Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


4. Laugh a little more

I get up at 4. Just so i can avoid Lucas, and get read for class, just wanting more than anything to forget about the night before. After showering, getting dressed in a loose navy skater dress and putting my hair in a cute little bun on the top of my head i grab my bag and go, making sure that i am as quiet as a church mouse. Maybe even quieter. Knowing that i have at least 4 hours before i actually have to get to class (drastic measures were taken) I went to the place i claimed as my own in the forrest and just sat there thinking. 


It was my first actual day at this stupid school. Will i fit in? Nope. Will i make at least one friend? If i am extremely lucky someone may talk to me, but i doubt they would want to be my friend. 


Why? you ask. Because me, Hope Joshua Matthews thats right my parents made my entire name out of first names. cannot do the whole 'friends' thing. I have always been that person that just sits by themselves at the lunch table and eats alone. No bodies ever really liked me, friend wise or 'like like' wise. Im not really ugly, im just not really pretty. I stand at 5'5" have wavy brown hair with natural highlights that goes down to about my waist, blue eyes that are so light that if you look at the in the right light, they almost look white, with a really dark blue ring around them. Im a little too thin, but not anorexic, just a little boney...


Those four hours went by painfully slow. The only thing that kept me from falling asleep was my absolutely amazing playlist of my most favourite music, including singles from; bastille, imagine dragons, coldplay, LINKIN PARK, the frey, system of a down and a little eminem. And of course some of my own music.



As soon as i took my first step into my art classroom i scanned the crowd of teenagers staring back at me, my eyes stopping as soon as they passed over Lucas. Great, just pancake flippin' great... 


"Everybody be quiet!" the teacher yells and what little chatter in the room immediately dies. 

"This is Hope Matthews, treat her nice, make her welcome" after that he walks over to a radio positioned on a bench towards the side of the room and turns it on. Music blaring, the class gets back to work.


"Hi Hope, Im mr Taylor. I'll be teaching you art for the year. Now because you've just started i don't expect you to get anywhere near where the other students are for this term. But after that, you'll have to keep up. Just do whatever you want for now until the class finished the assignment they are working on. Go take a seat." 


well, not as strict as the brochure says. 


I put my stuff down in front of a chair at an empty table and go searching for some paper and some pastels.  Finding exactly what i need after a few minutes of rummaging around in cupboards i go back to my chair, or maybe i could say table?


Apparently not. It's not just my table anymore. Sitting right in front of me is Lucas and some other-may i say, extremely hot- guy. 


"What do you want Lucas" it's more a statement than a question but who gives a flying rats foot.


He puts a hand to his heart and feigns hurt. "what, cant i be roommately?" I raise an eyebrow at his failed attempt at looking hurt. 


His friend chuckles at my response. Mate no. "what are you laughing at hot stuff" i snap at him and he just laughs again. 


"feisty arent we, babe?" Deciding to just sit down and ignore him seems like the best plan at the moment. So i do just that. I sit and i start drawing whatever the heck comes into my mind.


"I'm Max, by the way" he says and extends his hand across the table. 


"I dont really care." I reach over and shake his hand. 


Lucas sighs and goes back to the table he was sitting at before. 


"Sorry about, you know, before..." He looks down, letting his blond hair fall over his eyes a little.


"No problem" i say as i start to laugh a little. i Have no idea why but i just need to.


It makes me feel better than i have in a long time.


maybe i should laugh just a little more...



sorry about the absolutely crappy chapter!! :( 

please don't judge the playlist. i personally LOVE those artists <3 and i kinda also based Hope's looks on myself because i couldn't think of how i wanted her to look, plus its easier to remember hahaha ;)  


writing means the world to me and I would appreciate it so much!

lots of love <3<3 

Kate :) 

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