questioned why he liked her. She was boring, average, and hardly the type of girl that he usually dated, and yet well, he was dating her.

"What's wrong, why are you frowning?" Travis asked,and if Veronica hadn't looked up from her menu to see the indifferent expression on his face, she might've thought that he heard the slightest bit of concern in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just spaced out." She told him, her head dipping back to look at her menu. She was finally getting why Travis liked this place so much. The food looked amazing, well on the menu at least, and she was hoping it tasted just as amazing as it looked.

"Hi, I'm Jenny. What can I get for you?" A voice spoke. Glancing up, she saw a tall girl dressed in a knee length dress, the top half black, and the bottom half from the waist, a light blue. Near the bottom was a black silhouette of a poodle with a trail of dots circling upwards. Veronica assumed this was the required uniform, which really did fit the part.

Opening her mouth to order, she shut it just as quickly, realizing that Jenny's question wasn't exactly directed to her. She was pretty much turned away from her, her full attention on Travis, a shy smile on her face, clearly hoping he would notice her. Unfortunately for her however, Travis' eyes were glued to his menu, and Veronica decided to take her chance and grab Jenny's attention now. She cleared her throat. "Yes, I'll get a hamburger with extra pickles and cheese, a coke, and a small fry."

Jenny turned, her eyes widening as she noticed Veronica sitting there. She blushed, her head bowing down while she scribbled down Veronica's order before turning back once more at Travis, who was now looking up at her. "And for you?"

"Same as her, but sprite instead of coke." He answered with a smile that nearly knocked the poor girl off her feet. She caught herself before she completely face planted and told them she'd be right back with their orders.

"Give her your number." Veronica said when she could see that Jenny was out sight.

Travis rested his elbow on the table and placed his chin in his palm, an amused smirk on his face. "Now why would I do that baby-doll?"

"Because she's so into you." Veronica pointed out with a shrug. "Plus she's pretty cute, why not?"

Travis turned in the booth to look at Jenny, trying to properly take in her features. Her light brown hair was up in pigtails tied by ribbons, and they fell down in soft curls. Her dark blue almond shaped eyes crinkled at the side as she smiled down at the customers, her pearly white teeth showing in the process. Veronica was right, she was cute, but not her type.

She wasn't Veronica. He thought, but soon wondered where that came from. He knew she looked nothing like Veronica, but he didn't see why it mattered if she did or not. He didn't like Veronica as anything more than a room. Yes he found her attractive no doubt, but having not been in a relationship for about two years now, he was more of a one night stand kind of person, and she, was not. Turning back around in his seat, he shrugged. "She's cute, but not my type."

"And what's your type?"

"Big tits, and no brain." He smirked.

"Hardly surprised." Veronica's voice was bland, not at all amused by Travis' reply. She had thought they were making progress in terms of being civil and maybe even getting to know each other, but he just had to ruin it.

Travis however laughed, seeing that she wasn't appreciating his joke as much as he was. "I was kidding Veronica." He sat back in his seat, his legs spreading open and letting his arms cross over his chest. "I like smart girls, and truthfully, I don't really care for body size. Dark hair and light eyes are probably my biggest weakness, but these are just preferences really. If I were to fall in love with a girl who was none of that, I wouldn't mind, because I'd love them for everything they are, and everything they're not."

Veronica nodded slowly, taking in that more-than-she-expected detailed answer. It was interesting to know that he wasn't as shallow as he made himself out to be. "Fascinating."

He chuckled. "What?"

"Nothing at all." Her attention shifted to Jenny as she came back with their food. "Thank you." She said, though she was more looking at the food rather than the person who had given her the delicious looking cuisine. It looked just like it did on the menu, which only made her stomach growl in anticipation. She picked up the burger, bringing it towards her mouth when Travis stopped her with a question that made her want to throw the burger at him instead.

"You sure you can finish all that?"

She lowered it a little bit, allowing him to see the not so pleased look on her face, her brows furrowing in disbelief. "What's so shocking about that?"

Travis popped a fry in his mouth, chewed, then swallowed. "I didn't mean anything bad by it, just a question."

"Well to answer your question yes, I can finish this." To prove her point, she took a bite of her burger and began eating, determined to finish it until the last bite. She's show him for questioning her abilities to eat a large amount of food. She was small, but her stomach was a bottomless pit she often told Amelia, who usually rolled her eyes and laughed.


Despite the few arguments here and there, Veronica could honestly say that she had a great day, something she definitely wasn't expecting from spending almost 8 hours alongside Travis. It was exciting being car free for a day and to top it off, she got to see Travis in a different light. Getting to actually know him was like a weird adventure that even though she hadn't exactly signed up for, she gladly took on without complaint. Well, but a lot anyways.

After sharing the same apartment for over seven months, Veronica could justly say that she knew next to nothing about Travis, but today gave her the chance to make up for it. This rage of information varied from his favourite sport (soccer), his best talent (martial arts), to even the biggest weakness (trusting people) which just happened to be the same as hers. But over all that, she was oddly interested in the way he spoke about his family. He talked of mostly happy memories, but his voice held something far different. The stories he told about how often him and his brothers would get in trouble for the many pranks they pulled had her partly in stitches, and partly wondering what happened to them, and moreover, why he wasn't with them and was instead living with her.

To put it simply, Travis was a very sweet kid, obviously with what Veronica deduced to maybe be a tragic past, or something along the lines of such, but it seemed to have changed him, for both better, and for worse.

In turn, Veronica gave him little tidbits about herself. Favourite hobbies (reading, sleeping, watching tv), sports (volleyball), colour (light blue) and a lot more. The one thing she hardly mentioned was her family, the most being said about them was just that she had a sister. She had quickly changed the subject before he could ask more about them, and from that point on the rest of her day was really good.

Now she was home, once again showered, and sitting on a chair in front of her dresser mirror. Amelia was sitting behind her, curling wand in hand, and a strand of Veronica's hair wrapped around it. Veronica winced when the hot metal made contact with her shoulder. "If you held still, that wouldn't have happened." Her friend childed, she then stepped back and put the wand on it's little stand. "There all done."

Veronica got up, muttering a sulky thank you to Amelia, and walked to the mirror hanging from behind her door, carefully looking herself over, pulling at her dress her and there, fixing the little smug of eyeliner here, until she was satisfied. Her pitch black hair was now curled into soft ringlets near the bottom, falling gracefully down her back. She was pleased with the overall outcome, and moreover pleased with just how great she looked in her new dress. Once done checking herself over, she turned around and side stepped to the closet, reaching for her black ankle strap stilettos, and put them on. She then moved to sit on her bed, now waiting for her friend to finish with her last touches.

"We're talking my car right?" Amelia stood straight from her leaning position towards the dresser mirror. Veronica told her yes. "Alright then let's get going."


The ride there consisted of a hyperactive Amelia and a heavily amused Veronica, neither more rare than the other. Whenever Veronica was around Amelia, she was always in good spirit, and vice versa. It was the best part of their friendship.

"Do you think he's coming?" Amelia was suddenly nervous, her excitement faded and shadowed by the anxious feeling setting in her stomach. "I mean he never really said he was coming so what if he's not here? If he's not here, then I wore this outfit for nothing!"

"Amelia he'll be here!" Veronica did her best to assure her. "Jake and Avery are inseparable, so I know that if one of them does something, you can guarantee the other one if with them."

Amelia frowned. "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure." Veronica squeezed her shoulders, then moved back to gesture to her outfit. The cute white and pink dress looked great on her. Top half being a white halter top, and pink from the waist done, showing the perfect amount of legs without reaching the point of desperation. "Plus you look perfect, and I know that when he sees you he'll be at a lost for words."

Amelia took a deep breath, nodded then grinned, doing her best to come down and allow herself to believe the positive words of her friends. "Thanks Veronica."

At this point Veronica often had to tell her friend not to give up on chasing after Avery Chasten. A crush that had lasted almost 2 years was nothing to joke about and certainly wasn't something that you could just give up on, and Amelia didn't want to. Getting him to notice her only became much easier once Jake and Veronica started dating, and she had began using that to her advantage.

"There they are," Veronica sad after spotting her boyfriend, and just as she said earlier, Avery was by his side. They were pouring themselves a cup of beer each and she silently hoped that Jake wouldn't be having a lot to drink tonight. "let's go."

Sneaking up behind him, she poked him under his ribs, and laughed when he jumped, his beer sloshing out of the cup and onto the floor. Avery and Amelia joined in the laughter while Jake turned glaring at Veronica, before placing his cup down with a smirk and took her into his arms. With his head buried in her neck, he placed light kisses up and down making her giggle at the ticklish sensation he was leaving. She then grabbed his face, hand on either side, and pulled his face to the same level as hers and gave him a kiss.

"Hey gorgeous, how's your day been?" Jake asked, leaning his forehead against hers.

She grinned. "Perfect now that I'm with you."

"The feeling is mutual." He bit his lip, eyes wandering over her body. "Have you always had this dress? And if so, why did you wait this long to wear it?"

She laughed. "I got it today, and I'm glad you love it."

Taking a step back, she walked around him and sat on the near by counter. She extending her arm towards Jake who took it wouldn't a moments hesitation and she brought him closer to her. More than anything, she was so happy to have him by her side, loving the warm feeling her left in her stomach, how she always found herself smiling in his presence. She couldn't bare to have anything change.


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