Stole your girlfriend

Hi I'm Taylor, I have brown hair and golden/hazel eyes. Everything was perfectly fine when I was dating Zayn, until I started to get feeling for Harry.
(Uh oh)


3. chapter 3

The next day I woke up next to Zayn. Surprisingly I wasn't that happy, I wanted to wake up next to Harry. NO WHAT! I didn't just say that, but I did. I think I love Harry more than Zayn. I got up from bed and did my routine. I went into the kitchen and made pancakes, Zayn was walking down the stairs and went behind me. "Morning babe, it's smell amazing." He said hugging my waist. "Morning and thanks the pancakes will be ready in a couple minutes." Zayn went on the couch and was watching family guy. Just then I heard a knock on the door, I ran to the door and opened it. "Hey Taylor" Louis yells while giving me a hug. "Hi Louis" I yelled back. I greeted the other boys. "I'm starved, what are you making?" Niall ask in a whiny voice. "I'm making pancakes go to the table there done" I yelled to him. All 5 boys were siting at the table, and gave them there pancakes and went into the kitchen. Harry followed me from behind. "Hey umm I need to ask you something." Harry said with his raspy voice. "What Harry" I replied. "I love you and I know you love me. I want to be with you, can I be with you?" "Harry I'm with Zayn and I know I want to be with you but" before I could finished my sentence Harry cut me off. "Zayn doesn't have to know, we can secretly date." Harry said nervously. I walked away back to the table and out of the kitchen. "These pancakes are amazing" Niall said stuffing his mouth. "Thanks Niall I'm glad you like them" I replied.

~One week later~

Its been really awkward between me and Harry. I would look at him and he would pretend he didn't noticed. Would this ruin are friendship?

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