Stole your girlfriend

Hi I'm Taylor, I have brown hair and golden/hazel eyes. Everything was perfectly fine when I was dating Zayn, until I started to get feeling for Harry.
(Uh oh)


2. chapter 2

Zayn then walked in the door. " ZAYN!" I screamed and ran to hug him. "Hey babe sorry I didn't call or text you I was super busy. But I'm here now." He said almost out of breath. I pecked him on the lips and I went to the room to get into my pjs. The next day I woke up with Zayn next to me. "Morning beautiful." He said in his morning voice. "Hey babe" I said and then gave him his morning kiss. Just when I was going to get out of bed Zayn pull me back onto the bed and we snuggled. 10 minutes later I got out of bed and got ready for the day.

Later on the day Zayn had to leave for a photo shoot. I said goodbye to him and got really bored after. I decide to text Harry.

Hey hazza, want to come over:)

Just seconds later I got a reply, like he was waiting for me to text him all day.

Sure, be there in 5.x

I heard a knock on the door and opened it. It was Harry I hug him and we went on the couch. "I'm sorry for yesterday." Harry says looking at the carpet. "Sorry for what?" I said curiously. "For kissing you, I know your with Zayn and your happy. I'm happy for you and everything it's just that I think I love you." You heard his voice crack at the end. "Harry it's okay I like you too, and I'm fine with everything that happened yesterday." I replied. "I should of never kissed you, even if I was dying inside because I wanted to badly. Zayn's my best mate and your his girlfr-" I cut him off with a kiss on the lips before he can finish his word. "What was that for?" He said in his cute British accent. "Harry I like you and I now you feel bad for kissing me but, I liked the kiss and wanted to kiss you agin." I explained. After that we kissed again this time longer, it was 8:00 pm and Harry decided to leave. I gave him a hug and kissed him on his lips and then he left.

I was thinking to myself about how Harry and I kissed. I remember my friend once told me that if I kissed a guy while dating a guy and didn't like it, it wasn't cheating but if you did like it you were cheating. I like Harry's kiss who am I kidding I loved Harry's kiss but, does this mean I'm cheating on Zayn?

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