Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


6. scales suck

I shovel that cake into my mouth for the third time. It tastes so good, but its so damn sweet. Im going to need about ten dentist appointments to fix this...


"You ok?" I look up, in all my chocolate cake face glory and come face to face with Max. Damn.


"peaky" I probably should have waited until after i finished the food that was in my mouth before answering but it seemed like he got what i meant. 


"You mean chocolatey.." he laughs at his own lame joke before sitting down, grabbing the spoon next to him and taking a huge bite of my fatty cake.




"You know this is going to make you fat right?" Max lifts his head up and looks right at my chocolate covered face. 




"and your okay with that?" he looks slightly gobsmacked. A girl actually doesn't care if she gets fat. Shocker. 




"why are you okay with that? not that your fat, just girls usually don't want to put on wait..." 


I pulled the hem of my shirt down to just under my collar bone. Surprise surprise, he gasps. 


His hand shoots up in the air, and soon the lady from before comes over. 


"Hey Maxie" she smiles and ruffles his hair a little. 


"Lace, another cake?" the girl nods and goes to get another slice of cake from the kitchen. 


Max must have noticed the confused look on my face because he answered my question  almost right away. "My sister" I nod and go back to my cake. 


"Here you go little bro." Lace smiles and sits down next to her brother. 


"Whats wrong with...."


"Hope" Max cuts in and just shrugs at his sister. 


"Am i too thin?" i ask them both. 


They look at each other, trying to figure out what the right answer is. "the truth" i say with a pleading tone in my voice. 


they nod. "A little, sweetie.." one again Lace trials off


"how much am i suppose to weigh?" another spoonful of cake goes into my mouth. 


Max grabs his phone, obviously checking what the internet thought about my little dilemma.


"A five foot six, 17 year old girls should weigh about 53-64 kilos. Anything under that is underweight. How much do you weigh?" 


"i dont know?" I'm well into the other cake by now... just mulling over my thoughts of how this could have possibly happened and how i actually got here.


"Okay sweetie, come with me. Max stay here." This time it was Lace that spoke up. She lead me into the kitchen, out the back and into a huge freezer, meat hanging everywhere. It was kinda gross, absolutely freezing and smelt really bad.


"Keep your shoes on and stand on this" She orders, pointing down.


There is a huge set of scales, obviously there to weigh the meat. Its grimy and gross. I shudder at the thought of raw meat getting put on this filthy thing.

I do as i'm told despite the grossness and stand on the scales. Hoping and praying that i'm in that category of 53-64 kilos. Lace gasps and shows me the number.


Tears start falling down my face, I run out, back into the cafe. Max stands up and i launch myself at him, hugging him tightly, as though it'll make me fell better. But it doesn't, not until he wraps his arms around me and hugs me just as tightly as I'm hugging him. 


I've never been one of those girls that has problems. I've never had any friends, so that was never a problem. Friends are tempromental, books however, are forever. They cant leave you for guys, parties or anything else that consumes a normal 17 year old girls mind. I've always been that girl that nobody paid attention to because there was nothing special or weird about me. I was the definition of normal and boring. But now, I don't know what to think. Am i that girl that everyone pities because she has problems, or will i be that girl that lets her problems take over her, makes her change into a completely different person. 


No. I will not cave into problems, i will not become that sickly girl in the hospital room because of the things she has had no choice but to do to herself. 


"How much?" Maxes voice was soft and gentle, pleading me to trust him with my problems. 

What the hell? might as well confide in him since he was the one that found me here and got me another slice of cake. which i'm going to make him pay for because i am completely broke...


"44" I manage in between sobs. Max instantly hugs me tighter, putting his head on top of mine. I managed to sob silently into his shirt. After a few seconds I heard him whisper so quietly that nearly didn't hear him.





so another chapter aye... its kind of rushed i think? 

if you have any suggestions on how to make it better i would LOVE to hear them! :) 

 so anyway, like, comment, follow, fav?


Thanks, you guys are amazing! love you all!! :) 

Kate xx

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