Fix My Heart

Veronica Evans has lost everything she loved. Though she seems completely happy to her friends and boyfriend, she's not. She's hurting inside, she feels nothing but guilt for not being able to save her sister and the scars on her wrist only remind her more of the things she lost; the things that she will never get back.

But just when she thinks that there's no way she can go back to being the cheery girl she used to be, will she be saved by her roommate Travis O'Connor whom she hates?

Or at least think she does.

Read on to find out...

© Copyright 2014 All Right Reserved


1. 1.Prologue

“Wake up Veronica. Breakfast is ready and you have to get dressed.” Veronica's mother shook her awake.

She lightly groaned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes before sitting up and hugging her mom.

“Morning Mom!”


Her mom left after giving her a peck on the forehead and went to wake up her older sister, Gwen.


Veronica got up and got dressed before making her way downstairs to the kitchen table, to be met by her mom, her dad, and sister sitting at the kitchen table with an extra plate of eggs, bacon, and french toast just waiting for her to dig in.


Veronica smiled.


I love my family she thought  as she sat down next to her dad who smiled down at her and ruffled her hair. Or maybe I don't.


Veronica frowned and fixed her hair.


He chuckled. “You know, for a 9 year old, you care a lot about your looks. Got a special boy you're trying to impress?”


She scowled at him. “No! And even if there was, I don't need you scaring them off like last time!”


She heard Gwen scoff and turned her attention to her. “As if! The reason he left was 'cause he saw your face you ogre!”


“Shut up! You only got John Adamson cause you're older”


“Age ain't nothing but a number kid. And don't blame me cause he doesn't like childish girls like you.”


“You're only a year older, stop treating me like I'm 5.” Veronica growled back.


“Now now, play nice.” Their mom chimed in, breaking up their little argument.


Veronica smiled at her. Everything about her was perfect. From her honey colored hair with dark brown highlights -which Veronica sadly didn't inherit but Gwen did- down to her her ruby painted toenails. Veronica did, however, inherit her beautiful turquoise colored eyes that had little specks of gold.


Veronica could only wish to grow up and be anything like her. She's so kind and loving.


“Anything for you mom.” Veronica replied


She heard Gwen mutter something along the lines of “suck up.”


She rolled her eyes, but smiled at her anyways.




The whole day Veronica was excited about getting home so her mom could teach her the parts of a motorbike and how to clean them. She had bought her one yesterday and would show her today. She said that when Veronica was finally of age, she'd give it to her and teach her how to ride it.


There was a knock on Ms. Fitzpatrick’s door, interrupting her thoughts


“Hi sorry to bother you, but can Veronica Evans please come to the office. It's urgent.” One of the office helpers said. Worry etched her face when they said it was urgent. Not wasting any time, she ran to the office, ignoring the yells from teachers passing by telling her to slow down, or stop running in the hall.


When she finally reached the office, she saw Gwen sitting in one of the chairs with horror engraved on her face. Her once rosy cheeks were now pale, her once lively blue eyes were now lifeless and cold. Veronica walked towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder.


“What's going on? What happened?” she asked. When she didn't reply, she walked toward the schools secretary.


“Ms Howard, what's going on, why were Gwen and I called here, and while does she look like she just saw a ghost?” she pointed towards Gwen. She couldn't keep her voice from cracking because of the fear that enveloped her.


The hesitation was clear in her eyes. She was afraid to tell her something. “Um, well Veronica, you might want to sit down for this.”


Though she was confused, and scared, she sat down next to Gwen and held her hand when she noticed she was shaking.


“I just got a call from the hospital.” She took a deep breath. “Your mom passed away this afternoon after a motorbike accident. I'm so sorry.”


Accident. Passed away. Veronica's head started to spin. A wave as nausea hit her like a ton of bricks as she took the information in. Her mom was dead.


She felt my eyes mist up before a stream of tears slid down her cheeks. Her stomach clenched as she let out a round of uncontrolled sobs. Her mom was dead. She's gone!

How could she leave me? her mind questioned. Why? Why me? Why did she have to be taken away from me?

That day she cried and cried until there was nothing left and since that day, she slowly started losing a part of herself until if felt like there was a huge gaping hole in her heart.

And since that day. Her life slowly started to fall apart.



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