Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


1. Life as I know it.

My life is different then most teenage girls. My world doesn't revolve around boys, fashion, texting, Facebook and getting asked to prom. It revolves around grades, books, music and photography.

My life was great, I was happy and had good grades. Who wouldn't be happy about that right?

Well, this one certain boy had a master plan for my life destruction, it was a damn good plan too. Fool proof even. You see his plan was to get me kicked out of school by stealing my drink bottle (that of course was not clear) and putting some cocaine in it. Me being the unfit looser that I am, after a hard period of doing nothing in gym, drank the whole bottle... So I was high and of course the teachers found out. So now I'm out of Woodash high and into California boarding school 'where security and curfews are what we do best!' with a frownie face on my record.

I chuckle to myself and the people around me just stare. "What?! Never seen a stupid girl laughing?! Oh my gosh I'm about to do it again!! Ha.Ha." I snap at my fellow bus travellers. The seats were uncomfortable, my butt was sore and my phone had no battery, safe to say i was extremely bored and grumpy. Who wouldn't be if they were in my situation though.

I lean my head on the bus window, stretching my legs across the seat and try to catch some sleep. My lovely wake up call was my head slamming into the chair in front of me. "last stop" the bus driver called loudly through the microphone. Shit. "excuse me sir, how long ago did we pass the stop for Cali Boarding?" I ask walking down the isle with my two cases and slinging my back pack over my shoulder.

"We just passed that stop about 5 minutes ago miss" He looks at me sadly before unplugging his seatbelt and gesturing to the door, signalling for me to leave.

"How long do you think it would take me to walk to the school?" Im beginning to get a little worried. If Im not in my dorm by 10PM then Im dead.

"Probably about 15 minutes if you walk fast" and with that he walks away.

Great, just great. I run. I have 7 minutes to make a 15 minute walk. Pushing my legs as hard as I can, ignoring the cold air that freezes my outgoing breath and pushes it back into my face. All I can think about is getting there on time and not being locked out of my dorm.

I ran long and hard,reaching my destination in the nick of time. Signing into the front office at 9:57PM. "Hope...Matthews" I say exasperatedly. The lady smiles at me, pulls out a map and draws a small circle over the number 13.

"Here you go sweetie, down the hall, take a right and your dorm is 13th on the right." I give her a small smile of gratitude before walking in the direction of my dorm.

Turns out it's the last dorm in the hallway. Yay! Quietly opening the door and putting my luggage on the new crisp white bed, I sit down running my hands through my hair. A door opens to my left.

"Hey Im Hope! It's nice to meet you!"

I smile excitedly waiting for my roommate to walk out of the bathroom door.

"hey Im Lucas"


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