Too much Hope?

This is a story about how Hope Matthews found love. Can she find real love, or will people just like her because of her secret?


11. Cute Maccas Date..Ha

"Who ever can fit the most fries into their mouth gets...40 BUCKS!" Lucas exclaims excitedly, slamming a 20 dollar not onto our table. We are currently sitting at a table in the closest McDonalds we could find. People look at us like we have each grown a second head when Lucas announces his game. So what, we're teenaged acting like children. Would you rather that, or us acting like stubborn, icky twelvies, hmm? I thought so... 


We both race to the counter and each order three large fries. I'm pretty sure our eyes are going to be bigger than our mouths at this point, but who cares right? Their chips are flipping amazing. Enough said. When our orders have been filled we both speed walk back to our table, immediately sitting down. 


"One, Two, THREE!" I whisper/yell and we both start shoving chips into our mouth. Lucas mumbles a 14 out of his chip filled mouth and I reply back with a mumbled 12. Damn it, he's winning, I step up my game and start shoving the salty fries into my mouth, repositioning the ones already in there to my right cheek. Iv'e learnt a few things over the years after watching a few dozen episodes of 'World Records'. having much more room than i did before i continue shoving them into my right cheek. "32" Mr. Manley man over the other side of the table replies with "40" Damn him and his big mouth... 


I shove another handful of chips into my mouth, begin careful to count each one. 


"Hope? What the hell are you doing? Who's this? Why aren't you at your dorm?" Came a stern voice from above me. 


I look up and come face to very disappointed face with my mother. "Muunm?" she raises an eyebrow at my awesome attempt to talk. I immediately spit all of the chips in my mouth onto the table, a few lucky ones making it over and landing on Lucas. 


"Hi mum..." I trail off, not daring to look her in the eyes. She's peeved, I don't need to look at her to tell that. It was basically radiating off of her.


"What the hell are you doing Hope, I thought you'd be better than this. Obviously I was wrong." She looked down at me, disgusted. "And you young man. What the hell have you done to my daughter!? Don't you ever talk to her again, you got me?" He chuckles, he sits there and chuckles at my terrifying mother. She glares at him then turns her stern stare towards me. 


"We need to talk." She starts walking away but stops in her tracks when I speak up.


"We can talk on front of Lucas." Lucas just sits there awkwardly, trying his best not to look scared. I don't blame him for being scared though, my mothers flipping terrifying. 


"You really want that to be discussed in front of him?" I don't even care if Lucas knows anymore, I just want to show that I'm not going to follow her stupid rules. 


"Yes." Was my simple reply. Looking at Lucas, he seems totally freaked out and confused.


"Fine. Just remember that when people find out, that you brought this on yourself. You don't deserve anything that I have given you, your a spoilt little brat that I have never loved. The only good thing about you was he money you were bringing in. Not anymore though, because I. Quit. Find someone else to be your manager and have the connections that I have. You and your career are going to fall flat on your face and there is nothing you can do to stop me taking all of your work, ruining you career and finding someone new to take your place. Oh and don't even bother coming home, I've put your things in a storage locker. You might be my daughter by blood but you will never hold a place in my heart." And with that she storms off..

Using the little self control I have right now I yell out a perky "Buy Marisa!" Then I burst into tears and continue shoving fries into my mouth just to have an excuse to not talk about it.


Lucas speaks up and what he said makes me laugh a little "Man your mums a bitch..."  


"You have no idea."




Sorry about that HUGE wait! But heres the next chapter! Hope you guys like it! Sorry its so short and kinda crappy but at least you got to meet Hope's mum yeah? 

Anyway thats it for me. Promise the wait wont be as long this time!
Kate xxox 

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