Fix My Heart

Veronica Evans has lost everything she loved. Though she seems completely happy to her friends and boyfriend, she's not. She's hurting inside, she feels nothing but guilt for not being able to save her sister and the scars on her wrist only remind her more of the things she lost; the things that she will never get back.

But just when she thinks that there's no way she can go back to being the cheery girl she used to be, will she be saved by her roommate Travis O'Connor whom she hates?

Or at least think she does.

Read on to find out...

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2. 2. Life Isn't Fair

In her 17 years of living, Veronica questioned why horrible things happened to good people. Unfortunately she haven't gotten her answer, but that didn’t mean she’d given up finding out. As children we often linked it to either having awful luck, or karma from doing something wrong. But no one ever bothered to tell to her why the nicest teacher she knew lived her life everyday being reminded by her classroom of kindergarteners, that she couldn’t conceive little ones of her own. Unfair and unjustified is how Veronica used to describe her situation, but now she just considered that life. The universe is going to give and take, and the most you can do was act as if nothing is wrong.


As a child Veronica never had that mindset but eventually it rather forced itself into her head. With the hardship she had endured, pretending nothing was wrong somehow grew on her. She had to admit that it really did come in handy. As result it didn’t bother her when she lost a few marks on a test, she hardly cared when she saw her boyfriend talking to other girls, and it wasn’t even a concern when her - more than unpleasant - roommate left his crusty briefs wherever he wanted.


Okay that bugged me a little. Veronica thought, stepping over a pair as she came out of the shower. She dried herself off then as quickly as she could went to her room, the towel clutched tight to her body. The room was dim from lack of sunshine coming in from the window beside the bookshelf that nearly touched the ceiling.


“I need to go shopping for more books.” She muttered glancing at the books that just barely filled all the racks. Having read just about every one of those at least twice if not more, she knew it was time for a little change.


Turning away, she got dressed as quick as she could and left her room to almost immediately enter the kitchen. The apartment was compact yet was decently spacious. The kitchen was open to the living room, which was connected to a small hallway that led to the bedrooms and the one washroom that her roommate and her shared. At the far side of the living room was a glass door that led to a balcony looking over a lake. That was one of her favourite places to be.


"Ass off the counter,” She said. “We prepare food on there."

Travis winced in pain and dropped the newspaper, but didn’t at all listen to what she said. He was still sitting on the counter as he brought his right hand to the top of his forehead. "Screw off baby-doll. I don't know if you've noticed, but you're talking really loud."

She rolled her eyes noticing the obvious symptoms of a hangover. "Trust you to get drunk on a school night."

Veronica heard him mutter, “And trust you to be a huge party pooper.” and resisted throwing a spoon at him. Instead she went to the fridge and grabbed the carton of milk and began drizzling it over her cinnamon toast crunch. She didn’t say anything as she eased past him and into the living room, where she sat crossed legged with the bowl in her hand and began eating.

Glancing over for a second Veronica cursed myself. Travis’ face was scrunched up in pain and he had now put down the cup of coffee that had earlier been in his hands - which were currently occupied with holding his head. She dropped her spoon, the loud clatter against the wooden floors making him wince. Must be some hangover, she thought. Leaning down, she picked up her spoon and got up and placed the bowl on the coffee table. With a few strides, she walked into the kitchen and ran the tap to rinse off her spoon and - with the water still running - turned around to grab a cup. The cup was soon filled with water and she turned off the tap before handing him the glass, a quizzical look on his face as she did so. Veronica pulled open the cabinet next to his head and reached into it to grab the small bottle of aspirin and he understood where she was going. He muttered a quiet thanks to her, taking the bottle from her hands and she didn’t stay to watch him take the pill as she grabbed her spoon from the sink and walked back to the living room.

Helping others was always something she did. Veronica always thought that if she could do at least one things for someone, then she was already making their day better, and that all she’s ever wanted. People had their demons and for her to add onto that wouldn’t be fair to them.


When Veronica finished eating she walked back to the kitchen, this time Travis wasn’t anywhere in sight. She rinsed her plat and deposited it in the dishwasher before heading to the door, grabbing her bike helmet and backpack in the process. She sighed, her hand tightly gripping the door knob. Another day was about to go by and yet again, she felt like she wasn't doing anything remotely productive or useful with her life. It just felt like life was only getting more boring and uneventful. Completely and utterly repetitive and it was aggravating. She wanted to do something that she would remember in the many years to come, but that didn’t seem likely to happen with the lack of events.

She turned the door knob finally and began making her way out her the apartment building.

When she finally got outside and reached her most prized possession. Veronica stood still before her hand slowly reached over and ran over the cool leather seat.

Aside from the color of her eyes, it was one of the few things that reminded her of her mother. They basically bonded over this very motorbike that her mom had bought especially for her. She learned everything she knew about motorbikes from her mother, and right this moment, she wished nothing more than to go back to the time when she would spend hours at a time, just sitting there watching her mother work on one of the many bikes she owned.

Veronica let out a shaky breath and bit the inside of her cheek. She didn't want to cry before school and she knew that the longer she stood and looked at this bike, the more likely it would happen, so quickly she hopped on, and put on her helmet before she placed her keys in the ignition. Soon enough she was speeding off to school.


Not a lot happened at West Terrance Field High. It was as uneventful as her life, Veronica would sometimes say. It wasn't like what you would read in book where there was the 'It Crew', 'jock', 'nerds', etc. It was as normal as schools ever got, just basically kids trying to get through the next four years without any problems. Well not entirely at least. But that didn't make the school perfect. The most cliché thing that this school had to offer was its wide range of rumours shifted from person to person in a matter of seconds. If you slept with someone at a party, people would know about it the next day, if you puked on a hot guy you're gonna be known as that person that released their stomach contents on someone attractive. Which Veronica figured was the down side of going to an uneventful school. Everyone got into everyone's business.

Veronica took her time opening her locker and placing her helmet in the locker before grabbing the books she needed for her first period class.

Just as she closed her locker, Veronica flinched. She felt someone's arms wraps themselves around her waist and it wasn't until the person spoke did she realize who it was, and she felt her body relax.

"Good morning beautiful." His voice was smooth and calming. Jake Millar, was the sweetest guy she had ever met and never failed to make her smile when there was so much on her mind, like now for example.

Veronica turned in his arms and wound hers around his neck. "Good morning handsome."

It was typical routine for them. He would meet up with her at her locker and tell her good morning in the sweetest way and even after dating for about two and a half months, she wasn't used to the constant affecting and attention he gave her, but that didn't mean she didn't appreciate it.

Veronica leaned up, connecting their lips for a moment before pulling away and slipping away from his grip. A giggle slipped out from her when she saw him pout. "I have to get to class, I'll see you in second period."

"I can walk you to class!" He offered.

She smiled at him sweetly. "Your first period class is on the other side of the school, I don't want you to be late Jake, plus Amelia is probably waiting for me."

"I don't mind, and she can wait." Jake insisted, but Veronica just shook her head.

"Don't worry about it." She told him. "I'll see you later, bye."

She turned on her heals and strode down the hall and around a few corners before eventually reaching her class.

The classroom was half filled, only a few people already sitting in their seats, or standing around talking with her friends. The only person who wasn't talking to anyone was a small girl with light brown her that extended far past her shoulders and dark brown eyes that were shifting around on the piece of paper in front of her. She seemed to be sketching something, and as Veronica walked closer to her, the picture became clearer.

She was drawing a beautiful scenery on a beach where a couple was sitting in the sand holding hands while overlooking a sunset. It was so detailed and amazing, but Veronica wasn't too surprised. Her best friend had always been amazing when it came to art.

"Hey chicken little." Veronica greeted the girl while taking a seat next to her.

Amelia looked up from her drawing glanced at Veronica before turning back to her paper. "Hey big bird, how's your morning going?"

Their nicknames for each other weren't much of an inside joke as much as they were obvious when you looked at the two girls. Amelia was a very tiny girl and has been for a while. She was just barely five feet and was commonly everyone's arm rest more often than not and it truly annoyed her to no end.

However Veronica wouldn't consider her 5'5" frame all that tall, but when standing next to Amelia she looked really like a giant.

Veronica shrugged. "It's going I guess how about you?"

Amelia didn't look up from the paper as she replied. "Stupid, my mom was yelling at me about my last c plus on our last science quiz," She sighed and closed shut her sketchbook before sitting up straight and looking over at Veronica, an indifferent expression on her face. "But other than that it was okay."

"Amelia, I told you I can tutor you if you want." Veronica reminded her. She knew that science was Amelia's worst subject, but it was also her best and she wouldn't mind helping out her friend, but of course Amelia was the most stubborn person Veronica had ever met.

"Veronica, I told you I don't need a tutor." Amelia pressed. "Plus you have a lot going on in your life as it is and I don't want to add more stress to your life."

Veronica rolled her eyes and went to reply when Mr. Thomas came in and asked everyone to take out their notebooks. His salt and pepper hair got more and more unruly every day, making him look even older than he actually was. Veronica thought that at 43 years old, no man should have that many bags under their eyes, but as she looked at her teacher more often, she could almost see a boulder on his shoulders holding him down. He looked so stressed and tired and she couldn't help wondering how much marking he did every night, or if he had kids that took up a lot of his time, or if he was married and something was going on between him and his wife.

It was these types of things that Veronica wondered every day. It wasn't something she couldn't quite control. She wasn't nosy, be she liked knowing how people lived their lives every day. It was just this nagging curiosity in the back of her head that usually got her in trouble like now.

"Ms. Evans did you hear me?" Mr. Thomas was standing at the front which his arms crossed, his dark blue eyes boring into her.

Veronica blushed. "Oh I'm sorry sir, could you repeat the question."

"If you were paying attention you'd have heard that I was asking for your definition if ionic bonds."

Veronica thanked god she knew the answer and was glad she could save herself from more embarrassment.

She smiled. "A chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other gains an electron to form a negative ion."

Mr. Thomas looked at Veronica with an unsure expression, clearly not knowing how to react to this. He wasn't expecting her to actually know the answer, so instead of chiding her for zoning out in his class, he turned away from her and began writing her definition on the board.

"That is correct." His voice was strained.

The rest of the class went on without Mr. Thomas asking her anymore questions.

As the bell rang Veronica began packing up her stuff.

"So are you going to the party this weekend?" Amelia asked.

They both began walking out of the classroom, destination: their lockers.

Veronica thought for a second. Did she want to go to a party? She had gone to a few, some more fun than others, but during all of them, she felt completely out of place, like she'd rather be sitting at home in her room with a book in her hands.

"Whose party is it?" There was one person’s party she always wanted to avoid after what had happened last time. Not only did she find herself in the hospital that night, but after it, Kim Emerldy's were completely off limits after she puked her guts out in Kim's grandfather’s urn. Veronica never stopped apologizing to Kim and even though Kim had forgiven her, she didn't want a repeat.

"Liam Anderson's" Amelia answered.

Veronica began opening her locker while trying to calculating the chances of her puking in an urn. Liam didn't have any dead relatives that she knew of and the last time she had been at his party nothing bad happened so she hopped she'd be good. But even still, she wasn't sure.

"Maybe." She deadpanned. She didn't want to give Amelia a straight forward answer in case she ended up changing her mind.

"Aw don't be a party pooper!" Amelia closed her locker and looked to Veronica with a pout.

Veronica's eye twitched. That was the second time she had been called that today and she wasn't understanding why. What was so boring or bad about just being at home reading and listening to music. To Veronica, having fun didn't always have to involve getting wasted and grinding to obnoxiously loud music. Hell, she hated the taste of alcohol, and she wasn't even supposed to have any. So why go to a place filled with the one substance that could potentially kill her. Veronica often asked herself this, and to this day, she had never came up with an answer.

"Okay well I have nothing to wear," Veronica reasoned. "And I never said 'no'!"

"Okay then we'll go buy you one!" Amelia offered. "Or you can borrow one from me."

Veronica looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She looked her up and down before using her hands to gesture to her own body. Their height difference would result in Amelia's dress ending just below Veronica's butt and that wasn't about to happen she decided.

Amelia got what she mean and scoffed. "I have long dresses that you can wear, you're really skinny so you'll fit into them, don't worry."

Veronica resisted a groan and instead just rolled her eyes, but smiled at her friend after. "Fine."

Amelia squealed and jumped for joy. She began talking about how fun the party was going to be and how she was going to dress Veronica up in a sexy outfit and do her hair and makeup all nice and pretty. The entire time Veronica was keeping herself from cringing.

She hated when Amelia did her hair, there was always so much yelling and hair pulling it gave her a headache. She still had a small bald spot at the back of her head from the last time Amelia did her hair.

Veronica thanked got that after what felt like hours of them sitting in their second period class, Mrs. Kendall finally came into the classroom, stopping Amelia short during her long list of things they had to do before the party.

Jake was just as thankful as Veronica. He had wanted to talk to her when she walked in, but Amelia kept cutting him off before he eventually just gave up and started talking to his best friend Avery Chasten.

Veronica felt her phone buzz twice in her pocket and hopped no one heard it. As sneaky as she could, she pulled it out of her pocket and checked the two messages; one from Amelia and the other from Jake.

Jake: I forgot I say this morning, but you look absolutely stunning today xo

Veronica's cheek began to feel warm and she glanced over to her left to look at Jake. He sent her a charming grin.

She quickly replied, thanking him and telling him how sweet he was.

She then looked at the text from Amelia.

Amelia: whut time shud I come ova?

Veronica cringed at her best friends spelling and did her best to ignore it as she replied, telling her to come by around eight-thirty. She hopped that Travis would be out of the apartment around then.

Veronica then pocketed her phone and began paying attention to the lesson.

She smiled to herself as she realized that her life wasn't all that bad. She's had her ups and down, but right now she was having one of her ups. She had a sweet and loving boyfriend, and a best friend whom she would never replace, and if you took away her annoying roommate, her life would be pretty much perfect.

However, it was times like these when she would actually worry the most. Like stated before: Where there is good, evil is lurking right around the corner. Which meant that Veronica deep down was expecting something bad to happen soon enough to ruin her good vibes.


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