Fix My Heart

Veronica Evans has lost everything she loved. Though she seems completely happy to her friends and boyfriend, she's not. She's hurting inside, she feels nothing but guilt for not being able to save her sister and the scars on her wrist only remind her more of the things she lost; the things that she will never get back.

But just when she thinks that there's no way she can go back to being the cheery girl she used to be, will she be saved by her roommate Travis O'Connor whom she hates?

Or at least think she does.

Read on to find out...

© Copyright 2014 All Right Reserved


4. 4. Inconsiderate

Veronica could almost hear her body screaming for rest. Today had been a long and emotional day and thought of a soak in the bath then curling up in bed sounded very wonderful.

'Yeah' She decided. That's what she was wanted to do as she entered the apartment. She hung the keys on the key holder next to the door and dropped her bag under the coat rack.

She sighed while walking into the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of water before moving to the living room and plopping onto the couch, but just as her butt made contact with the couch, she heard it.

A loud shrill cry of what sounded like pleasure, and it was coming from Travis' room. Veronica groaned.

How did he manage to get another girl in his bed this week? Veronica wondered. After all, this was the seventh girl she had heard him with. It hardly helped that it was only Thursday, so undeniably, Veronica was immensely disturbed.

'Maybe I should've gave him the soundproof room.' Veronica thought as she got up from her seat. Her room was soundproof alright, but only from the inside out. As in if she made noise he most likely couldn't hear it, but even if she was in there, she would be able to hear him, so escaping to her room would do nothing to help and today she wasn't very up to leaving the apartment just because he wanted to get his dick pleasured.

She walked over to his bedroom door with determination, and knocked with just as much attitude. "Travis I'm not having any of this today! I'm giving you ten seconds to get decent and answer the door, or it's gonna get awkward for the both of us."

She wanted to say for the three of us, but quiet frankly, she had no idea how many girls were actually in there.

She heard him groan from the other side of the door and had a hard time deciding if it was from pleasure or annoyance, but she chose to think that it was from the latter for the sake of keeping her lunch down.

"Ten! Nine! Eight!"She began counting down. By the time she reached three, the door had swung open to show a very irritated Travis who wore nothing but a pair of boxer briefs.

He ran a hand through his chocolate locks, sighing. "What the hell are you doing home Veronica?"

Veronica let out a mix of a gasp and a scoff and she looked at Travis. He had to have been kidding. "Hey! I live here too, and I'd really appreciate it if you weren't bringing girls home every time your dick needed to be sucked."

Veronica took a quick glance under Travis' arm that was propped up on the door frame. Veronica got her question answered when she only saw one girl sitting on the bed, resting her back against the headboard with the sheets clutched to her chest. Her red her looked like a birds nest and her dark brown eyes held nothing by anger as she glared in Veronica's direction.

Veronica looked back up at Travis with a raised eyebrow, purely wondering how he was the slightest bit turned on by her. The girl's make was running down her face and was smudged due to the sweat.

Travis shrugged, understanding the look he was receiving from her, but he truly didn't have much of an answer. 

Veronica rolled her eyes and brushed off any comments she had to say about the girl on the bed and instead her confused expression turned cold and stern. "She has five minutes to get her stuff and leave."

The girls angered character turned shocked as her gaze turn to Travis, hoping the young man would tell her what she should do.

Travis glowered down at Veronica. "No Kate you can stay. Veronica why don't you leave?"

"Because I actually live here," She sneered. "So Kate, you can go."

"No stay." Travis countered,




Kate groaned, frustration radiating from her. "For the love of god! I came here to get screwed, not screwed over!" She got up, the sheets tightly wrapped around herself before grabbing her clothes and pushing past the two standing in the doorway. She went into the washroom and when she came out she gave Travis one more look. "Call me when the wife isn't around."

Kate turn back around and swung her hips out of the apartment, leaving the two stunned at what had just happened.

"Damn skank." Veronica muttered under her breath after a few moments of silence.

She heard Travis snicker. "Takes one to know one."

She glared at him, but didn't say anything. Her job was done here and now would be the perfect time for her bath.

She turned to leave, but was stopped when she felt a hand grab her right wrist. Almost immendiately she flinched and her body tensed at the contact. Her body rotated around to look at the hand on her forearm, following it up until she was making eye contact with Travis. "Do you mind letting go of my arm?"

Veronica wanted nothing more than his hands off her as an distressed feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. He was giving off a dangerous vbe and she knew that she needed to get out of there before things took a turn for the worst.

To prove her point, Travis smirked at her, letting her know that he was up to something. "Well, I figured you owe me."

"For what?" Veronica gasped.

"For getting rid of the next girl I was gonna have fun with." He reasoned. "I mean I spent a pretty long time trying to get her to come over!"

Veronica scoffed. "Yeah I find that hard to believe."

"So what's it gonna be?"

"What it's gonna be is," She began, her voice dripping with condasention. "you're gonna go to your room and fix your little problem, because believe it or not, you can do that without sex," Travis glared at her, but she didn't stop, she went on. "And I'm going to go have myself a bath and go to sleep."

"Naw that doesn't really appeal to me." He said before pinning Veronica to the wall by her wrists. Veronica had the wind knocked out of her since she wasn't expecting it.

She looked up at him with wide frightened eyes begging, no pleading him, not to do what she thought he had planned. 

"Travis don't." She did her best to make her voice stern, but it was unsteady and shaking a lot. "I have a boyfriend, and ple-"

Veronica squealed when she felt his lips on her neck, slowly making a path downwards. The uncomfotable, yet familiar sensation cause her body to go frigid. Her wrists struggled agaisnt his hold, her chest beggining to speed up it's up and down movements as she felt a panic attack coming on.

She was doing her best not to cry, but the stinging feeling of the fresh tears in her eyes were too much. They ran down her cheeks leaving a hot trail on the way down and she squeezed her eyes closed, more coming out in the process. She didn't like this feeling. She never had, even after being in similar sitautions in the past. The haunting feeling of another man using her body for his sick pleasure was something she never wanted to live through again, and she soon found herself chanting the same few phrases from when she was younger.

This is my body....I did nothing wrong...I am worth it....This is my body.

"Travis, please get off of me." She croaked out, her mind now paying attention to the hand that slowly making it up her torso heading for her breasts. "Please."

Travis something wet land on his cheek and he moved back, he wiped it off before looked at Veronica to her eyes shut, bottom lip between her teeth, and tears running down her cheeks. 

"Why are you crying?" He said softly. This was never his intention. Usually by now the girls are putty in his hands, but looking at Veronica right now, she obviously wasnt and Travis felt sick to his stomach. He didn't want to hurt or scared her.

Veronica sobbed. "Because I don't want this to happen again."

"I-I'm sorry Veronica." He whispered. He let go of her wrists and stepped back to give her room. "I didn't mean to-"

Veronica didn't wait to hear the rest of his apology and explanation, swiftly turned around and escasping to her room and locking her door.

In seconds she was face down in her pillow, rounds of sobs being muffled by it. 

Veronica thought that she had left all thoughts and memories of the man in the past. He was the same man who had everything to do with why she flinched at human contact; Why she lost one of the only people she had left after her mothers death; Why she took longer showers than necessary in the hopes of riding her body of the feeling from his hands; Why the scars on her wrist were there; Why she was even living in this apartment.


Travis was now laying in his bed, his gaze stuck on the ceiling. 

He couldn't believe what had just happened, which left him confused as to what to feel. He knew guilt should be one, and he certainly was, but he was also stunned and schocked. They way Veronica has acted left many unanswered questions and he wanted the answers.

He was unable to wrap his head around the fact that she had also rejected him. No one had ever rejected Travis James O'Connor in bed. Which made him feel a little offended.

Who does she think she is? He thought. I mean I have girls lining up to get with me and she's passing it up? How is that even possible?

His cocky behavior was something had sometimes had little control over, his whole life he had had girls at his side, and was able to beckon them with the snap of his fingers. He was really taking this rejection hard, but then something dawned on him.

He recalled that she had said "again", meaning that something had happened before and she obviously didn't like it. Sudden curiousity enveloped his mind and he wanted to know what happened to her, as well as make it up to her. 

Travis was an asshole, but he wasn't a bad person. He knew right from wrong, and what he did was wrong.


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