Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


9. Not So Awkward Encounters

Hope's POV


When I finally have enough courage to back to our room I find that Lucas isn't there, not that I'm actually complaining. But its late and he should be back. Hell its 2am we should be asleep. But no. Instead of coming in, not giving a crap about where Lucas is and going to bed, I wait, its not like i could sleep anyway. I needed to talk to him.


By the time Lucas actually does get home I'm already half asleep with my headphones on and my laptop laying on my bed. I lift my arm up in the air and let it fall down loudly, getting his attention.


"We need talk" I lift the headphones off my head, only just realising how load my music was and that i was probably yelling to Lucas. Oops?


"Yeah we do." I look up at him and he smiles at me. Maybe he feels sorry for what he said. To be honest I'm not sorry for what he said. Im not mad either, I'm thankful. He made me realise that there was actually something wrong with me. A problem that is not very good at all. He made me realise something that I don't think I wanted to realise. But i needed it. What would I have been like in a few months if he hadn't said what he said. Im too thin and theres something I can do about it. Without him telling me, I might have gone for days without eating. Gotten sicker than I already am...


"Look, I'm sorry for what I said earlier. It was jerkish and not cool. I was being a total dick. I deserved more than just Maxes fist in my face." I gasped and shot up from my awkward position on my bed, studying his face intently. There was indeed a large purple bruise on his cheek and jaw. I reach my hand up and touch it gently.


"Theres nothing to be sorry for, i deserved everything you said. But you didn't deserve this." I say as I trace the outside of the nays looking bruise. He takes my hand and holds it in his. Effectively stopping my finger on its path along bruise lane.


"What are you talking about, you didn't deserve anything I said and I certainly deserved this. No I deserved more. I was being a total douche." I laughed at how many times we have repeated ourselves.


"Yeah you were a bit weren't you? But without you saying that to me, I would have gone on only eating when I was really hungry and wouldn't even notice that I was loosing weight. Thanks to you, I know that I have a problem and I'm going to try my hardest to get back to at least normal-ish weight. So I should be the one apologising for umm... kissing you like that then acting like nothing happened. I feel really bad about that, I haven't done anything like that before..."


"So if I accept your apology will you except mine?" He reaches his hand out like he's going to make a deal. So thats what ill give him.


"Deal" I reach out an shake his hand. Feeling a slight happiness flow through me at this resolved problem.

I flop down on my bed and shove my headphones and laptop out of the way, unplugging the headphones as I go and very soon I'm nearly asleep again.






"Will you come to the doctors with me tomorrow night? I don't want to go alone..." I feel like a baby saying that i kneed someone there with me because the doctors scary. But when you are going for the reason I'm going, they are very scary.


"Of course" He sighs and I hear him flop down on his own bed.

"Thank you" I mumble into my pillow but I'm pretty sure it just came out as a mumble.


Oh well...



Thanks guys!

Hope you liked it!! :)


Kate xxox

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