Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


3. Safe Place?

At one end of the campus there is a HUGE forest. A place where nobody would be able to hear you scream. Perfect. Armed with my laptop, headphones and phone (which now held Lucas' number) in my satchel slung across my shoulder, I walk into the slightly scary forest determine to find a place where I can finally let go and just be with my music.  

Which i find after about ten minutes of walking like the lady I am. Ha me a lady? Good joke! I find the perfect spotIt was in a slight clearing with a fallen down tree with a tiny little pond to the left and in front of me. Leaves crunched under my feet as I slowly walk to the now horizontal tree, looking around at the scenery in awe. It truly was beautiful. 

When i sit down i don't go immediately work on my music, instead i think of what happened last night, when Lucas nearly found out. I didn't mean to kiss him, my lips just landed there? I hated to admit it but i liked that damn stupid kiss and by the way he reacted, so did he. But he could have just been in shock, just reacted with the moment? sighing and plugging my headphones into my laptop, flipping its lid as I go. I listen to what i have so far. It's okay I guess, maybe not great but it's defiantly not terrible. Its basically just different popping, claps and beats that are supposed to sound good together, and usually they would, but somethings different today. I cant stop thinking about the kiss, it's distracting me. Like my brains stuck on repeat, only playing those few blessed seconds when his lips moved with mine.

"Ugh it pointless, utterly pointless" I shut the lid of my laptop rather aggressively before plugging my headphones into my phone and blasting my last song as loud as it will go, hoping that my inspiration will come back. Stomping out of the forrest all the way back to my dorm, plonking on my bed. Knowing that Lucas wouldn't be in here I start singing. Not properly of course, Im not that stupid, but I just let myself go in the music knowing that i created it was just one of the most amazing feelings, but soon i start to get carried away and start to sing properly, not holding back at all. The music was so loud that I didn't even hear the door open.

"wow you are a really good singer" SHIT Lucas. Why am I actually that stupid. Its only my third day here, I haven't even had any classes yet!

"ha so people say" I try to play it cool but seem to be miserably failing. 

"Its true. You doing music?" He sits on my bed next to me turning around so he's facing me, crossing his legs.

"Uh yeah but not with singing. With my sax." he stares at me in disbelief. 

"what?!" I scoot over to the edge of my bed with my legs dangling over the edge. He stands up and stands in front of my, he grabs my wrists and pulls me up. But he pulls too hard and we go flying onto his bed together, him on top of me. I try squirming out from underneath him but his weight it too heavy for my puny muscles. He pins my hands above my head, holding my small wrists in on hand using the other to push my hair out of my face. 

I try to reduce my heavy breathing, knowing that every time i breath in my chest pushes against his. He leans down and gently brushes his lips against mine sending shivers through my whole body. He looks at me with with something different swimming in his amazing eyes and leans in again, but this time it isn't like the last kiss which was just a brush this time it was desperate, passionate and full of lust. Biting my bottom lip, asking for entrance into my mouth and I gladly accept him entrance. Our tongues battle for dominance ending with me submitting to him. His lips leave my mouth and start trailing down my neck, planting little kisses here and there, when he gets to my overly prominent collar bones I let out a small moan  and suddenly I stiffen, feeling his hardness pushing against my thigh. 

"Lucas..." I trail off wanting him to stop but also wanting him to keep going as he made his way back up to my lips. His hands go down to the hem of my shirt and he pulls it above my head in one quick motion. 

"Lucas" i say again but it comes out more like a moan. His hands cup my breasts and his mouth makes its way down my neck again. 

I need to stop this. Now. "Lucas" I say as I remove my hands that somehow got around his neck and intertwined in his hair without me knowing. He stops kissing me and looks right at me, pushing himself off me and resting on his elbows, still above me. Taking that as my chance I scurry out from underneath him.

"whats wrong?" He looks at me like he is a 5 year old and I have just broken his favourite toy.

"Oh my god" He stares at me, right at my prominent ribs swapping between them and my collar bones. "your so thin" 

I run over to my dresser and shove a sweat shirt. i look at him, he looks shocked, scared and confused. but its the way he's looking at me that makes me cringe, he's looking at me like I'm made of glass, like ill break if he touches me again, like I'm already broken.


what have I done...


WOO update! hope you guys like it! i'm not good at heated scenes, never done one before so i'm sorry about that! 

schools being really full on but i will try my hardest to update every week. i love you guy so much! all of you that have read this, liked it, commented, favourited and followed!! all of you! 

comment, follow, like, favourite. it would mean so much to me! 

thanks guys!! :) xx


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