Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


8. What have I done

Executive decision made! i am officially adding some POVs for Lucas! 



Lucas' POV


I walk away, fuming. I just snapped, I don't even know why. Okay maybe I do know why. Ever since Hope kissed me the first time, I haven't been able to stop thinking about her. The way her lips moved against mine and how her hand went around my neck and intertwined with my hair. It was amazing. So was the second one, until I reached under her shirt and felt all of her ribs sticking out. From then on she just seemed, fragile, like she could break at any minute. I couldn't help it, I gasped in shock and she immediately drew back and pulled her shirt down. She looked at me and she looked so scared. Maybe she didn't know why I gasped, why I was looking at her the way I was. Or maybe it was the fact that she might have just realised what she had been doing only moments before.


I didn't see her the next morning when I woke up. Only when I heard a collective gasp in Art. There she stood  in a navy dress with a bun on the top of her head. Her shoes clicked lightly on the floor as she took a few steps to get through the doorway. 


"Damn" My friend sighed. "She is H.O.T" He couldnt take his eyes off her. I couldnt help the pang of jealousy that surged through me. 


"She's not interested Max" I say sternly. Max looks up from his daydream about Hope. 


"Oh yeah, Lucas. How would you know that hmm?" He looks amused at my glare. Like it didnt deliver the daggers i was sending. 


The scene from last night went through my head again. I sighed at the memory, it may have only been a few hours ago but it seemed like a life time. But now, I cant help but want to punch every single guy that looks at her up and down. I've never felt this before, it's weird, its like there are a thousand animals having a party. Jumping around and having a blast. Making me feel like absolutely crap. I think girls call it butterflies. But no damn butterflies can make me feel like this. I want her...


"I just do, man." Max gets up and walks over to the table where Hopes stuff is and sits down across the table. I follow, to make sure he doesn't try anything.


She sits down and sighs. "what do you want Lucas?" She's looking at me, but not at my eyes, more like she's staring at my ears. Not wanting got make eye contact. 


Be cool Lucas, act like nothing ever happened. "What, can't i be roommately?" In response, she just glares at me. Max laughs beside me and I just walk away. I can't take the heat of her stare. Even though she's not looking me right in the eye, i can feel the hate radiating off her glare.



"sup?" I look at Hope as she bumps her hip into mine. I decided it would be best with the way I'm feeling to just walk away. I was about to go off, but I didn't want it to be aimed at her. The punching bag at the gym maybe. 


"Dude, whats your problem?"  She stands in front of me, blocking my way with her hands on her hips. 


I snapped, I didn't mean too, but it just came out. "whats my problem?! seriously!? what the actual hell is wrong with you?" 


She looks at me. Her stare blank. 


"YOUR AN ANOREXIC FREAK THAT MAKES OUT WITH ME THEN PROCEEDS TO ACT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED!!" I have completely lost it. Im pretty sure I may have spat on her face while yelling. 


I storm off and right before I turn the corner to get to my locker, I look around. There she stands, tears welling in her eyes. She looks down and holds her arms in front of her and then she's gone. Just burst into tears and ran. Im pretty sure she had no idea where she was going. Max come running up to me, punches me in the face and runs after her. I deserved it, no i deserved so much more than just a punch in the face. 


I just hope she can forgive me...



okay so i made the decision to add some extra POVs. 

Hope its okay!! 

like usual. like, follow, comment? 

​thanks people!! :) 



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