Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


2. fresh start

"Thats an awfully unfortunate name for a chick" I hope it's a chick anyway. But the name and the deep voice are not helping my concerns.

"haha yes it would be an odd name for a girl. Lucky Im not a girl though huh?" He finally walks out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Daymn. I look down at his toned body looking at his perfectly sculptured abs. Moving my gaze to his face i all but swoon. Great body and a great face. If he has a good personality then he might just be a greek god sent down to earth just to spite the rest of the male population. He has dark brown hair, almost black and the brightest green eyes I have ever seen. There are a few words i could use to describe him. Sexy, swoon worthy, daymn. Hot would defiantly be an understatement.

"What? You can't be a dude! The school wouldn't do that!" I exclaim as I pick up my bag, readying myself to leave. 

"Woah sweetheart you cant leave. This is you home now." He smiles, grabs my writs and somehow makes it so we are sitting on his bed. Me on his lap.

"Um what do you think your doing" I say as I wiggle in his lap trying to get out of his firm hold. 

"Id stop doing that if I were you sweetheart" he says as he suddelny lets me go. I go flying across the other side of the room. 

"Did my fat ass hurt you?" I say with a naww look.

"Oh sweetheart, you did anything but hurt me" he gestures down to his lap and I gasp, seeing his little friend trying to push its way out of his tight jeans.

"um can you maybe put that away?" I say looking anywhere but at him. 

He smirks "oh no thanks sweetheart, I think he wants to play" Deciding to ignore him, i go to my bed and start unpacking starting with my backpack. I take out my duel stand, for my sax and my flute. Setting it up and placing it at the end of my bed and going back to by backpack to do the same with my portable music stand. 

"Oh, a muso. Hot. What do ya play?" Ignoring him again i get my flute, set it up and put it on the stand. 

"The flute, seriously? Well, I guess you are a good girl so it would be fitting for you to play that" The way he said the word that made it sound like a disease that all good people have.

"Okay then, whats a hot instrument for a chick to play?" I give him a look and cross my arms over my chest. "how do you even know that Im a good girl? i could be badass." I state flatly and he chuckles. 

"Oh babe you are anything but badass. And the bass it a hot instrument for a chick to play. Do you play bass, no i didn't think so. Look at the way you dress, you were always a good girl and you always will be."He stalks out of the room even though its 10:30, way past curfew.

I look down at my clothes. Baggy sweat pants and a loose T. comfy clothes. I chuckle to myself and think about what his reaction will be in a few days when I get comfortable. 

I unpack my clothes into the small dresser thats by the window at the end before getting my sax out and putting it next to my flute. Deciding to decorate tomorrow i throw on some pjs which consists of tight black bike shorts, a tank and some comfy Ugg boots. Getting my laptop and headphones out of my suitcase and place them on my desk. I plug my headphones into my computer and start mixing songs.

After a few peaceful minutes of it just being me and my music I hear loud banging at the door. 


I rush to the door, swinging it open "sorry my music was too loud" he stands there just staring at me like I had opened the door riding a unicorn with sparkly slippers.

"What...?" He shakes his head and walks inside. 

He walks over to my laptop and puts my headphones on. I launch myself at him, tackling him to the ground. The headphones pulling out of my computer. Thank god.

"Oh my god that was awesome, who was that?" He gets up and walks over to my desk but before he could see anything I tackle him again but this time I smash my lips into his. His hands freeze and change direction, now heading towards my waist. I put one of my hands on his neck while the other shuts my laptop. I break the kiss and walk to my dresser, taking my hair out and letting it go free. 

"wow" Lucas stood there staring at me with a shocked expression. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked at my behaviour as well. I have never done anything like that before in my life. Never have I been so impulsive, so reckless. But never before have I been in a situation like that, with my secret being seconds away from being exposed.



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